Shockwave Profits Review

Welcome to my Shockwave Profits review. This is a product that was released on the 14th march by a couple of guys who I have had the opportunity of reviewing a few times before with their previous products.

Now that might come as a shock to you if you are new because you may be thinking, especially from the sales page which I’ll go into in a while, that this is their first product.

I know when I first got into this business I didn’t realise that these types of people just kept churning out product after product, I thought they only used to have one product.

But now I know better, but the annoying part of it is that with every product release that comes along the same claims are being made over and over and over again.

how can the product that was released last week or last month claiming to be a brand new method and being the only product you’ll ever need then only to be replaced with yet another product claiming the same thing.

I’ve never managed to get my head around that one, perhaps someone would be kind enough to enlighten me in the comment section below.

Sorry I went off on a bit of a tangent there …… back to Shockwave Profits.

I’m hoping this is going to be a far better product than some of their others.

NAME: Shockwave Profitsshockwave profits review

OWNERS: Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer

& Erik Cagi

PRICE: $7.97

WEBSITE: recommendation for making money from home

What Is Shockwave Profits About

Before I reveal exactly what this is all about let’s just take a look at what the vendors say this is about on the sales page, I mean they should know after all shouldn’t they.

shockwave profits sales page headline

How many times have you seen headlines like that? I’ve seen so many of them that it’s become very hard to believe them, in fact the majority of the time they’re flat out lies.

If I were seeing this as a newbie I’d be quite impressed especially as I wouldn’t actually have to have any technical skills, I wouldn’t have to have an email list and I wouldn’t need to pay for traffic.

And I’d be able to make $125 in the process. So I can see why this would be very appealing, the only trouble is they don’t actually tell you what you’re buying.

If you read between the lines you can see it has something to do with email lists, which is a bit confusing seeing as they said you don’t need an email list. HMMM…….

Testimonials are always good to have on a sales page, problem is the testimonials are all from their internet marketing buddies so you can’t really hold any weight to them.

Take this testimonial from Anthony Mancuso for example:testimonialWell, if you look at the part where he says “you can stop searching now! Shockwave profits is exactly what you’ve been looking for” That’s a bit of a strange statement to make seeing as he’s just launched another of his own products, that I’ll be reviewing soon by the way.

Then you have Art Flair saying that the traffic source is revolutionary.

Now, you know what I said about releasing a product then releasing another with the same sort of claims, well take a look at this:

Here’s the sales page for Shockwave Profits:

shockwave profits claimsAnd here is a virtually identical screenshot of one of their other products:

snowball traffic claimsAre you getting the feeling that they just use a stock template and fill in the name of the product and don’t really know if that even applies to the current product or not.

I mean, what are the chances of two completely separate products having all those points and both taking just 30 minutes a day.

I think you’ll agree that the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

So, that’s what these guys are saying this is or rather not saying because they don’t tell you, but I’m going to tell you right now what it is:

Remember the revolutionary traffic source Art Flair spoke of? Guess what it is, go on guess. I bet you can’t. Give up? OK I’ll tell you.

Facebook ……. How the hell can that be revolutionary, I don’t understand.

The other thing you’re going to need is a website. Didn’t tell you that on the sales page did they.

The whole method is:

  • You create your website
  • You create a Manychat account
  • You create a traffic magnet
  • You get traffic from Facebook to build a list
  • You promote affiliate products to that list.

Not sure at this point if the training is going to show you exactly what you need to do, remember this is 100% newbie friendly and you don’t need any technical skills, or if it’s just going to leave you hanging.

Inside the Members Area

Let’s take a look at what the actual training consists of and if it’s any good.

shockwave profits members area

Once you get into the members area you’re given an introduction by Bill Hugall before getting into the training which is delivered by Erik Cagi.

Now, I will say that what Bill has to say in the intro makes a lot of sense. He basically says to ignore any bonuses that you got and to concentrate solely on this training which I know firsthand is excellent advice.

The training is made up of 11 videos covering the various aspects of the method:

  • Video 1 – Overview Of Shockwave Profits – 6.08 – Does what it says in the title
  • Video 2 – Creating Your Shockwave Site – 5.15 – The purpose of the website is to be able to set up your landing page which is where you’re going to send your traffic to.
  • Video 3 – Setting Up Your ManyChat Account – 4.57 – Takes you through setting up Manychat and says you don’t need the paid version you can do what you need with the free version.
  • Video 3.1 – Getting Your Fanpage Approved – 5.08 – This is an add on video where he shows you a setting to activate so you comply with Facebook TOS.
  • Video 4 – Creating Your Shockwave Traffic MAGNET – 7.07 – Recommends making a 3-5 minute video or a 5 page PDF on either your own knowledge or from past courses, YouTube or even PLR. He does make a point of telling you not to just copy, but to rewrite in your own words
  • Video 5 – Putting It All Together – 13.51 – Here he shows you how this works and shows you how to build your landing page using Thrive Architect and link it with Manychat.
  • Video 6 – 100% FREE Traffic Waves – 13.41 – He does tell you that this is going to require work because it’s free.
  • Video 7 – How To Drive Quality BUYER Traffic – 7.59 – This is a daily routine that you need to do.
  • Video 8 – Time To Make Shockwave PROFITS – 10.43 – Choosing an offer to promote and writing your post.
  • Video 9 – Erik’s Personal Case Study – 4.11 – Erik goes over some of his results from using this method.
  • Video 10 – Conclusion – 2.39 – A quick summary of what he’s just showed you.

And there you have Shockwave Profits.

the Oto’s

Upsells have become the norm in most industries nowadays, take McDonlads for example: “you want fries with that?” And this is no different. Only problem is this comes with 5 of them!

  • OTO #1: DFY Pack + Case Studies – $27
  • OTO #2: Super Simple $300/day Method – $17
  • OTO #3: FULL Resale Rights to Shockwave Profits – $37
  • OTO #4: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days – $27
  • OTO #5: Simple BUYERS List Building Method – $12

Now the problem I have (one of many I might add, before you lot say anything lol) is the main product you buy is meant to cover everything you need, but the sales page for OTO #1 states that if you buy this it’ll eliminate all the guess work ….. what guess work!!

So, I’m guessing he doesn’t cover everything in the front end.

Final Thoughts

Manychat has become very popular lately with product vendors, but some products I’ve reviewed have been too complicated and didn’t cover enough points for the average person who isn’t familiar with it to understand.

This one on the other hand was straightforward and easy to follow. Erik does a good job of showing his process and doesn’t really leave anything out.

Apart from one thing that is. And it’s quite important.

What do you do when you can’t get approved for an affiliate link because you’re new? That is the only bad point I could find with this.

He doesn’t touch on it whatsoever, not even a passing comment. Now, he’s smart enough to know that a newbie just won’t get approved for the products that he recommends promoting, basically the new launches.

Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t even attempt to cover it.

To get around this I would suggest you buy the product, go through it and then contact the vendor and tell him that you bought it and would like to promote as it a good product.

This shows the vendor that you’re actually serious and he might give you a chance.

Another option is to use Clickbank which doesn’t require approval for you to get an affiliate link.

I haven’t come across Erik before, I’ve seen his reviews, but not a product, this might even be his first product, I don’t know, but if he can keep up the quality of this one in anything he does in the future then he’ll have a big advantage over some of his lesser associates.


What Now

This is all about using Facebook as a source of traffic which is great, but what if Facebook change their terms which they have done from time to time?

What you need is your own website, which Erik sort of used in this product. The problem was having your own website is so much more than just using it for a landing page.

Just using for that, if you ask me, is a wasted opportunity, you can do so much more with it, but only if you know how.

That’s where I can help you out.

There is one platform that stands head and shoulders over everyone else in this industry and one that I’m proud to have been part of for the past 4 years.

So if you want to learn at the very same place simply click the banner below for totally FREE access, NO credit card needed and 10 FREE lessons along with 2 FREE websites you can build as you go along with the world-class training

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When you sign up I will welcome you personally and help you in any way I can to make sure you’re successful 🙂


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