RefreshEn Review – Brand New Or Same Old Stuff

In this refreshEn review we are going to be looking at whether this is actually a brand-new method that has nothing to do affiliate marketing or any method you seen before, because according to the sales video that is exactly what we’re going to get.
I’ve reviewed a couple of products from the same creators a couple of times with mixed results so it will be interesting to see if this one is anything different to everything else out there.

NAME: RefreshEnrefreshen review

OWNERS: Jason Fulton, Mosh Bari

PRICE: $12.94 + 4 upsells


What is refreshen about

What I’m going to do is let you take a quick look at the sales video just to get a quick overview of what the creators are saying this is, after which we’ll get into dissecting it and seeing what it’s really about.

So after watching that what are you are expecting, I’ll tell you what I’m expecting and that’s a brand-new method, unfortunately that’s not what you’re going to get. It’s all about using Pinterest as a traffic source, absolutely nothing new there. So we are not off to the best of starts are we.

The sales page

I always like to take a look through the sales page to see exactly what claims they are making about their product and then see if any of them claims make it through to the actual product itself. You see a lot of the time especially with these types of product they hook you in with a sales page that makes it sound so easy to live the laptop lifestyle yet once you’ve bought the product you never hear the points on which they were sold ever again.

So we’ve been through the video and we know it’s a a brand-new method, is nothing to do with affiliate marketing and we’ve never seen it before.
The go on to give you a bit of a sob story trying to relate to you about how they struggled, had dreams of living the lifestyle of creating a passive income, but here’s one line that actually says it all really

refreshen sale page

You are then told the process will take anyone 45 minutes to set up and again the traffic method is unique, but the best part is all you have to do is hit refresh button on your browser and the money will keep growing. I’m not even sure i know what that means.

I’m not going to bore you with any more of what I would call overhyped claims, but i will leave you with a few points to keep an eye out for as we move forward

  • no experience
  • 100% newbie friendly
  • a brand-new method
  • works in any niche
  • you’ll make money daily without ever doing anything else

so who’s going to use this?

Well if it does what it says on the tin I for one am definitely going to use it, I mean who wouldn’t want to right? Unfortunately I see these sorts of claims on a daily basis, if you are just seeing these claims for the first-time then I’m sure they would be a tempting proposition but this is why this website exists to help people who are new not fall foul to the  vast amount of products out there that claim to be brand-new methods for making money while you sleep.

Pinterest is a great traffic source and it’s used by many a seasoned marketer, but this particular product has been focused towards the newbie. It seems that most products do target the person who is new to all this, perhaps because they don’t have the knowledge to know any better yet.

What I liked about it

  • the videos are very clear to see with good audio

what I didn’t like about it

  • the sales page makes claims such as no experience and having nothing to do affiliate marketing yet as you go through the videos it becomes clear that this isn’t the case. Think of this, if you’re new to all this are you really going to know where to get hosting because that’s one of the things you need to be able to host a website, yes sorry you also need website and you also need to know how to apply to affiliate programs, unfortunately they don’t tell you how
  • The videos fail to get their point across and as such appear very jumbled, jumping from site to site with little or no explanation
  • watching the videos is pretty mind numbing stuff

what’s included

For your $12 you get 12 videos and a cheat sheet guide.

  1. Overview 6.27refreshen overview
  2. Case study 3.01
  3. show me the money 6.31
  4. locate niche winners 10.22
  5. follow winners-planning 7.23
  6. done for you niche giveaway 8.17
  7. planning content 16.20
  8. complete niche blog in four minutes 4.34
  9. build content 11.28
  10. plan your pins 16.28
  11. generate traffic leads sales 18.57
  12. summary 15.43

the OTO’s

#1 OTO is the done for you campaigns which is basically 10 done for you campaigns just like number six in the above front end purchase, so if you want to see what it is you will be getting before you buy this and have already bought the front end then take a look at number six video and you’ll know exactly what is your going to be getting.
This is will cost you $37 but it has got downsell of $17refreshen oto 1

#2 OTO is called advanced refreshen tactics which is going to cost you $47 but also has a downsell to $27.
What these downsells basically mean is that if you go to click away you’re presented with the chance to purchase it at the lower price.
This package includes another 12 videos which claim to be able to make you 10 times to 100 times more than you ordinarily would, that’s a fairly big claim to be fair.

  1. Introduction 1.57refreshen oto 2
  2. traffic 15.10
  3. AdSense advanced 6.50
  4. affiliate marketing 5.53
  5. list building 3.17
  6. social media 1.58
  7. product line 2.06
  8. build authority 3.29
  9. high ticket 1.35
  10. webinars 2.47
  11. events 3.09
  12. final words 1.49

I really do have to say that these videos are just as confusing as the first set, he jumps around from slide to slide with no real purpose and don’t forget these are all meant to be aimed at somebody with no experience or technical skills.

#3 OTO is a software package with a price of $47 which of course you can eventually get for $27. Now I did a bit of digging into this one and found that this was actually one of his products that got released August last year and is still available today. If you want a single site license will cost you $14.50 or if you want unlimited site license then that will cost you $21.refreshen oto3 Now don’t forget they are trying to get you to pay $47 for product that is currently being sold for less than half that. Naughty naughty.

#4 OTO is simply the license rights to be able to resell this product as your own and keep all the revenue from it. This will initially cost you $97 but of course you have the downsell to $47.

Final thoughts

I just really didn’t like the sales page from the off to be honest with you, there was way too much huff and puff and as it turns out very little to back it up.

Remember at the beginning I gave you some points to look out for, well out of them five only one can be said to be true and that was ‘works in any niche’ trouble is to get any real value out of this you have to go over and over and over and over it to be able to make any sense out of it.

The method is certainly not a brand-new method by any stretch of the imagination so how they can say that on the sales page I just don’t know.

It says you can get set up in 45 minutes or less , in one of the videos he says at least three hours to set up.

refreshen not approvedIn all good conscious i just couldn’t approve this.

If you do want to make money online then i’m afraid it’s going to take a lot more than this product has to offer, i’m sorry if that’s something you don’t want to hear, but like i say if you’re serious about making money online then you are going to have to work for it.

Now a lot of people aren’t prepared to put that kind of effort into it and that is the exact reason that products like this appear all the time.

If you’re willing to put in the hard work then you will be rewarded, no doubt about it, but it takes time to learn properly and the best place i have found is the place where i learnt all that i know today.

If you want to know a bit more and see for yourself if it’s something you think you could commit to then please feel free to click the banner and take the first step.

wealthy affiliate

Have you had any experience with this product or products like these, then we want to hear from you, leave your thoughts below.

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  1. I was anxious to read this because I, too, have tried similar things in the past. Unfortunately, the product I tried didn’t work out as promised either. Although I truly like Pinterest, I haven’t found anything that works seemlessly other than doing it the old fashioned way- one step at a time. Thanks for alerting your audience.

    • Pinterest is a great traffic source which is probably why people try to cash in on it by creating these products, however they always seem to fall short.

  2. Thanks for sharing this!

    I can see what you mean – the real issue here is that the sales pages are really over-hyped! That’s worrying. I have no experience with Pinterest marketing yet, and I am admittedly really hoping to learn it soon, but I want to be careful.

    Thanks for your advice! What is your #1 recommendation, either for a social media campaign, or for a course that can guide me through it?


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