What Is Too Damn Easy About? Is It Really That Easy?

When i first heard of this i thought what is too damn easy about?, i mean the name is pretty cringe worthy and with a name like that it’s got to be a scam right? Who in their right mind would call a product that? Are they referring to how easy it is taking money off people? Is it a legitimate way to make money online that is really easy? who’s the man behind it all? So many questions…..time to find out

Website: http://toodamneasy.com/what is too damn easy about

Owner: The mysterious Q

Price: $2000 – $18000 – $100000[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

so just what is too damn easy about

Cash gifting…….what…….cash gifting, no i hadn’t actually heard of it before either. It’s basically a way for of making money without paying tax. Everyone who joins ends up ‘gifting’ money to other people in the scheme, sound familiar?

Sounds like a good old pyramid scheme to me!pyramid scheme

This particular one is called a naked pyramid scheme because there is no product involved, you’re basically just getting people to part with their cash in the hope of making more money than they’ve given.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

the sales page

The first thing that you notice about the sales page is how basic it is, most sales pages are full of the latest bells and whistles trying their utmost to impress. All there really is on this one is a strange video that i actually thought was showing some wooden flooring! LOL. It wasn’t until he started speaking that i realised it was a bundle of cash sideways on and boy does he likes to let you know how much is there and how much he’s making.

I’ll let you take a look at the video for yourselves.

Q goes on to tell you he’s been doing this for 19 years and has people in his system who are earning $12000 in some days.

Anyway I’m going to register and see for myself what’s on the inside….Ok so you give your email and name and wait for eagerly for Q to email me my instructions.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

what next

The email link takes you to a page with a 2 step sequence to complete, one is a 25 page document to read and the other is the apparently famous “Q-Box” Q-Box

and that is what it is, you have to call that number to listen to 50 recordings.

This document starts off with this warning that actually made me laugh a bit, take a look at this screenshot from the Pdftoo damn easy warning

it includes quite a few ‘testimonials’ that quite frankly could be anyone because there just words on a computer screen with a picture of some cash, no person just cash, and some names and what they’ve earnedtoo damn easy earnings

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so how does it work

So the system he refers to is called Ecosov Dream Tube System and works something like this. Say for arguments sake you pay the lowest amount you can which is $2000, that goes to your ‘sponsor’ the person who’s referral ID you signed up under.

Now after your first referral under your ID signs up they also send your sponsor $2000 and you get your own ‘Dream Tube’.

At this point you are then in a position to receive the $2000 ‘gifts’ yourself.

ecosov dream tube

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what do you have to do

First off you have to have $2000 laying around because they don’t accept anything other than cash. Once you’ve scrapped together your life savings and taken the decision to gamble it all away, well after that it’s pretty basic to be fair, They say all you have to do is mail out a postcard which has been designed by them and include your referral ID on it.too damn easy postcard

I said it was pretty basic didn’t i.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

is it possible

The only real winner here is Q who collects part of all the money everyone receives, if you take a look at the picture of the pyramid at the beginning of the post you can see how it works, the ones at the bottom feed the ones at the top, but before long it becomes unsustainable and it all comes crumbling down leaving the ‘investors’ at the bottom seriously out of pocket.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

any alarm bells

  •  Any legitimate scheme wouldn’t really have a faceless someone throwing mountains of cash around, bragging about how much he has, not in my eyes anyway.
  • Testimonials could be Q making them up himself.
  • Cash only
  • We don’t actually know who Q is.
  • You need 2k to enroll in the hope of making it back.
  • An F rating on Better Business Bureau
  • The amount of different domains he has promoting this.too damn easy domains[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

final thoughts

When i heard the name i thought it would be too good to be true, making the sort of money that he is claiming that you can make will be anything but easy. I mean who in their right mind would give a complete stranger a $2000 gift let alone an $18000 one, but i guess there are some who are doing just that, believing all the hype the mysterious Q dishes out.

There’s no guarantee you know so if you’re not happy you can’t just get your money back,there’s no Paypal to file a complaint with, it’s gone and good luck trying to track Q down, you know absolutely nothing about him.

This is probably one of the more dubious programs I’ve reviewed on this site.

too damn easy not approved

Imagine for a second, you’re in real financial difficulty, having trouble making the mortgage or your business is not doing too well and you come across ONE of his 9 websites each declaring how much money you too could be making if only you would send him at the very least $2000, you would try to rationalise it to yourself by saying it’s only $2000, you have a nest egg put away, you could use that, you’ll have 10 times that amount soon and all your money worries will be over……..think again my friend, it ain’t going to happen.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

If you are seriously thinking about how to make money online without sending out some dodgy looking postcards then take a look at what i do, it’s all completely legit and above board, in fact it has a whole community waiting to help YOU.

So click the banner and take a look and if you like what you see you can try it for free.

wealthy affiliate review

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I sincerely hope you don’t get sucked into Q’s little scheme, close the browser and don’t think of it ever again. However if you have been part of Q’s pyramid then i would love for you to share your thoughts here with everyone.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Too Damn Easy About? Is It Really That Easy?”

  1. Thanks for reviewing this!

    I’ve heard only a little about it, but the costs, relative to the questionable business model, is pretty much a turn off.

    How do so many of these kinds of set ups and scams still stick around! It makes me really paranoid. Thanks for pointing these things out, so we can keep more of a heads up about these kind of problems.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Yeah WOW the costs are astronomical, who would even think of sending 2 grand cash to someone they know nothing about. It’s just crazy

  2. Very interesting review this is the first I have heard of them and as you say it seems to be too “dam easy for them to take your money off you” this is a kind of a dated method cannot believe it is still being using and to part with $2000 gosh I feel bad for those who have had to scrape this amount together only to end up losing it.Thank you for the run down on this one. I always say if something is too good to be true it usually is.


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