Affiliate Revival Review – Don’t Be Fooled!

In this Affiliate Revival review we’re going to be looking at whether this method is going to bring you reliable traffic and bring you $100 – $200+ days even if you’re a stone-cold newbie.

I’ve reviewed a couple of products by some of the product creators before and have found that they like to recycle, shall we say, their old products, like these two (Traffic Rebirth & Pulli), but of course fail to tell you that in the sales page.

Anyway I’m a glass half full kind of person and always try to give people the benefit of the doubt at least till they prove me wrong.

NAME: Affiliate Revivalaffiliate revival review

OWNERS: Stefan Ciancio, Greg Kononenko

& Kobi topaz

PRICE: $9.95 – $17 + upsells


#1 recommendation

what is affiliate revival about

Affiliate Revival is all about sending traffic from FaceBook ads to a landing page in order to capture the email address by means of offering a lead magnet, a free gift, and then it’s a case of offering your new email list products to buy.

I really don’t see anything new here at first glance, it’s all been done before, pretty basic stuff, but we’ll see how it all pans out.

At least this might actually be newbie friendly, let’s hope so.

the sales page

I love looking at the sales page simply because I’ve got a unique perspective in that having access to the product i can see if the claims being made on the sales page are actually true and if they even make it into the product they’re trying to get you to buy.

You wouldn’t believe some of the things i uncover……

Let’s take a quick look at this headline

affiliate revival sales page

So i’m thinking that this is going to be something new, the “latest traffic strategies for affiliate marketing” What if were to tell you that this was actually released last year by Kobi Topaz on the Warrior Forum, 7th November 2017, but the name back then was Traffic Domination.

warrior forumBut how do i know it’s the same course?

On that page he’s got screenshots which are identical to Affiliate Revival, but more than that there is a demo video on there and that video shows exactly the same stuff you’re getting here.

affiliate revival or traffic dominationAnd because it’s hosted on YouTube i can show it here

Now you can see the logo for Traffic Domination in the corner and it is THE same as what you’re going to be buying now.

Also in the training videos you will get if you buy this product you can clearly see the date on his computer!

training dateIt’s nearly a year old.

But guess what …… if you buy through the Warrior Forum you can get it for $14.95 not the $17 they’re charging here.

My main point is why try to palm something off as the latest strategies when they’re clearly not. Just be honest with your customers and stop trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

Talking of being honest, these video testimonials that you can see on the sales page

testimonial videosIf you’ve just gone through them videos and thought to yourself “Hey if those guys are saying this is great then it really must be” then think again.

Take a look at the small print

testimonial disclaimerBasically what they are saying is don’t even think about expecting to experience what these guys have and worse still they might well have been paid to say what they’re saying!

You know what I’ve seen enough of this sales page, it’s making me angry just thinking about it. I’m going to leave this section with one last snippet

sales page hypeWell i think we both know that isn’t true.

what did i like

  • step by step instruction with tasks to complete
  • downloadable checklists
  • 14 day money back guarantee

#1 recommendation

what i didn’t like

  • trying to pass this off as a never before seen product
  • charging more here than at Warrior Forum
  • using outdated methods (FaceBook has got a lot stricter since this was released LAST YEAR)
  • the small print, not only do you have the testimonial disclaimer, but you also have this little gem adverse effects disclaimerso what we have here is them saying “sorry we couldn’t even be bothered to check to see if this is going to get your accounts banned”

If you rely on these for your income you really want to make sure what you’re going to be using is within Facebooks terms and conditions, likewise with the other platforms, because it’s pretty obvious these guys really couldn’t care less.

the training

OK, so you want to know what’s inside the training area, well it consists of 5 modules, each containing between 3 – 7 videos

Welcome to Module 1 – Overview and Basicsaffiliate revival training

  • Module 1, Video 1 – My Results & The Process 3.46
  • Module 1, Video 2 – Core Concepts 4.06
  • Module 1, Video 3 – Facebook Tools and More Concepts 2.58
  • Module 1, Video 4 – Open An Ad Account 3.40
  • Module 1, Video 5 – Facebook Campaign Structure 0.33
  • Module 1, Video 6 – Ad Types & Placements 2.27
  • Module 1, Video 7 – Fan Page 1.55

Welcome to Module 2 – Niche and Targeting

  • Module 2, Video 1 – Niche 4.07
  • Module 2, Video 2 – Avatar 2.19
  • Module 2, Video 3 – Products to Promote 6.51
  • Module 2, Video 4 – Finding Customers 34.52
  • Module 2, Video 5 – Lead Magnet 5.20
  • Module 2, Video 6 – Lead Magnet Types 5.11

Welcome to Module 3 – Facebook Posts

  • Module 3, Video 1 – Facebook Post Types 1.58
  • Module 3, Video 2 – AIDA 7.07
  • Module 3, Video 3 – Content Post 1.02
  • Module 3, Video 4 – Curiosity Post 2.12
  • Module 3, Video 5 – Long Text Post 1.38
  • Module 3, Video 6 – Video Post 1.31
  • Module 3, Video 7 – Hero Story Post (Case Study #1) 4.50

Welcome to Module 4 – Your Funnel

  • Module 4, Video 1 – Autoresponder 10.30
  • Module 4, Video 2 – Facebook Pixel 8.17
  • Module 4, Video 3 – Landing Page 5.03

Welcome to Module 5 – Get Traffic

  • Module 5, Video 1 – Facebook Campaign 40.27
  • Module 5, Video 2 – Custom Audiences 10.29
  • Module 5, Video 3 – Custom Conversions 3.18
  • Module 5, Video 4 – Optimization 5.44
  • Module 5, Video 4 – Campaign Troubleshooting 2.52
  • Module 5, Video 5 – Case Study #2 4.04
  • Module 5, Video 6 – Final Thoughts & Way Forward 3.08

At the end of all these modules you have different tasks to complete, ideally before you move on to the next.

the oto’s

OTO #1 is a piece of software that again was/is being used in his Traffic Domination course.

It generates ad copy automatically for you, but I’m just not sure if I’d want that on my ads

oto 1

You also get access to an image making software.

OTO #2 is a 4 week “live” coaching course where you watch how to find a niche, set up ad campaigns and get conversions.

OTO #3 is a resellers license where you can sell Affiliate Revival and get to keep 100%of all profits on either the entire funnel or just the main product depending on which price point you purchase.

final thoughts

The sales page is just awful, full of contradictions. The actual course itself isn’t bad to be fair, not worth $17 in my opinion.

You’re going to have to do your own due diligence in regards to FaceBooks terms and conditions because although far from being a FaceBook expert myself even i know FaceBook is clamping down on certain types of advertising and I’d hate it if your accounts get shut down.

If i was putting together a course that made use FaceBook i would certainly make sure that my customers were not being put at risk by using it that’s for sure.

They make a big point on the sales page of only having to have $5 to start with this method, well you’re going to need a landing page and in the training there is a link to this

landing pagesThe $5 is for the ads, this little lot is for your landing pages. There are free landing page builders out there, but this is what he recommends.

I’m going to approve this for the simple reason he has done a decent job of putting together something that makes sense If you look into the terms and conditions of FaceBook yourself.

What i won’t approve is buying this from them, go to the Warrior Forum and buy it there cheaper, i don’t like the way these guys have marketed this. Here’s the link in case you want to have a look


What now

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living if you do it right. If you’re not comfortable running the risk of having your FaceBook account banned or just don’t really want to market on FaceBook then do it my way, “the boring, slow, seo way”.

But you know what, by doing it the right way in the first place means you’re going to have an income for years to come.

You can use the exact same training i use to generate a full time income from scratch.

You can read a full review of it here

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts


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