what is copy my commissions about

Is it really this simple to make money online? Who is James Johnson? what is copy my commissions about? Lets find out shall we.

NAME: Copy my Commissionswhat is copy my commissions about

OWNER: James Johnson

PRICE: $47 (+ Upsells)

WEBSITE: http://copymycommissions.co/

OVERALL RANKING : 0 / 5 stars[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

what is copy my commissions about

Lets start at the sales pagesales pagewe’re shown this which claims there’s a video that’s going show us how to earn $500-$1000 a day working 20 minutes every other day! Sounds great right? All we have to do is give our email address. Once we’re in we are confronted with the worst sales video i’ve seen in a very long time and i’ve seen some rubbish believe me!

I’ve managed to find the video on youtube for you to have a look at without having to give away your email address or sit through the whole 49min.13sec. Take a look an see what you think, leave a comment below if you like.

 sales video I’m sorry but you’ll still have no idea what you’re watching at the end either LOL. Who the hell writes this stuff?

Copy my commissions claims to be a 19 step by step system based around a piece of software called List Fuel.list fuel

Unfortunately List Fuel looks remarkably similar to List Fusion which is a PopUp and Lead Generation plugin for websites which enables you to collect peoples email addresses for future marketing campaigns. Nothing more nothing less.

list fusion

On the sales Video it states this software can’t be bought anywhere else. But with a little bit of investigation it turns out to be available on a very well respected online marketplace.sales videoenvato market

james johnson

To be perfectly honest i doubt the James Johnson speaking in the video even exists. I know my way around the internet pretty well and can find most things, but not with James, zip, nothing.

Now if you were above board, on the level you wouldn’t have a problem showing people who they are paying good money to, but you never get to see him, That’s a big no-no for me and it should be for you to. He is the invisble man!

so what is copy my commissions about?

I’m sorry i really don’t know, even after all the digging i’ve done and i refuse to pay for a product which is full of such deceitful claims in the sales video alone which doesn’t hold out much hope for the product itself even with their 100% money back guarantee which i don’t believe they’d honor.guarantee

All i know from experience is that you should steer well clear of a product like this, i don’t say that very often but i feel it’s fully justified in this instance. 

Insider’s Income Circle

Say for arguments sake you didn’t heed my warnings of impending doom and disater and went ahead and paid your $47 you will also get free access to the Insider’s Income Circle

Now this is a bonus that comes with the main purchase and is free for the first month, but after that you’re gonna be fleeced sorry i meant you’ll have to pay $38.64 per month until you realize and cancel it which by all accounts you can….in theory, i say in theory because no-one knows. There are absolutely no positive reviews on the internet which is incredibly strange.  

final thoughts

Now i don’t think you have to be a mind reader to know my thoughts on copy my commissions do you. This is by far the worst product i’ve ever reviewed so do yourself a favor and don’t touch this even with a ten foot barge pole 🙂

not approvedHas someone you know been lured in by this, let me know in the comments section below.

So what now? If you’re serious about wanting to earn money online safely then check out my #1 recommendation it’s #1 for a reason.

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