BeMyEye App Review

Welcome to my BeMyEye App review where we will look into whether or not this app up to the claims being made by the developers.

There are so many make money apps on the market today that choosing which ones are worth the effort is increasingly hard to tell at first glance.

The amount of times I’ve installed an app only to find myself deleting it a few days later like this one here.

If you’re reading this review then you’re obviously thinking of installing this one which hopefully I can give you a better view of it before you waste your time or not as the case may be.

NAME: BeMyEyeBeMyEye App Review

FOUNDER: Gian Luca Petrelli



#1 recommendation for making money from home

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What Is The BeMyEye App About

Ever wanted to be a mystery shopper? Well, now you can. The BeMyEye App allows you to assume the mystery shopper role by taking photographs of certain products, have a quick chat with the salesperson and submit your completed mission.

It’s not only stores that you have to go into, you get missions for car parking spaces as well, taking pictures of signage etc. you can even choose to verify road restrictions!

You get paid as soon as the mission has been approved which is usually in 24 hrs and once you have £5 you can get it put into either your Bank account or your PayPal account.

With most missions paying around £3 – £8 the potential for earning some extra cash looks pretty good at the moment.[su_divider top=”no”]

The Sign Up Process

You can either sign up with your Facebook account or email and password along with your name, country and D.O.B and this is also where you can put an invitation code if you have one (more on that a bit later).

You will then be sent a confirmation email to verify your account.

Once you’re inside the app you can link your preferred way to get paid to it, all very simple.[su_divider top=”no”]

The Invitation Code

Let’s quickly explain what this invite code is about. When you sign up you get the option to put in a code, for instance you could use my code – 51n357 and you would £1 and I would £1.

There are a few stipulations in place before you get your money such as:

  • Must complete a mission in store
  • New users only
  • Have to be in the same country as you

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The Missions

The app will find you missions to go on in your local area, you can set the distance you wish travel, but remembering that the missions pay a small amount you’re not going to want to be traveling long distances.

Now, this is where the app falls down a bit. If you are in a populated area like a city then you are going to get a lot more choice whereas if you are in the country your choices are going to be few and far between and the ones that are available will probably mean traveling, the curse of living in the country.

Take a look at this screenshot:

missions available in London

As you can see London has quite a few choices, but if you were in Cornwall there is only one option.:

missions available in Cornwall

So, it will depend hugely on whereabouts you live as to the amount of missions that you’ll have the chance to do. The other thing I’d like to point out is that if you do see a mission you like then you’ll need to reserve it otherwise you could find that when you’re ready to do it that it’s not available anymore.

It’s a first come first served basis and there is only a certain number to fill, so make sure you reserve it.[su_divider top=”no”]

What You’ll Be Doing

Again, just like how many missions are available to you in a certain area, what you’ll be doing differs from place to place.

In my area at the moment I have a choice of:

  • Gondola end check in a supermarket
  • Off street parking audit
  • Fixture and display check in a Chemist
  • Road turn restriction

Now, these are paying between £3 – £6 apart from the Off street parking audit which is paying £8, unfortunately it’s 23 miles away, would take me 48 mins by car (through country lanes) and then answer 34 questions and take photos of signage it just really wouldn’t be worth the effort.

But if I was living quite near there or was visiting that area then it would be a different case all together.

I travel to London quite regular, in fact I was there this weekend on a friends Hen do. If I had this on me then I could have taken advantage of the closely populated missions.

I hope this has highlighted the diversity in results that you can expect from this app. Live in a built up area = good amount of missions, live in a rural area = a sparse amount of missions.[su_divider top=”no”]

Level Up

Another feature is the level up option. This happens when you earn XP. to progress from level 1 you need to get to 100 XP. There are 20 levels and each level opens up a new feature such as when you reach level 18 the delay between 2 payments goes down to 1 day.[su_divider top=”no”]

What Did I Like

  • Very low payment threshold
  • PayPal payments
  • Referral program
  • Chance to open up new options

What I wasn’t Too Keen on

  • Payment on some mission was a between price (£3 – £7) so you don’t know how much it’s is really worth
  • Very much location dependent
  • Some tasks require interaction with the staff
  • The example images wren’t working (these are so you can identify what it is you’re meant to be taking a photo of because if you get it wrong they won’t accept it)

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What Do Other Eyes think

It’s always a good idea to see what other people who are using the app think of it and to see what sort of complaints there are if any.

Here’s a comment from one user that highlights that between price that I mentioned:

bemyeye app feedback

bemyeye complaints

The main complaint seems to be that completed missions are being rejected even though the criteria has been met as well as an unrealistic amount of photos.

Another complaint I’ve seen is that they don’t actually refund any purchases you need to make.

But with 1 million + downloads you’re bound to get some negative comments, you can’t please everybody.[su_divider top=”no”]

Final Thoughts

I think this is a really good way to earn some extra cash. I do think that it is going to depend on what area you live in, but it’s a great idea.

This is only going to earn you some money if you don’t need to travel, any traveling involved then you might as well chuck money down the drain cause you it’s not worth it.

But if you live in a big city or built up area then you should have plenty of opportunity to make a few quid and they do seem to pay out quite quickly.

I haven’t reviewed a lot of apps, but this one does seem to be a different way to make money and quite fun too.

One guy completed 211 missions and he has reportedly made £2,000, but by his own admission had to spend entire days traveling the length and breadth of Britain.

He didn’t say how much that cost him to do that, but I can’t imagine he made too much when he took his expenses out.

I wouldn’t recommend going to those extremes, if you have missions in your immediate area then go for them, if not, don’t worry about them.


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What Next

You can carry on looking for apps that pay a little bit of pocket money or none at all as the case may be or you could spend your time doing something that would earn you money for years to come.

What I am talking about is Affiliate Marketing. Now I know you probably haven’t a clue what that is, I didn’t either before I got involved in it, that was over 4 years ago now, probably a bit longer than that actually.

Did you know that with Affiliate Marketing you have a fantastic opportunity to turn a hobby or something you’re passionate about into a full time income.

The main thing you need is a website and the training to go with it.

Don’t know the first thing about building a website or how to make money from one? Don’t worry I didn’t either when I first started, but if I can do it then anyone can do it, believe me.

The good thing is you don’t even need to pay anything to see if it’s for you.

Click here to read a bit more about it.

I hope this review of the BeMyEye app has helped you out in some way or you may have already used it and want to let everyone know how you got on with it.

Drop a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “BeMyEye App Review”

  1. People behind this BeMyEye are the greatest scammer I have ever come across. I lost words after seeing their shameless acts of cheating. I have been doing these types of small mystery shopping/auditing tasks since 2012. I have done 1000+ tasks to date using other apps. There are plenty of excellent apps out there and a few good ones. But this BeMyEye (UK) is at least 10 times worse than the bad ones! This scam does not pay for your hard work. They will collect information from you and will reject the job without any reason. Last month I have done 100+ tasks with another company, not a single one was rejected. I did about 10-12 with BeMyEye and most of them were marked incomplete or rejected for absolutely no valid reason. When I wrote to them, there was no reply whatsoever. Few points about this pathetic app and about the shameless scammers behind this: 
    – They will always reject your job and will tell you to go back again to fix it. Once you fix that, they will find something new (which is actually correctly done and was not indicated as wrong at the first review) and reject the task. And the funny part is, that job will be gone from the system! So definitely they use the data and submit it to clients. Telling from real experience! 
    – Their pay for tasks is very very low compared to the similar tasks by other similar apps; and their tasks are very difficult. They do not pay even 1/3 compared to other apps. 
    – Other apps will never ever tell you to go back to any store for the same job, this shi**y app will, even 2-3 times. As a result, you will spend more on travel and waste a lot of your time. After all these, the task will be rejected anyway! I have lost more money on their tasks than I earned. And wasted a lot of time on those 10-12 tasks. I wish I never installed this terrible scamming app.
    – A single task from BeMyEye needs 20 – 30 minutes to complete, with 40+ photos needed for few tasks. Their scam idea is to tell that one of the photos is a bit blurred. So for one photo being blurred (totally made up by them) out of 30-40 photos for one task, they will reject your task. You do not have any say in their decisions. 
    – I don’t understand why clients give projects to this pathetic company, BeMyEye. Their tasks remain to live for months, as no one wants to use this app after a few days. Whereas, I have to compete to reserve tasks in other apps as they all go within hours after being published. 
    – The app crashes during every task. On average, it crashes 5-6 times during one job. So you have to start the task again and again!
    – Overall, it is an absolutely terrible app. The people behind this are pathetic and inhuman scammers. BTW, they begged for 5-star reviews via emails and that is why there are some! I wish I could put negative stars, 1 star is too good for them. Do yourself a favor, and never install this app. Find other great alternative ones for some extra money. Don’t waste your money on travel and your precious time on this scam. Something should be done to stop this scam of BeMyEye. 


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