Affiliate Victory Review – Is It A Winner Or A Loser?

When it comes to making money with affiliate marketing we all want to be on the winning side don’t we. In this Affiliate Victory review we are going to see if that is going to be the case or if we’d be better off just to surrender. I’ve reviewed some products in the past by two of the creators of this and to be fair have been quite impressed with what they put out. There have been times when they do re-use some of their old stuff, but hopefully this won’t be one of them. The third person Brandon Pierce is totally new to me so it will be interesting to see what he has to offer.

NAME: Affiliate Victoryaffiliate victory review

OWNERS: Brandon Pierce, Stefan Ciancio & Greg Kononenko

PRICE: $10.22 + upsells


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what is affiliate victory about

Before we get too involved with the review let’s just tell you what this is actually about because the sales page doesn’t tell you what it is you’re going to be doing…….but guess what……I am!

It’s about using Facebook ads to get traffic and sending that traffic to a lead capture page and eventually ending up at your main offer which comes from Clickbank, but also capturing their email in the process for future promotions

Nothing groundbreaking there, but to be fair they don’t claim that it is.

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the sales page

The sales page is an important part of the review process for me simply because of the amount of times that vendors will make extraordinary claims on the sales page only to be never heard of again in the product.

So i like to make sure that what they are promoting on the sales page actually makes it to the product so you can be sure of what it is you’d be buying should you decide to.

The first thing i notice is the claim that affiliate marketing methods have completely changed in 2018, well I personally don’t think that statement is true and seeing as we’re only a few months into 2018 I’m not sure anybody would actually know that.affiliate victory sales page The second thing is this

affiliate victory sales page 1I really hate those types of claim because they very rarely turn out to be true so it’s worth just bearing that one in mind as we move forward.

Unfortunately the income shots from Clickbank are possibly the easiest ones to fake if you know what you’re doing so i wouldn’t give them too much credence.

Now this isn’t something you see very oftenaffiliate victory sales page 2 and I’ve got to give credit where credit is due, well done on being honest 🙂

Now I’ve got to bring this up as I’ve just been going through the training and remember where they said you can get started with just $10….well that’s not strictly true.affiliate victory training

  • Clickfunnels $97 /m
  • Instabuilder $77
  • Optimizepress $97
  • Converzly $97 /y or $37/m
  • Builderall $108/y
  • Getresponse $10/m after free trial
  • Aweber $19/m after free trial
  • clickmagick $144/y

So as you can see it really doesn’t matter which page builder you go with they all come with a fairly hefty price tag and depending on which one you go for you’re going to need a domain which means you’ll also need hosting, i think Clickfunnels is the only one that doesn’t need all that.

Say for argument’s sake you went with Instabuilder @ $77, now that’s a plugin so you’re going to need a domain name and hosting as well so you can add another $10/m for basic hosting and another $18 for domain registration.

Add to that your $10/m autoresponder and $12/m tracking program you’re looking at a grand total of $127 with a recurring fee of $32/m

So I’m at a loss to know where the getting started for $10 comes in to it, perhaps the $10 they’re referring to is the price of this product? Who’s knows.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

who’s this aimed at

Again and I’ve seen this so many times before with the sales page quoting that it’s 100% newbie friendly, but i think they forget what it’s like to be a newbie and take things for granted that someone who is new would struggle to even comprehend and no I’m not saying that they are stupid, it’s just that it’s such a steep learning curve that it can be very daunting.

However and i don’t say this very often, but i think that the way that Brandon goes about teaching you his method step by step is actually something that someone who is new could actually do.

The majority of the time these types of product are aimed at the MMO niche, but although this can be used in that niche the training is geared towards other what are called evergreen niches like health and fitness.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]1-recommendation

The good bits

  • The lack of hype on the sales page
  • Videos are clear and concise
  • The amount you get
  • Some good solid information

the not so good bits

  • No accompanying PDF
  • No help to set up a website
  • Lack of support

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let’s take a look at what you get

So when you purchase Affiliate Victory you get 4 modules each containing between 4 and 8 videos

Module 1affiliate victory training

  • Introduction, Proof & Overview 19.42
  • Video 1 – What You’ll Need 8.40
  • Video 2 – Niche Selection 4.53
  • Video 3 – Finding Offers 14.11

Module 2: The Funnel

  • Video 1 – The LM Overview 13.49
  • Video 2 – The LCP 17.17
  • Video 3 – The Money Page 6.17
  • Video 4 – the Funnel Recap 6.20

Module 3: Back End Profits

  • Video 1 – Email Marketing Overview 12.07
  • Video 2 – The Initial Email 5.45
  • Video 3 – DFY Resources 4.06
  • Video 4 – AR Setup 5.34
  • Video 5 – Connect The Optin Form 5.23
  • Video 6 – Simple Tracking 3.45

Module 4: Traffic, Traffic Traffic! (The simple way)

  • Video 1 – FB Ads Overview 5.06
  • Video 2 – Tracking 9.09
  • Video 3 – Setup FB Pixel 4.49
  • Video 4 – Create FB Page 2.52
  • Video 5 – Research Target Audience 11.48
  • Video 6 – Creating Your Ad 25.40
  • Video 7 – Analyzing Data 13.54
  • Video 8 – Simple Scaling 19.54

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the oto’s

As with all products of this nature you get offered upsells after you buy the main product. This one offers 3 of them.

OTO #1

This is a case study package and will cost you $27. It consists of 10 videos showing how he puts everything that was taught in the main product into action from start to finish.affiliate victory oto 1

OTO #2

The second upsell is a Done For You package which if you can believe the sales page has a retail value of $497, but the nice people are going to discount it by $470 meaning you’ll only pay $27, how nice of them.affiliate victory oto 2

OTO #3

This is simply the resell rights which basically means if you buy this upsell you can sell this and keep 100% commissions.

This has two price points, one for the front end only and one for the entire sales funnel, These are priced at $37 and $47 respectively.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#d0d0d0″]

final thoughts

I really like this and I’m glad that something has come along that i do like because recently there has been quite a few that didn’t really measure up.

Apart from the $10 set up which as we saw wasn’t the case, i thought the whole course was well planned out and very well executed and if you only wanted the front end then there is enough in there to get you on your way.

affiliate victory approved

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so what now

If you’ve followed the training inside Affiliate Victory and feel like you’re ready to take to the next level or don’t just want to rely on paid ads for your traffic then i would suggest you take a look at how i do affiliate marketing.

You can even try it for free and get two free websites to build out as you wish.

If you want to know a bit more about it then simply click the banner below

wealthy affiliate

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If you’ve had some success with this or just want to ask a question, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Victory Review – Is It A Winner Or A Loser?”

  1. I was wondering for the past 3 weeks if this affiliate program was any good or not, a friend had mentioned it to me a while back and now I decided to do more research, this review is very detailed and interesting, I see you say there is a lack of support – for me that won’t work – I need help when problems arise as I am relatively inexperienced with computers, thanks for the review

    • Unfortunately that is where some products fall down, they may well be quite good, but fall short in supporting their customers if they need help figuring stuff out. It’s a real shame.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for an informative read. I hadn’t heard of Affiliate Victory before but seen many of these systems that promise you the world for just a little amount then try and upsell you straight away or just keep trying to upsell you once you have taken the basic package, which is nothing more than a sales promotion for the upsell packages and basically no use on its own…..

    • Normally i would probably agree with you, but in this case i think the basic package is well worth the asking price and that the information in there will be of some use to anyone that is looking to venture into the online world of making money.

  3. Hi Sharon! I haven’t heard of Affiliate Victory before reading your review, but I have seen many other expensive courses teaching on Facebook ads as a way to drive traffic for much steeper prices. I agree that they exaggerated quite a bit by saying carrying out the information in the class would cost $10.

    I’ve looked into those software programs you mentioned like Clickfunnels and the others, and those are hefty price tags for someone starting out. I currently use an alternative sales funnel and landing page software, so that wouldn’t be a problem for me. Great review on Affiliate Victory! I’ll have to check it out!

    • Every so often there will be a product that comes along that restores a bit of faith that not all people are out to con you and this is one of them.

      If you already have the required software/plugins then it would be worth your while checking it out.


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