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Welcome to my Freedom Profits review. Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are two guys who are constantly releasing products that claim to be able to make you 3-6 figures earners without any experience, no skills and very little time and Freedom Profits is no different.

But that in itself raises the question that if all those other products did what they claimed then why on earth would they need to keep releasing new products all claiming the same thing?

Simple, all their other products didn’t do what they claimed.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen all the other reviews that give it a 9/10 stars, tell you how great it is and throw a ton of bonuses at you just to get you to buy through their link, bonuses that you’ll very likely never ever use by the way.

Well I’m different and what you’ll get here is good old fashioned honesty, no bonuses, just the truth about what I think about the product.

Don’t get me wrong bonuses can be good, but I just think the whole “Look at how many bonuses I’m going to give you if you buy through my link” stuff has gotten way out of hand.

If you want bonuses I suggest you go to one of the many that are trying to bribe you with them.

So if you want a review by someone that doesn’t just copy exactly what the sales page says and has a mind of their own then you’re in the right place.

NAME: Freedom Profitsfreedom profits review

OWNERS: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

& Abdullah Ashraf

PRICE: $12.95


#1 recommendation for making money from home
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what is freedom profits about

That’s a really good question because to be fair when you go through the sales page it isn’t obvious. There’s a lot of talk about not needing things like autoresponders, hosting, creating websites or even traffic.

freedom profits headline

There’s even talk of “underground software“, whatever the hell that is.

freedom profits sales pageSo this is something the requires NO EXPERIENCE & NO SKILLS?

I really don’t know of anything that doesn’t need at least some of those things and all in 60 minute a day? And the money is going to find me!

I’ve got to say this whole sales page sounds absolutely fantastic, I mean just think for a moment, the say you can achieve a “job quitting income” in as little as 3 days from now.

I’m in!

Unfortunately I’ve seen all those types of claims before and we still don’t really know what this life changing method actually is.

This section of text says it all really

sales page

These guy have so many ‘shiny’ buttons they could open their own haberdashery!

It’s about time I let you in on what this is all about.

Freelancing, yep that’s what it is. Using sites like Upwork, People per hour, Fiverr to offer your skills and expertise in certain areas.

Hold on, back up a bit there.

Didn’t they say you needed zero experience and zero skills on the sales page?

They certainly did, but take a look at this screenshot

training module

They also said about this “underground software” well that’s just a yellow pages scraper and as they say themselves inside the members area it doesn’t magically create leads it just scrapes leads from business directories.

So let’s just recap.

  • You’re going to need some sort of skill or expertise you can utilize

training screenshotThis is a screenshot from the actual training.

  • You’re going to need to test your skills and get rated and he says that you’re going to need at least a 4 out of 5 on your profile
  • You’re going to need to get exposure for your services

I just want to point one thing out as I’m going through the training and that is this little gem

another training screenshotDid you know it was going to take that long to even get approved? Didn’t say anything about that on the sales page did they.

I think it’s crystal clear this isn’t going to be as easy as they’re making out and a lot of you are probably going to be put off even buying the product now you know what it actually is.[su_divider top=”no”]

what did I like

  • The concept is actually pretty sound if not highly competitive
  • 30 day money back guarantee?? Not sure if this should really be in this section because I’ve had a number of my readers tell me about their problems getting a refund which you can read about in the comments here and here. And as you’ll see one only got a refund on the main product, not the upsells so be careful!
  • ??????

what didn’t I like

  • Severely over hyped sales page
  • Training is very thin and superficial
  • Complaints about their refund (see above)
  • Misleading claims
  • “underground software”
  • the amount of upsells

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what’s inside

Like I said be careful of the upsells because it sounds like you won’t get your money back on them.

If you are determined to buy this product then I would suggest you try out the product first to see if it’s for you, there’s plenty of time to get the upsells if you feel the need afterwards.

Don’t think they won’t be available again because they are sitting inside the members area for you to buy if you want.

We’ll go into them in a minute.

Once inside the members area you’re presented with a number of modules each containing different videos

  • Welcome To “Freedom Profits” – 4.10training dashboard
  • Case Study – 6.15
  • Who is Freedom Profits System For? – 3.37
  • How Does It Work? – 4.39
  • Why Follow Freedom Profits? – 3.16
  • What services can you offer? – 7.34
  • Identify your skills – 6.21 < LOL
  • Signing Up – 18.13
  • Mass Exposure – 13.48
  • Test Your Skills – 12.13
  • Expand Portfolio – 4.11
  • Thirty Five Shots – 13.55
  • The Perfect Proposal – 3.22

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the oto’s

There are 5 upsells in total with some offering a downsell which I will tell you about which will at least save you a bit of money should you decide to go ahead and buy any of them.

  • OTO #1- Done For You Freedom Profits Systems – ($37) with a downsell to $17

Now this is something I’ve got a big problem with as well. Remember how they tell you how easy all this is going to be on the sales page? Well take a look at what they tell you on this upsell page

oto 1

That goes totally against what you’ve just bought into on their sales page which goes some way to telling you the sort of people you’re dealing with.

  • OTO #2 – Freedom Profits Guaranteed Success ($197) with no downsell
  • OTO #3 – Freedom Profits Secret Strategy ($47) with a downsell to $27
  • OTO #4 – Set This Up On Autopilot ($77) with a downsell to $47
  • OTO #5 – License rights ($97) with a downsell to $47

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final thoughts

Freelancing can be a great way to make money, but don’t think for one minute it’s as easy as the sales page says it is because it’s not.

For starters, of course you’re going to need some sort of skill or expertise, I mean why on earth would someone hire you to do something if you’re no good at it? It doesn’t make sense.

And as for this software that’s meant to automate 95% of the process, I just don’t understand what the hell they’re going on about, it’s just crazy.

As I’ve said Freelancing can work, but the market is heavily saturated and unless your skill set is outstanding you’re going to struggle, there is so much competition out there.

Which brings me to the training in this product. I’ve never done Freelancing and after going through this course I’m really none the wiser, I’m certainly not going to get anywhere near the sales page hype.

And unfortunately that’s all it really is, hype.

I can honestly say that what I found in the training was so far away from what I was expecting it’s laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that people will buy this product off the back of that sales hype.

Their main objective seems to be to get you to buy the expensive upsells which as we learned earlier may not be covered under the money back guarantee.

not approved
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what do you do now

Freelancing is great if you have a certain skill set that people will pay for. If you don’t no matter what fancy underground software you have, you’re not going to make it.

I am going to tell you a secret that not a lot of people know and feel that you deserve to know about and that is you don’t need any ‘special’ software to build an online business, the most effective way is with your own website.

Having your own website is like building your house on rock solid foundations, without that your house will crumble and fall and the same goes for your online business.

The best way to build those foundations is to create a FREE Starter account at Wealthy Affiliate.

zero risk

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I’ll be there to personally welcome you on the inside ????

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