what is evergreen commission machines about

So today we’re gonna find out what is evergreen commission machines about? Will it deliver all it promises? lets find out.

NAME: Evergreen Commission Machineswhat is evergreen commission machines about

OWNERS: Jason Fulton, David Kirby

and Finn Goswami

PRICE: $6.51 (+ upsells)

WEBSITE: evergreencommissionmachine.com/earlybird/

OVERALL RANKING: 1 / 5 stars

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so just what is evergreen commission machines about?

Evergreen Commission Machines is a Video course with the option of downloading the PDF which is a good option to have so you don’t constantly have to be taking notes.

The course centers around building a blog and promoting that blog via a Facebook fanpage, group or live event. Unfortunately you will have to know how to build a blog in the first place because at no point in the training does it show how this is done nor does it show what hosting is or how to use wordpress or anything remotely related to getting a blog up and running.

pros and cons


  • Video & Pdf
  • Makes use of Canva
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Use of Facebook for traffic
  • Use of PLR for content
  • Use of an article spinner
  • No instructions how to build a blog

Who’s gonna use this

Well the sales page makes it quite clear that this is for you even if you have on experience, but i just don’t know how you’re mean’t to do that when you’ve got to build your own blog?
evergreen commission machines I think anyone with experience would see this for what it is, very thin training with no real substance.

what’s in the training

Before i go into the training i’ve got to say that when i was actually going through the videos i was BORED STIFF,  it was all i could do to stop myself falling asleep!

The training is presented by Finn Goswami and he starts off with a ‘lets get started’ video which tells you a bit about himself, how much money he makes and a bit about the course. The rest of the training is made up as follows:

  • Little known secrets on profitable niche
  • Searching high converting offers
  • Turn a niche blog into a successful business
  • Drive free traffic to your blog
  • summarizing key points

At the bottom of the page you are presented with the upsells: upsells

As you can see this is where they hope to make their money, not on the $7 front end product.

final thoughts

Although $7 is a fairly good price i feel that there are much better options out there for this sort of money, i recently reviewed Traffikar which is a more complete system for a beginner.

The claims which are being made by the product owners are over exaggerated to say the least. Its total lack of any training on building a blog is a big no no for me as its such a major part of the ‘Machine’.

And so what is evergreen commission machines about? Its about supplying you with only some of the tools needed to succeed. And its because of this that i can’t approve it.

If you want to find a program that will teach you everything from the ground up and give you 2 free websites in the process and offer a free trial then be sure to check out my #1 RECCOMMENDATION before you go.evergreen commission machines

If you’ve had any success with ECM then i’d love to hear from you.

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