Flipadom Review – Is It Flipping Great Or Just Rubbish

Going through my inbox something caught my eye that i thought my readers would be interested in finding out a bit more of, Domain flipping. In this Flipadom review I’m going to be looking at whether it’s possible to put $1 in and get $149 out as the sales page states.

NAME: Flipadomflipadom review

OWNERS: Trevor Carr, Jonas Lindgren
& Bobby D

PRICE: $7.30 + 3 upsells

WEBSITE: http://www.phlos.net/flipadom-sales/

#1 recommendation

what is flipadom

In a nutshell it’s all about buying domains cheaply and selling them on for a lot more, simple right. Well it really must be for that price.

It’s a video course outlining the best places to buy domains and of course where to sell them to make money without the need for a list and that’s about it. Now domain flipping has been around for ages and you can make money doing it, but is this course going to show you how to do it?

the sales page

Let’s take a quick look at the sales page to see what kind of claims are being made, you see a lot of the time claims will be made on the sales page never to be heard of again so i always like to see if they make it into the product after all you’re buying the product based on what they say on the sale page.

The first thing that catches my eye is thissales pageNow for the moment I’m not even sure what that means, hopefully as i go through the training it will become clear.

This claim of this course is all based on the fact the Bobby D has a full time job working 14 -16 hours a day and still manages to generate an income of $1,571 from an investment of $111.96 in a couple of weeks.sales page 2

who’s this for

Well most of these types of product are always aimed at the newbie and this one is no different apart from the fact that the person behind the course is apparently a newbie himself who decided to have a “dabble” at flipping domains.

He made some money at it and decided to release a course which requires

  • no previous experience
  • start as soon as today
  • doesn’t need a list
  • and use free traffic

#1 recommendation

what’s in the training

So let’s see what it is you get for your $7 shall we. I’m not expecting a great deal to be honest.

The training is split into 11 videos spread across 5 modules, but 1 of them modules is an introduction and 2 of them are income “proof”, so it’s only 8 videos really that go into the actual training.

  • Module 1 Introduction to Flipadom by Bobby 2.50
  • Module 2 Some income proof 2.23
  • Module 2 Continued…Some more income proof 0.39
  • Module 3 Where to find those low priced, but high value domains (split into 3 parts) 21.78
  • Module 4 Implementing the system (split into 2 parts) 12.78
  • Module 5 Where to sell your domains (split into 3 parts) 19.35

So just under an hour of training that covers the places he uses to find the domains such as Godaddy and the places he sells them. flipadom training

That’s all there is, it really is pretty basic, basic stuff.

the oto’s

Now as I’m sure you all know by now that all these products will have one time offers straight after you purchase the main product, so we’ll just go through what they are and if they are worth your money.

  • OTO #1 = $47 $17

OK this is being sold as “some very special secret sauce training” I just have to laugh when i hear phrases like that I’m sorry, what does that even mean?
Anyway, in this oto you get 5 videos

  • Video 1: Method (7.08) I think i found what that “put $1 in get $149 out” relates to, which i think is a bit bad really especially when the sales page makes no mention that you have to buy the oto to enable you to get access to it.
  • Video 2: Examples (7.17)
  • Video 3: Email pitch (4.42)
  • Video 4: Overview (3.30)
  • Video 5: Using Warrior Forum to sell domains (2.11)

Not sure i found the “secret sauce”

  • OTO #2 = $67 $27

This one shows Trevors’ own take on the product, he likens it to buying a rundown property that needs fixing up and then selling it.

  • Video 1 (16.47)
  • Video 2 (10.35)
  • Video 3 (9.32)
  • Video 4 (13.52)
  • Video 5 (19.11)

  • OTO #3 = $97 $47

In this final oto you’re given the opportunity to buy the license rights to Flipadom.


It doesn’t matter what product you buy it’s always good to have someone you can contact in case you get stuck at any point, unfortunately i couldn’t find anywhere either on the sales page or inside the training that i could go to for help.

Now considering this is for someone with no experience i find that a bit strange and perhaps something the vendors should have a look at.

who is bobby d?

Now remember at the beginning the sales page stated that Bobby has a full time job and he does this in his spare time and that he himself is a newbie.bobby dbobby d 1

Hmmmm, i just found his YouTube channel where categorically states that he only works 5 -10 hours a week, not exactly “incredibly long hours”

Anyway when i saw this picture i was sure I’d seen it before somewhereWHO IS BOBBY DSo i did a bit of digging and sure enough i found thismet policeNow this was a series on UK TV station BBC 1 called The Met and that is Detective Sergeant Bob Dolce. Now nothing wrong with that you might think and i totally agree, but what i don’t agree with is the fact that this course is being sold as being made by a newbie when in fact he has, according to his own website, been working online for the past five years and even calls himself a “GURU”the real bobby dNow again i haven’t got a problem with that, just be honest with people.

final thoughts

As I’ve said the information in here is very basic and can freely be found on the internet, but it would probably take you more time than it would cost you if you bought this product for $7 and the information is all in one place.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into domain flipping then for the price this wouldn’t be a bad choice, but i don’t think there is anything in the oto’s that you really need so just stick with the front end product.

Not sure if i can get over the whole “I’m a newbie” thing, but it wasn’t actually him that said that, it was probably his partners, but he is still associated with it and he would have had a say into what went on the sales page so should have said “no I’m not happy with that part, take it out” especially as he is a police officer or at least was a police officer, uphold the law and all that.

The course does what it says on the tin and doesn’t really claim to be anything else, but i really can’t get over the deception so I’m not going to approve it. I would have done if it wasn’t for that.

not approved

so what next

I’m not a “GURU” but i do know how to make money online and i am honest. I was taught the right way to do it and it will continue to be a source of income for me for many years to come.

Do you want to learn? You can you know and it won’t cost you a penny to try it either, you’ll get10 FREE LESSONS and to keep.

Click here to find out more.

What do you think of Flipadom? Let us know in the comments

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4 thoughts on “Flipadom Review – Is It Flipping Great Or Just Rubbish”

  1. Thanks for your honest review… much appreciated and refreshing!. I’m glad I didn’t bother with the OTOs as the basic price is fine and adequate info.

  2. Honesty is quite important and I just can’t trust the program if the guy is using a photo in the show.
    You said that your alternative is free and I actually only have one extra hour per day. I wonder whether it would be enough to learn everything in that program?

    • Having only an hour a day will limit you a bit only in terms of the amount of time it will take you to go through all the training. Did you know that at the end of a year you’d have nine 40 hr weeks if you only had an hour a day spare. Worth thinking about isn’t it.  


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