Traxion Review

Welcome to my Traxion review. Today we’re going to be looking at a product that has been released for a few weeks now. It’s a product that has been put together by Bill Hugall and Mark Barrett.

Now Mark Barrett is someone who I’m not too familiar with having only reviewed 2 of his previous products, both of which I didn’t approve.

Bill Hugall on the other hand is someone who is pretty familiar to this blog and hopefully this one is going to follow in the footsteps of his better ones, like Shockwave Profits or Snowball Traffic.

Seeing as this has been out a while I thought it would be a good idea to see what other reviews have to say about this just to get a feel of what I can expect.

I can only say this must be something special because I can’t find one review saying anything negative about it. Now that means one of 2 things; this actually is a fantastic product or those reviews are just looking for a sale and they haven’t even bothered to go through the product.

Well this is your lucky day, this review that you’re going to be reading will tell you exactly as it is, no sugar coating it just to make a commission.

But the main thing is if this is a good product I’m going to tell you that as well.

So without further ado, let’s crack on.

NAME: Traxiontraxion review

OWNERS: Bill Hugall & Mark Barrett

PRICE: $12.95


number 1 way to make money online

What Is Traxion About?

I’m not going to tell you what the sales page says this just yet, what I’m going to do is tell you what THEY tell you it is once you’re inside the members area. Cool right?

Then we’ll take a quick look at the sales page to see if what they say on there is anything like what you actually get inside the product.

I like to do that because I’m sure you’re going to buy this product based off what the sales page says and if that doesn’t materialize inside the members area you’re going to feel pretty upset, so I just like to bring a bit of balance to the proceedings.

A quote form the opening video “The Traxion method combined with this stupid simple website is really exploding results for brand new people” But he doesn’t tell you what the method is or what the stupid simple website is, so on to the next video.

OK, so the website is 12 Minute Affiliate which I haven’t had the pleasure of reviewing, so I did a bit of research and found that there are mixed reviews on 12 Minute Affiliate, for now I’ll just tell you it costs $9.95 with a monthly payment of $47, but that aside for a moment let’s see what the Traxion method is.

Still no idea what the Traxion method is, so on to the next video.

We are 3 videos in and still no mention of what Traxion is, basically so far it’s just a quick run through of what 12 Minute Affiliate is.

The 4th video looks like we’re finally going to find out what Traxion is about. I’m a bit confused right now because after going through this video the method is about BUYING SOLO ADS!

This is supposed to be a brand new method, what’s new about solo ads?

The Sales Page

Now we know what to expect from this let’s quickly go over how they’re trying to sell this to you. The first thing we see is the headline:

Traxion sales page headline

After going through the training I can tell you the 12 minutes to set up claim is based on setting stuff up like creating a Clickbank account (2 mins), Get your Autoresponder (2 mins) etc, etc. And it’s all meant to add up to 12 minutes, but as he says himself, for you it might not be that quick, I’m going to go a step further and say it won’t be that quick.

Sales page hype

Let’s go over a couple of those statements shall we. First off I think they’ve been very clever in their wording when they say “This has nothing to do with Facebook Ads” While that is true it turns out that this does have to do with Ads, Solo Ads.

Get set up in 12 minutes or less using our done for you resources” which basically means paying for upsells.

Free traffic method included” To be fair I nearly missed this and I honestly think it was an after thought of their behalf. They probably realised people wouldn’t want to pay for their traffic so quickly added something so they could use that claim.

Are you curious to know what this free traffic source is? OK, I’ll tell you.

FREE CLASSIFIED ADS, yep you read that right, you’re supposed to get traffic to your offers using the classifieds. See what I mean by an after thought.

It’s safe to say the main way to get traffic is using Solo Ads which makes the whole ‘Brand New Method‘ claim a bit ridiculous.

In fact this seems to be just a promotion for 12 minute Affiliates which I’m sure Mark Barrett is getting a commission for each person that signs up seeing as it’s a Clickbank product and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that just don’t dress it up as something it’s not.

What Did I Like?

  • To be honest I’m struggling a bit at the moment to find anything i liked about this, i may come back to this, but for now I don’t like a lot.

What Didn’t I Like?

  • Dressing this up as a brand new method
  • The free traffic option that really isn’t going to get you any results any time soon
  • The reliance on paid traffic
  • The email list is your biggest asset with this, but what if you haven’t got an email list, you’ve got no one to send out these offers to.
  • Hidden costs i.e monthly subscription as well as Solo Ads which can be very expensive

Inside The Members Area

OK before we take a look into the members area let me just caution you on the upsells. These are what you are going to see once you’ve made your purchase.

I’ve had too many people contact me to tell me of how much money they’ve lost because they bought the upsells straight away, take a look at Matthews comment here to see what I mean.

These upsells are available to buy inside the members area so don’t feel like you have to buy them there and then of you’ll miss out because you won’t.

The members area is a bit jumbled compared to most. there’s a few videos by Bill Hugall that go over the paid traffic vs free traffic and an overview video where he says to look at this as a six month plan.

Then it has a link to one of his affiliate marketing courses which again is more about using a certain vendor in Solo Ads.

Then of course you have the “Unadvertised training” which is the free traffic part of the course, not sure why they have it as ‘unadvertised’ but hey ho.

Traxion members area

You then have 4 main videos where Mark Barrett takes over.

  • Auto pilot – 3.22
  • Setting it all up – 5.57
  • Making it happen – 2.45
  • Traxion traffic – 4.50

After those you have a promotion for a free vacation that you can earn with 12 Minute Affiliate followed by a conclusion video that seems to be more focused on trying to sell you the upgrades.

Finally Bill makes a return and gives you his final thoughts such as saying you’ve been given enough information here to get traffic to any offer.

Now, unless I’ve missed a massive chunk of this and I’m not being funny, but you haven’t really been given anything. You really can’t count free classified ads as anything that’s going to actually help you drive traffic to your offers.

Again, like Mark, his main focus seems to be on pushing the upsells.

The Oto’s

Speaking of upsells I’m going to quickly go over what they are. Again, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to purchase them there and then because like I said they are available inside the members area.

  • OTO #1 – Buyer Rolodex – $27 with a downsell to $17
  • OTO #2 – Masterclass – $47 with a downsell to $37
  • OTO #3 – Resale Rights – $97 with a downsell to $67

What really made me laugh was when he’s speaking to the camera and tells you that it’s a special discounted offer for YOU and YOU alone.

And he even has the gall to say it with a straight face. Unbelievable.

Oh, to get those discounted prices just click “No Thanks” at the bottom of each page.

Final Thoughts

I’m not really sure what this actually is. Is it just an affiliate promotion for 12 Minute Affiliate? Possibly. Is it the best method for making money online? Hell no.

It’s a real disappointment for me and lacks in so many departments, like Mark Barrett says that the real power comes from your list.

Remember the sales page where it says this is newbie friendly? You very likely haven’t got a list have you so chances are you’re going to need to be paying for those Solo Ads.

The other hidden expenses they don’t tell you about on the sales page is the $47 a month to promote 12 Minute Affiliate. It’s no good Bill Hugall telling you they’ve given you enough information to use this with other offers cause I couldn’t find any real info that would be of any use in real life.

There was one point in the overview video where I had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure I heard it right. He actually tells you to keep buying shiny objects or shiny buttons as he calls them.

I suppose that is something that a vendor would say, but it’s not the best advice, in fact I’d tell you to do the exact opposite. You need to stop buying shiny objects and focus on one thing to the exclusion of all the others trying to grab your attention.

There’s no way I can approve this and that’s not anything to do with 12 Minute Affiliate because I don’t know enough about that to make a call.

No, not approving this is based solely on what they are selling this as.

not approved

What Now?

There’s a saying that I feel is extremely relevant here and that is “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

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I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 4 years now and I can tell you now they cover every aspect of building an online business in an easy to follow format.

Having been there for the amount of time I know how they work so I have a great review here that you can read over or if you like you can click the banner below for instant access.

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I’ll meet you on the inside and be there to help you every step of the way. You’ll even meet the owners who will stop by to welcome you 🙂

If you’ve had the opportunity to use this I’d love to hear what you think about it.

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