What is Snap Money Method – is it really a snap

Just what is Snap Money Method about? Is it really as easy as snapping your fingers to make $187 every day? I can’t wait to find out but i don’t hold out much hope….but i could be wrong…..[divider]

NAME: Snap Money Method what is snap money method

OWNERS: Sasha Ilic & Jeff Hellmers

PRICE: $9.95 + upsells

WEBSITE: snapmoneymethod.com

OVERALL RANKING: 1 / 5 stars

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What can you expect for your $10

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Snap Money Method i’d like to take a quick look at the sales page.

One sentence that particularly caught my eye was this:sales page snippet

I’m not sure he realizes exactly what he saying in that sentence, i’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he proves me wrong.

Right OK now i’ve got that out of the way lets see what you get shall we.

  • Video 1 – Reddit Account 4.14
  • Video 2 – Choosing a Subreddit 4.40
  • Video 3 – Hiding your IP Address 2.38
  • Video 4 – Choosing a link to Post 3.27
  • Video 5 – Submitting a link to Reddit 3.36

Total running time: 17 minutes 55 seconds.

You also get to all the above in PDF format which is a nice option to have, some people like to read more than watch.

Having gone through the 5 videos i can honestly say there is nothing new in them, really basic stuff. Using Reddit as a source of traffic is not as groundbreaking as the creators would have you believe.sales video sales videoI’m pretty sure i wouldn’t risk going to jail for the ‘strategies’ of Snap Money Method LOL.[divider]

pros and cons


  • No over complicated ‘jargon’
  • low entry price
  • Training in video and PDF format


  • exaggerated claims of unlimited traffic
  • Harder to find subreddits to post to than led to believe
  • hiding your IP from Reddit account


who would find this useful

Anyone who has a blog or an affiliate site would of course benefit from additional traffic and Reddit can be a good source of free traffic. Within the course you are required to purchase a Fiverr gig to be able to post on certain subreddits.

However the best way to get free traffic is to write content that your audience is interested in. For example if your site was an Amazon affiliate site promoting camping products you would write engaging and helpful content that the reader is actually going to find useful.[divider]

can you get any help

Unfortunately there’s no mention of  help either by the owners or any sort of community, even a Facebook page.

The only ‘support’ i could find is a small email address at the bottom of the program access pageSupport@SnapMoneyMethod.comI have emailed them, but as yet not heard anything back.

I did find a Facebook page for Sasha Ilic but the last activity was back in December 2016.[divider]

any upsells

You bet your life there is: snap money method upsells See how the downsells work? If you go to click away from the first offer you are immediately offered it at a greatly reduced price, just look at upsell #3, imagine you actually clicked for the $197 deal now knowing you could have got it for $67.

That’s horrible 🙁 [divider]

final thoughts

Remember at the beginning i said i didn’t hold out much hope? Well i haven’t seen anything of any significance to change my mind.

Yes Reddit can be a source of traffic, but unlimited and in the amounts being suggested, i don’t think so.

This course claims to be a totally free method for getting traffic to your site, but in reality you pay for the front end product $9.95 then you pay for your Fiverr gig $5 then you have to pay for hiding your IP address which will cost you an additional $9.99 a month if you use their recommended provider.

If you want to learn how to get free traffic now and in the future take a quick look at my #1 recommendation, it’s how i learnt.

snap money method not approved


So there you have it, i hope you enjoyed my review and now know what is snap money method all about? It might be that this sounds right up your alley.

Let me know if it is.

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  1. Thank you for the thorough review of this software. I especially like how you pointed out that sentence they said in order to encourage visitors to try it. It is really useful website and I appreciate the efforts you invested in it to be an eye opener for the people out there who are trying to learn about business online and how to get more traffic. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I fully support your #1 recommendation.

    • Hi Milan,
      Yeah that’s a really strange thing to say to potential customers. Really pleased you like the site, it’s always nice to know that people like what you’re doing.
      I’m glad you’ve found Wealthy Affiliate and hope your journey is going well. It’s a great place to learn isn’t it 🙂 If i can be of any help just let me know either through this website or my Wealthy Affiliate profile.


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