Is Clickbank Cash Machines A Scam? Or Does It Work?

Well you’re here today because you want to know is clickbank cash machines a scam? That’s exactly what I’m going to be letting you know in the following post. This is product by two people who I have never had the chance to review before so I definitely don’t know what to expect from them, could be good, could be bad………. let’s find out.

NAME: clickbank cash machines 2.0is clickbank cash machines a scam

OWNERS: Flemin Goh & Liming Wu

PRICE: $7 – $9 + upsells


what is clickbank cash machines about

Clickbank cash machines is all to do with using Bing Ads as a way to get targeted traffic, but with this they’re going to show you a ‘weird, proven, cash inducing loophole‘ using Clickbank yeah right!

I have seen so many of them types of headlines and only a very few ever turnout to be true, but who knows they may well found cash inducing loophole that’s going to generate you $241 a day.

Here is a quick video showing their income proof, but don’t get too carried away with it because for one the year shows as 2016 and the second thing is these Clickbank Income shots are extremely easy to falsify.

the sales page

I always like go over the sales page to see what kind of feel i get for the people behind the product, what kind of claims they make and more importantly how many of those claims actually make it to the product itself, because if you are new to this you wouldn’t believe what some people try and get away with in regards to over exaggerating what the product is going to do for you or worse still sometimes just plain lie about it.

You see a lot of time people will buy it then forget what was said on the sales page because there’s usually quite a lot on there so it’s a lot to take in, but that’s what i do, i scrutinise the page and see if it relates to the product.

The first thing you see when you land on the page is thisccm sales pageI have a real problem with statements like that, i just don’t like them and i bet we don’t even hear about loophole anymore. And i really don’t like the clueless newbie. It’s like they’re saying “come on all you people how haven’t got a clue, you don’t know any better so we can get you to part with your money” you know what i mean.

Remember i said about the Clickbank income shots being easy to falsify, well they’re actually from a totally different website, the top screenshot is from CCM and the other one is from just one of a few that i foundccm-income


Now this product was released in Jan of this year, you can clearly see them screenshots are from July 2017 and the video is showing shots from 2016, so you can make your own mind up on that one.

Right i could go on and on with the sales page, but i’m going to leave it for now and move on to the next part.

what do you get

For your $7- $9 depending on when you buy, you will get a 42 page PDF with an 18 minute video guide showing you how to set up your campaign.ccm download page

It’s all very standard stuff,

  • apply for your Bing Ads account
  • set up an autoresponder account (aweber)
  • select a product from Clickbank
  • set up a Bing Ads campaignccm video download page

Now here’s the thing, the price of this product is fairly low, but according to the PDF they say you can request a free $100 Bing Ads coupon when you open your Bing Ads account, now i’m not sure how old this product is because to get the $100 coupon you now have to spend $25 it’s not free. add to that your monthly subscription of $19 for the autoresponder, this $9 product is going to cost you an additional $44.

Going through the course i noticed that they talk about direct linking, meaning that you wouldn’t need a landing page of your own, you just link directly to the offer page that you’re promoting, the problem with that is Bing Ads will only allow 1 unique URL per search query which means that if the company that you’re direct linking to is advertising with Bing then your ads are probably not even going to show up.

Like i said it is pretty basic stuff but if you’re new it can be a bit overwhelming to start with, you may need to go over it quite a few times to fully understand what it is you have to do.

Well here’s a surprise, you know that ‘loophole’ that i said probably wouldn’t be mentioned again, well i was wrong, well sort of.

They do indeed mention it, but guess what this ‘weird, proven, cash inducing loophole‘ actually is………it’s the direct linking i just talked about above. What a let down, all the hype on the sales page and that’s it!

I suppose i can be grateful they even talked about it anymore.

the otos

There are 3 oto’s with this product

  1. OTO # 1 Advanced Live Case Studies $27ccm live case study

This is a series of 4 videos

  • Video 1:  Demostration on Manual Spy on Keywords and Landing pages 16.44
  • Video 2:  Live Demostration of 3 Landing pages 8.46
  • Video 3: Live Demostration of Bing Ads Campaign 6.26
  • Video 4: Live Demostration of CPVLab Data analysis and Optimization 6.47

Now the audio on these videos isn’t the best and you will struggle to understand what is being said.

2. OTO #2 Done-For-You Campaign Package $37

This is 3 Done for you packages that you can use, unfortunately they don’t tell you how to use them. Once you’ve downloded the zip file and opened it you’re presented with thisccm dfyAnd I’ve been through every bit of that folder and i didn’t see anything that was going to even point me in the right direction on how to use it.

3. OTO # 3 High level one-on-one coaching program $127

Now don’t let the title decieve you, when i first saw that i thought, especially for that sort of money, that i would be getting 1 on 1 coaching……what you do get is an 8 module video series of live training done with someone else.

The first 5 mins of the first video sounds as if someone is being flushed down the toilet LOL.

I’m not even going to list what the videos are, but will say that they are all around 1 hour long so around 8 hours in total.ccm oto 3

final thoughts

Well what do i think of it? To be fair it’s not too bad, but there is better ones out there if using Bing Ads is your chosen path, i reviewed one last year (you can read it here) that i think does a much better job of walking you through the processes.

If you’ve got your heart set on this one then i can tell you now that you’re still going to get some value for your money just not as much.

It’s definitely not a scam and the model is a proven one so whichever you choose you’re not going to go far wrong, but I’ve got to say the sales page was very over hyped and the training inside the PDF sometimes contradicts itself, but i think that’s more down to the creators not being native english speakers, let me give you a quick example

“Ok what i am about to show you is nothing new in fact this idea was released not long ago”

Do you see what i mean? Anyway i think they’ve done just enough for me to be able to approve this.

ccm approved

so what next

If this has given you some great ideas for making money online, but you’re just not sure how to bring them into reality, then let me show you how you can achieve just that.

You will learn all you need to know in detail about what we’ve just been talking about and much much more, in fact you’ll be in a position to choose many different paths not just Bing ads.

Interested? to find out a bit more on what it is i do and how you can do it too, then just click the banner below and have a look.wealthy affiliate

Do you use Bing Ads? Have you had much success with them or have they been a total bust? we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, just leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Is Clickbank Cash Machines A Scam? Or Does It Work?”

  1. Using bing ads to gain a source of income is interesting. I have never heard of anyone doing so but I am open to trying new ideas if needs be.

    It is essential not be narrow minded when online. There are so many opportunities one need only look closely.
    May I ask what is different to this than using google ads?

    • Hi Dagda, i think the main differences between the two are that Bing tends to have a higher ad position and lower cost per click than Google Adwords.

      Also some test have shown that Bing Ads have a higher click through rate than Google Adwords.

  2. Hi Sharon
    Thanks for the helpful review.Its refreshing to learn that Clickbank cash machines is not a scam.

    I am not keen about the many pricey one time offers that they got going though. I am a newbie and its seems pretty overwhleming with having to use bing ads.I don’t know much about that.

    Can you recommend for me something that is beginner friendly?


    • It can be extremely overwhelming for someone who is new and i think that is what some product creators seem to forget even though they claim their product is ‘newbie friendly’

      I can wholeheartedly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you as a platform where you can learn the basics as well as the more advanced techniques when you are at that stage.


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