Can You Make Money Selling Tupperware?

Everyone’s heard of Tupperware right? The versatile storage containers for storing just about any food stuff you can think of. But can you make money selling Tupperware? Wouldn’t that be great. Well let’s dig in and find out shall we.

NAME: ​​​​​​​​​​Tupperware​​can you make money selling tupperware


COST: ​$99 for Business kit

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a bit about Tupperware

First off what is about? Tupperware​ gets its name from its creator Earl Tupper who in 1946 found a way to make containers made of a plastic material that was near unbreakable.

​Now with sales of the newly created product not exactly flying off the shelves Earl Tupper decided to recruit Brownie Wise who would go on to become the first woman to be featured on the cover of Business Week. She quickly realised the selling potential in the ‘party’ enviroment and so it was the Tupperware party was born.

​To join the tupperware party you now have to join a team which are run by consultants, now if you know one already you can apply to join their team, if you don’t know any you can search in your local area and choose one to join bearing in mind that once you’ve joined a particular consultant you cannot change that decision later so be sure they’re the one you want.

The price for your initial business kit is $99 which is a considerable amount to outlay, but they claim it’s worth $360 so put in perspective it ain’t too bad i supose. Worth bearing in mind is there is a plan that lets you put $39 down and if you sell $1000 worth of product in the first 2 months then Tupperware will pay the outstanding balance.

Take a quick look at the video to see exactly what it is that you get for your $99

Some people have been part of Tupperware for over 25 years so that just goes to show that there is longevity within the companies business ideas.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

earning money with Tupperware

​So you’ve got your businees kit now the time to earn some moolah. But how do you do that?

Tupperwares’ success has always come in the form of hosting parties so that is by far the best way to start selling by being able to demonstrate the actual product in front of people. It’s how Brownie Wise did it so why change a winning formula?

Parties are pretty cheap to host, you just need a venue which is either going to be your home or the home of someone who’s interested in hosting one, Just lay on a bit of finger food and some drinks and you’re good to go.

The good thing is that the majority of the people there will be in the frame of mind to actually buy some Tupperware there and then without to much pressure from you, all you do is demonstrate the product and answer any questions anybody might have.

Now if you have a bit of experience online then that is another option, you’d first need to have a website so you’d have to know how to build a website, host a website, SEO the website and so on and so on.

If you are interested in this taking this route rather than the face to face option of parties, but are unsure how to get started then take my ​​FREE TRAINING​ which​ will show you step by step how to create a website for FREE in under 30 seconds!![su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

how much money can you earn?

Tupperware earnings

As the graphic above shows, you get 25% on all sales which can go as high as 35% if you were to hit your monthly sales.

Talking of sales you need to be able to hit your first months target of $450 of sales, but after that it goes down to a minimum of $250 every 4 months. Hitting these targets enable you to remain ‘active’ so that you receive your commissions and get your discounts.

Now within the Tupperware sales structure you have different levels which result in different pay levels, some of these are based on sales volume such as if you sell $1500 worth in a month you receive an extra 5%, to get to the 35% as mentioned above you would have to sell $4000 worth in a month to receive 10% (basic 25% + bonus 10% = 35%).

There is also the opportunity to create your own team which involves sponsoring new consultants. To become a Manager you need to meet certain criteria in a sales month, these are:

  • 5+ unit parties
  • 1+ personal parties
  • 3+ personally recruited active level one unit members​

you should also welcome 1 new consultant each week and support all the consultants in your team to hold 1 party each every week. There are also some pretty decent rewards for becoming a manager which is always a good motivation to do better.

You then have Directors and Star Directors with each of these levels having varying compensation plans as shown in the image below

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final thoughts

​I think over a short period of time you might struggle to continuly organise enough parties to sustain a workable income i mean once you’ve exhausted your friends and family, their friends and family where do you go? Tupperware is ment to be unbreakable right? So it’s not as if you’re going to get lots and lots of repeat custom is it. You’re going to have to find new avenues for potential clients all the time. For all the success stories there are going to be failures, that’s just how it works unfortunatley. So can you make money?….Yes. Will you be one of the success stories?…..i don’t know only you can decide that.

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Now with all that being said the internet is a wonderful thing if you know what you’re doing! You could set up your own website to promote your Tupperware adventure, but here’s the amazing thing, when you know what you’re doing you can build a website on any subject you want and make money from it. The possibilties are truly endless.



wealthy affiliate

Are you considering becoming a consultant with Tupperware? Have you been a consultant but it didn’t really work for you? or maybe it did.

Either way we’d love to hear from you. [su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

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8 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Selling Tupperware?”

  1. Hello Sharon,
    I think that the Tupperware is a great product that should be in every home. I am surprised by the kit that appears in the video, the different articles that compose it and the way of use. In my house, my wife has many of these plastic containers, which by the way are very useful. I think that she might be interested in the sale, I consult her and then I’ll contact you again. Regards!

    • I think if you’re wife was to enter into selling Tupperware it would be best done with the view of a full time job, by that i mean to give it her all and by doing so her enthusiasm will rub off on other people and give her a better chance of making some money with it. I wish her all the best.

  2. Selling Tupperware has been around a very long time. I remember my mother and other relatives selling it when I was young. It looks like it has really become a lucrative business model.

    What I like about this model is that when you host the parties you really have a very targeted audience that in most cases is ready to buy, or at least interested in the business model.

    Your graph of potential earnings is astounding. I also like the entry price. Actually $99 to get going is not a bad deal and setting up the parties is not expensive either. This business model has some huge potential and in many cases easier than the affiliate online marketing model.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Nate,
      It certainly seems there are people earning money from this and you’re right you have a captive audience at the parties who are in the right frame of mind to buy.

  3. Hello dear Sharon!

    My mother has a friend doing this for many years just as an extra income source and surprisingly enough she makes some profit. However, as you mentioned yourself, after your family and friends attend your parties and get bored, it’s going to be a bit hard to find new people. I think your idea of building a website which has the potential of a bigger reach is much better!

    • It’s good to know that there are people out there that are actually making some money with Tupperware. Having a website is a great piece of kit to have in your arsenal, it gives you the ability to get in front of a much bigger audience. And once you have some experience with building a website you can branch out into different money making directions if you wish to do so.

  4. Hello Sharon,
    My mother use to host Tupperware parties. She was not the person working for Tupperware, it was one of her friends that lived in a small house.
    My mother always enjoyed being the hostess. She would make sandwiches, desserts, and coffee. You are correct though, she only had 5 of these parties until her friend exhausted her supply of friends and family. And it is too cost prohibitive to advertise because you will not get your return on investment. I agree, making a website would be a much better idea to make money over the long run.

    • Hey Mike,
      What a great perspective of someone not actually being the consultant, but being the one that hosted the parties. Did she get paid by the consultant or did she do just for the love of it?


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