Affiliate Psycho Review – Steer Clear Of This One

Welcome to my Affiliate Psycho review in which we are going to pull it apart and see just what it is you are actually going to be getting for your money.

Unlke most of the others reviews you see where they all give this product, along with every other product they review, a glowing 8.5 – 9.5 out of 10 stars simply because they want you to buy the product through their link so they get a commission without any thought for the person who is going to be reading that review and probably buying it off the back of their recommendations.

See the difference here is we don’t stand to get a commission so we’re not restricted to giving a positive review, if i think it’s rubbish, which a lot of these products are, I’ll happily tell you that.

So without further ado let’s find out what one this is, good or bad.

NAME: Affiliate psychoaffiliate psycho review

OWNERS: Lee Murray & Declan Mc

PRICE: $7.95 + upsells


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what is affiliate psycho about

Product launch jacking with the offer of bonuses, perhaps you’ve heard of that term before perhaps you haven’t, but for those of you who haven’t heard of it let me give you a quick overview of what launch jacking is all about.

In it’s simplest form you take advantage of all the hype being created by the vendor of a product that is being launched in the near future by reviewing that product.

you see most people will want to see a review about a product rather than just rely on an email from the vendor who is obviously telling you how great it is and how it’s going to make you tons of cash very easily.

Now if you have a review of the product on the first page of Google chances are that person is going to click on your review.

Your review is also saying how great the product is (remember the 8.5 – 9.5 out 10 stars) and the person clicks your affiliate link and you cash in all because of the buzz created by the vendor, hence the name ‘launch jacking'[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

the sales page

I always like to have a look at the sales page when I’m doing a review for the simple reason things are said on a sales page that very often aren’t actually seen in the product when you buy it, so i just like to go through it and see if things stack up and of course point out any discrepancies i find.

affiliate psycho sales pageSee the word I’ve circled…….WE……i have no doubt that they can make them sort of commissions a day, but and here’s the real question, can you? I don’t think so, in fact i know so, not in the beginning anyway, not unless you are willing to pay for your traffic, but that’s not what they’re selling is it, it clearly states using 100% FREE traffic.

Let me expand a little bit on that statement, you see in the beginning you are going to be competing with a lot of other people, people that have established websites, established websites that rank on the first page of the search engines fairly easily and regularly.

So if you’re not ranking, which new websites take time to do, you’re not going to get any traffic which is essentially your customers, no customers, no commissions, no commissions means you’ll likely give up and move on to the next product that promises you easy money.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

who’s going to use this

I see a lot of products that claim to be newbie friendly, that a complete beginner could use to make money online.

This isn’t one of them.

To be able to have any degree of success with this product you are going to need to have a good base of experience and knowledge of internet marketing and technical ability because if you haven’t you’re going to be in well over your head and you’ll just be chucking your money away, so don’t listen to those who tell you this is newbie friendly just to get a sale because it’s not.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]1-recommendation

what did i like

  • The quality of the video and audio is very good (you’d be surprised how many product videos are of very poor quality)

what i didn’t like

  • His colourful language e.g “when i wrote this stuff for step 3 i was just saying s*@t”
  • Lack of any real cohesion to the training
  • Over simplification of some of the steps
  • Some steps require more information than he gives
  • The need to build an email list

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ok so what do you get

Your money is going to give you front end access to 16 videos split into 2 parts.


  • Step One – Pick a Launch to Promote 14.56affiliate psycho training
  • Step Two – Review the Product 15.23
  • Step Three – Design Your Bonus Package 30.07
  • Step Four – Create Your Bonus DLP 20.02
  • Step 4B – Add Your Bonus to W+ or JVZoo 2.18
  • Step Five – Create Your Bonus Page 13.08
  • Step Six – Shoot Your Review/Bonus Video 23.42
  • Step Seven – Use Your Video 10.30
  • Step Eight – Send List to Bonus Page 31.34


  • Step Nine – Set Up Your Email List 6.27
  • Step Ten – Create Your Offers Page 19.30
  • Step Eleven – Craft Your Welcome Email 12.44
  • Step Twelve – Create Your “Fusion” Page 1.00.51
  • Step 12B – Test Your Forms 3.35
  • Step Thirteen – Send Ongoing “BE Traffic” 36.15
  • Conclusion: KEEP IT GOING! 27.34

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the oto’s

As with what seems like every product out there at the moment there is always the upsells, now this is where the vendor makes his money because normally 100% of the front end price goes to the affiliate who sent the customer to the vendor so this is their chance to make some money.

OTO #1 must be really special or Lee and his partner are just very nice people because this has a regular price of $197 but they’re going to let you have it for just $27 

It includes

  • Ongoing Case Study Videos
  • DFY Bonuses
  • My Very Own Page Templates

OTO #2 has got to be even more special because this has a regular price of $497 but you’re going to get access to it for just $67 

Now these are all old products of the vendor, but i will say this for them at least they are showing you what you’d be getting before letting you pay and then finding out you already have them.

It includes

  • Breakfast Embed
  • Breakfast Embed 2
  • The Breakfast Embed Spin-Ready Master Article
  • Shiny Object Lemonade
  • Email Slick
  • Email Slick 2
  • Over 150 Done-for-You Emails

OTO #3 can be either payed for in full or by monthly payments, now the regular price of this is a staggering $997 reduced for you to just $97.

This package is DFY reviews which he claims will take you directly to easy street.

I’m pretty sure they closed that road some time ago LOL.

In all honesty do they really think that people will believe them price tags? They are the most transparent marketing ploy ever used and really doesn’t say a lot for what he thinks of his potential customers.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

final thoughts

Having been through the training i can say with all sincerity that the way it’s delivered is all very confusing, there’s no real substance to it.

You feel lost if you know what i mean, it just falls short of being anything really, it’s neither one thing or the other, perhaps that’s where the product name comes in.

I’m not sure how many products this guy has under his belt, but i feel he needs more practise talking in front of the camera, not everybody can do it and he definitely falls into that category.

I would say to keep your money firmly in your pocket on this one.

affiliate psycho not approved

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so what now

If you’re still interested in affiliate marketing and want to learn the right way and want a program that’s laid out in such a way that it makes it extremely easy to understand then i would suggest you take a quick look at how i learned to do what i do now.

wealthy affiliate

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Have you had any experience with this? or do you have any better options? let us and everybody else know in the comments below.

About Sharon

Hey everyone, my name's Sharon and I'm the owner of this website. I hope you liked my post. I'm here to help YOU achieve your online ambitions just like I have :) The products I review are sometimes good and sometimes bad, but I will always give an honest opinion of them. You can access my 5 FREE LESSONS along with 1 FREE WEBSITE as well as KEYWORD RESEARCH here:

12 thoughts on “Affiliate Psycho Review – Steer Clear Of This One”

  1. I bought the second version Affiliate Psycho2 which is just as bad.
    Lee created this product to make money for himself.
    Is a newbie going to make any serious income? No

    It’s about creating review videos for internet marketing products.
    Firstly, if enough people follow through with this then the market is immediately saturated and your review will
    just get buried in the pages of Google.

    Secondly –
    It’s fundamentally flawed in it’s traffic source which he does not stop banging on about.
    Solo ads.
    To anyone who has used them, they will know nobody is going to open your emails after they’ve opened the first one.
    The only person making money here is the solo ad seller.

    He even recommends you buy his traffic which yes you guessed it is solo ads.
    The prices are:

    $1000 for 1 month.
    $5500 for 6 months
    $10,000 for a year

    How is that going to help newbies?

    Solo ads are the worst kind of traffic and are well past their sell by date.
    In passive class itself, another of Lee’s products that is part of this deal, he even says to go and advertise on

    Safelists – In 2021?
    Come on…

    The whole thing is totally confusing and you get the impression he’s not that confident about the whole thing either.

    I’m quite annoyed anyone could put this kind of product out in 2021.

    • Hey Joe, thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think and I couldn’t agree with you more. It makes me laugh when people like Chris who left a comment thinks rubbish like this is actually a decent and awesome product, lol.

  2. They’re trying way too hard with these affiliate program names now. Affiliate Psycho?

    I’m glad you pointed out a lot of the biggest red flags with a program like this. 1. They hook you with a really low joining fee, to stick you with lots of upsells that they failed to mention in the beginning. They also use the word “free” way too much, when the truth is succeeding with their system will likely take some capital investment.

    Thanks for sharing this review!

    • Unfortunately I’m seeing way too many of these sorts of products lately, but hopefully people will see this review and be able to avoid making that mistake. I just wish people would be more truthful with what it is they are selling.

  3. Any product that offers to you a quick way to instant wealth, in my opinion, should be avoided at all cost because it won’t happen but people still fall the same patter.

    The name Affiliate Psycho, I mean who names their product that? A little off-putting don’t you think?

    Thanks for bringing this product to my attention.

    • This is why this website exists to help weed out the products that give false hope to people who are looking to make money online because there are some people out there who see them as easy targets.

  4. Thanks for sharing this product review. I have been looking in to different affiliate programs, and it is refreshing to see website offer pros and cons to their reviews. I am too used to seeing “hey choose us because we’re the best” or “don’t listen to them because they suck!”. Normally the latter is said because they don’t want you to figure out the real truth. Also, what I have learned over the years, if they say it’s free, there is almost ALWAYS a catch. Anyways, thanks again and keep these posts coming!

  5. HI, Sharon. Affiliate Psycho – even the name makes me uncomfortable. I’ve learned that if they say that you’ll make big bucks right away, then it’s probably not worth looking at further. It’s either a pyramid scheme or a scam. Thanks for the review. I’ll stay away from Affiliate Psycho.

    • I just don’t know where they get these names from and more importantly why they think it’s a good idea to use them. Best give it a wide berth.

  6. I see you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

    I can always tell right away when someone is promoting that program, because their big tactic is to pick really popular products that are actually REALLY good and tell people they suck.

    Then the “newbie” will have a false sense of trust and you can direct them to your Wealthy Affiliate affiliate link.

    I have Affiliate Psycho, and it’s an AWESOME product. Lee Murray has more knowledge in his pinky finger than all the people over at Wealthy Affiliate COMBINED!

    BTW, just about everyone (except unsuspecting newbies, of course) are onto to the unethical s*@t that Wealthy Affiliate @## kissers do.

    Now, I don’t expect that you will actually publish this comment (because it’s true and doesn’t fall in with your b~?/*@#t tactics), but I figured I’d give you my opinion just the same.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to read my post and to leave a comment. Now I’m not sure why you’d expect me not to publish your comment? I have had to adjust some of your more colourful language i hope you don’t mind.

      Anyway i think that what you have said absolutely PROVES MY POINT that the majority of reviews out there don’t actually take the time to do a thorough review and simply repeat what is basically being said on the sale page and give a great rating as you have done. I haven’t seen a single one of your reviews show anything negative which is just not possible unless you’re in it for the commission only?

      Now i don’t necessarily agree with everything people at Wealthy Affiliate write in their reviews, but that is their opinion as is it your opinion what you put on your YouTube channel.

      I’m sorry if i upset you, i didn’t mean to, but i will always give an honest review of a product, i think people who are new to this deserve that much at least, Don’t you?

      You’ll see from the top menu that there is an ‘Approved’ section and i would really like it if there were more in that section, but the sad fact is there is some complete rubbish out there and it’s the job of this website to HELP people.

      Have you ever been part of Wealthy Affiliate? If not i would like to take this opportunity to invite you to sign up with them, don’t worry it’s totally free, then you can see for yourself first hand just what a great community it is.

      I hope you take me up on my offer and i will personally greet you when you sign up.

      What do you think? Deal?


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