The Magik Link Review – Is It All Smoke And Mirrors?

Welcome to The Magik Link Review. Today We’re going to be looking at a product that’s just been released by someone called Mark Barrett. I haven’t had too many dealings with this guy, only once before in fact when I reviewed a product that he was involved in called Profit Reign.

That particular product didn’t fair too well so it will be interesting to see how this product pans out. I’m really hoping that this is going to break the cycle we seem to be in at the moment with poor quality products being left, right and centre.

I just hope that it’s not going to be a rehashed crappy product that claims to be “a brand new way to make money”. Only one way to find out and that isn’t by just copying what the sales page like a lot of the other reviewers who are more interested in how many bonuses they can offer you.

You know what’s going to happen with all those bonuses don’t you? They’ll just sit on your hard disk gathering virtual dust, I mean with the amount some of them are offering it would take you years and years to implement them and all the time they’re distracting you from the very product you wanted a review on to see if it was any good.

Well that’s what you’re going to get here, a review, no bonuses, just an honest, good old-fashioned review.

NAME: Magik Linkthe magik link review

OWNER: Mark Barrett

PRICE: $12.95


#1 recommendation for making money from home

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what is the magik link about

According to the sales page this is meant to be a video training course that will show you 4 different income streams from 1 affiliate link.

the magik link sales page headline

At least in the sales video he admits that you don’t find too many products that actually work like they are supposed to or even at all.

Well that’s something I have known for quite some time and i have made it my mission to ensure that as many of you guys know that as well.

But Lo and Behold this one is different! I think I’ll be the judge of that Mark, lol.

The thing is he then admits that this method is actually very fresh to him, that he has literally just got started, yet he feels he is uniquely qualified to recommend it to you and teach you.

Take a look at this section of the sales video, this is where he tells you that he’s made a commission off of 2 sales of near on $1000

income proof

What he doesn’t tell you is that to be able to promote that you’re going to need to pay $997! Which he says is no big deal inside the members area.

So basically the Magik Link is just his way of promoting someone else’s system, getting you to sign up through his affiliate link which increases HIS income stream.[su_divider top=”no”]

what the sales page doesn’t tell you

This isn’t really a product to make you money at all really, it is just his affiliate link to another product that has the potential for making you money if you have the money to spend on things like traffic in the first place.

Traffic that he recommends you don’t mess around with and buy a couple of thousand clicks, a couple of thousand clicks! Do you know how much that is going to cost? For 1000 clicks it’s going to cost you around $570, so 2000 clicks is going to be around a grand.

One of the offer income streams is Clickfunnels, now that does come with a 2-week free period, but after that it’s going to cost you $97 a month and you have to give your credit details when you sign up.

Now affiliate programs as a rule don’t usually require you to pay so why Clickfunnels is different I just don’t know, usually if someone says to me that the affiliate program they are trying to join is asking for money, I’ll tell them to just find another one that doesn’t charge.

So what are we up to at the moment? $997 to be able to promote the high ticket item, $1,000 for traffic and $97 a month so you can be an affiliate of Clickfunnels.

That’s a grand total of $2,094 and don’t forget there is absolutely no guarantee that the traffic is going to convert.

*UPDATE* Thanks to Joel leaving a comment, it would seem I followed a wrong link and Clickfunnels does not charge you to become an affiliate, which is good to know. [su_divider top=”no”]

inside the members area

OK, once you get past the One Time Offers which I have to tell you NOT to buy, not at this point anyway, I’ll explain all when I go over what the upsells are, and have made it into the members area you get 6 videos.

the magik link training area

Now you might think that’s not a bad amount of training you’re getting. Well 3 of them are an introduction, an overview and a conclusion, so really you’re only getting 3 “training” videos.

I use the term loosely because they’re not really training videos, there more of a ……… well I’m not really sure what they are. He even says in the Getting set up video that “there’s not much point in him going through it because these guys do a better job of it

  • Introduction – Welcome – 1.39 – Mark goes over how short this training is and tells you to give it a go and hopefully you’ll make some money.
  • Overview – 5.29 – This is where he tells you about Global Profit System which is the program that this product (Magik Link) is promoting. It’s a program by Ben Martin and Anji Long and used to be called Wifi Wealth System where you would promote Ebates, Motorclub of America and Aweber. In fact the intro video still shows as Wifi Wealth System.
  • Getting Setup Part One – 5.25 – This is where he tells you there’s not much point him showing you because they do it better.
  • Getting Setup Part Two – 2.40 – The high ticket section where you need to pay $997, but don’t worry Mark says that is nothing too crazy.
  • Traffic – 6.47 – This video shows you how to put your affiliate into the Solo Ads you just bought on Udimi. Now he does say not to mess around with a small amount of clicks, go for a couple of thousand like I said earlier that’s going to cost you around a grand depending on who you choose, it could be more, it could be less, but it’ll be there or thereabouts.
  • Conclusion – 3.55 – Here he basically just starts promoting his upsells

And that ladies and gentleman is what you get with The Magik Link.[su_divider top=”no”]

the oto’s

So let’s tell you why I said not to buy the oto’s straight after you buy the front end. The main product is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee whereas the upsells have no such guarantee and cost a lot more money.

I only became really aware of this when some of my readers told me their experience with losing money simply because they didn’t realise the upsells weren’t covered. You can read what they had to say in the comment section here.

What I recommend you do is buy the product if you think it’s something you could do and if it turns out that it’s not for you then ask for a refund.

If it is for you then you have the chance when you’re in the members area to buy the upsells at any time you want. If you are determined to buy the upsells the least I can do is save you some money.

Each upsell has an option to decline at the bottom of each page, just under the buy button

upsell discount

Just click that and you’ll get presented with the discounted price, in this case $17 instead of $27

  • OTO #1 – $27 – with a downsell to $17 – 10x Traffic Secrets
  • OTO #2 -$67 – with a downsell to $47 – Done For You Sales package
  • OTO #3 – $197 – with a downsell to $97 – Masterclass series

So I’ve just saved you $130, but to be honest I really wouldn’t buy them anyway and I don’t recommend you do either, but that’s your choice at the end of the day.[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

Not exactly what I was hoping for when i started this review. It’s really just a way of Mark to increase his sign ups to Global Profit System. It’s not actually a real product, it’s someone elses system.

He is your referrer and as such will get a commission all through the funnel. He even gets a commission from Udimi if you use it through his link which is appropriately placed under the videos.

I bet you never thought that you would have to spend SO much money to even try to get this system to work. It’s a big amount to gamble especially if money is a bit tight.

If you’re loaded then the system might be for you, but as for this product, Magik Link, I think he trying to pull off the impossible. It’s definitely not what I was expecting.

It turns out that he released another course a little while ago that done the same sort of thing as this one only with Wealthy Affiliate taking the place of Global Profit System.

Here’s a screenshot of someone who bought that course and paid for traffic from Udimi

buying udimi traffic

So that just goes to show buying traffic doesn’t always work like people would have you believe.

not approved

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what now

I’m going to tell you something that might surprise you, it may not, but you don’t need a “magik link” to make money in affiliate marketing, even Mark knows that.

As you can see from the image above he’s actually a member of the biggest affiliate training platform on the internet as am I. He has only been with Wealthy Affiliate for around 6 months so he has got a lot to learn, I think he may be coming down with “shiny object syndrome” and trying to find an easy route which I’m afraid he’ll never ever find.

What I suggest Mark does and you too is to follow the training set out at Wealthy Affiliate. Buying traffic is never really the answer as the screenshot above shows.

What you need is your OWN website, it’s like a piece of real estate.

Having your own website is like building your house on rock solid foundations, without that your house will crumble and fall and the same goes for your online business.

The best way to build those foundations is to create a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s what I done nearly 4 year ago now and I haven’t looked at another “shiny object” since, well only to review zero risk sign up

Click the banner below to get instant access and start your amazing journey

wealthy affiliate free sign upI’ll be there to personally welcome you on the inside :)[su_divider top=”no”]

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