What Is Dreamkeeper.Info? Not A Nightmare I Hope

In your quest to find a way to make money online you may well have come across this site that we’re going to be reviewing today, but what is Dreamkeeper.info all about, well hopefully after reading this you’ll have a better idea whether it’s a good idea to join them or if it’s going to best to give them a wide berth altogether and to look for another opportunity elsewhere.

NAME: Dreamkeeperwhat is Dreamkeeper.info


PRICE: Free to join

WEBSITE: http://dreamkeeper.info/


what is dreamkeeper.info about

Let’s start at the beginning and take a look at the sales page shall we. WOW there’s not a lot going on there is there

dreamkeeper.info sales pageSo they’re expecting people to sign up with them without giving any information whatsoever about what it is, what you’d be doing, how much you could earn, nothing, zilch, nada.

Except that is for the big bag of money sitting in the corner, not really sure what it is they’re trying to say with that, or what “start your online job career today” means either.

They’ve got a ‘total earned today’ counter and a ‘total paid to users today’ counter which i strongly suspect are false and only there to try to convince you to sign up in the hope of becoming one of that number. The reason i say i think it’s false is because as soon as you refresh the page it changes, which if it were for real you would expect to happen.

However what you wouldn’t expect is for the counter to actually go backwards, yep that’s really what happens, here’s a screenshotcounterSo from 91867$ it went down to 67613$ in the matter of a few minutes, i tried it a third time and it shot up to 85904$….totally false!

The only options on the page are to register or login. Now normally being a pretty savvy person i wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot barge pole, but for the purposes of this review I’m going to go ahead and register. Wish me luck!

the sign up

Ok to register you need to put in a username, email and a password, you know what, I’m going to put in a totally random sequence of letters to see if what i suspect is right, now bear with me here for a moment, take a look at what i put indreamkeeper.info registrationWhat do you think is going to happen, will this rubbish get me registered? you bet it will!dreamkeeper.info register successNow the reason i done that is mainly because i feel totally uncomfortable with giving my real email address. Now any time you enter an email address like that on a legitimate site you just wouldn’t get registered which makes me believe that they simply harvest emails.

As i go to login that phoney counter has now dropped to 73470$ in the total earned today. LOL

on the inside

So now we know what their definition of “start your online job career today” is. It’s about posting your referral link to anywhere you can think of, the more places the better if you look at this screenshotdreamkeeper.info dashboardSo as you can see they want you to spam the hell out of any platform you can with that link and very time that someone registers using your referral ID, you get paid $10, but they can’t quite make their minds up on that one because at the top it says 5 – 10$ while the other section says 10$.

Have you noticed how much the withdrawal threshold is? $300!!!! I don’t think I’ve seen such a huge amount you have to get to just to be able to withdraw, that’s just crazy.

I just want to bring your attention to this particular line in their members guidedreamkeeper.info member guideIn case you can’t quite see it what it basically says is that the way they are able to pay you is because they get paid by their advertisers for the traffic they send to the advertisers websites. What websites??? that referral link that you’re going to be sending out doesn’t send people to any other website apart from this one so how do they get revenue from advertisers??

Simple, they don’t, it’s a cover, all they want is the masses of email addresses you and everyone else who has signed up is going to send them.

So why do they want email address? To sell. period. And it doesn’t matter to them who the buyer is as long as they pay, these people couldn’t care less what happens after that.


how to get paid

This question really doesn’t matter anyway because you’re not getting paid. “what makes you say that” i hear you ask.

Well for starters you see the withdraw type in the dashboard image above, it says: cheque and what’s wrong with that? normally I’d say there’s nothing wrong with that, but let’s just think about it for a second……how are they going to get that cheque to you?

Well you send them your address don’t you? How are you going to do that? There are absolutely no contact details whatsoever on the entire site, i use the word ‘entire’ very loosely because the whole site is just this dashboard area, that’s it, nothing else.

They have this at the bottom of the pagetos

The FAQ cannot be clicked and the terms & conditions takes you herenot foundSo good luck trying to contact them.

final thoughts

I’ve come across a similar website a while ago and while the sales page was different, the inside was pretty much the same (you can take a look here if you want) It would seem that there is a number of these types of websites out there all with different names, but with the same objective…..to collect as many email addresses as possible.

Don’t be seduced by the chance of earning $10 a time just for pasting a referral link everywhere you can because for one things are never that easy and when you really think about it I’m sure you’ll realise too that you would never actually get paid.

It is such a shocking website with a total lack of any substance I’m actually surprised that it works, but saying that they have your email address before you actually enter the site and find out what’s involved.

if you haven’t signed up with them yet then my advice is don’t, if you see anything resembling the screenshots then just click away, it’s really not worth your time.

dreamkeeper not approved

so what now

Ok so I’ve burst your bubble, sorry about that, but that doesn’t have to be the end of your dreams to make some money online, there are legitimate ways to make money you know.

I’m a prime example of using such a way. I’m very proud to say that what i do is very much legal and above board and more importantly a very honest way to make money online.

if you like the sound of that then click on the banner below to take a look, but i must warn you there is work involved so if you just want  to make money with very little work then let me tell you now what i do isn’t going to be for you and if you think that there is a way to make money with very little work then let me know if you find it.

wealthy affiliate

Now it’s your turn to have your say, tell me what you think of Dreamkeeper.info

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4 thoughts on “What Is Dreamkeeper.Info? Not A Nightmare I Hope”

  1. Well done Sharon, another scam has been exposed. Nowadays, Online Scam is everywhere in the Internet space.

    Whenever there are opportunity and money to be made, vultures and unscrupulous methods to deceive people will pop up like an uncontrolled virus.

    Please always be on alert and watch out for those get rich quick scheme with our conscious mind.

    Once again, thank you for sharing this with us.

    Take care

    • It is very worrying that there are so many out there isn’t it. A lot of the time if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

  2. I hate these types of phoney websites that weave a long trail of lies and deceit to make you think you are actually going to make money. It’s these types of people that give the Internet a bad name and makes trying to find a way to earn money online an unpleasant one!
    I see you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This is a great platform to learn the techniques to making money on the net.
    I have been a member there for 3 years and would recommend this program to anyone that wants to do Internet marking as a career.

    • It is an absolute minefield out there Jeff and it’s no wonder that people get caught out with one scam after another. 

      Hey I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate 3 years also, it’s a wonder i haven’t run into you before, mind you Wealthy Affiliate has got a lot of members.

      I’ll be sure to follow you 🙂


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