Profit Reign Review – $243 A Day Or Just Another Scam?

In this Profit Reign review we’re going to be looking at whether you can make the $243 a day that is being claimed and if it is actually a brand new method or just a rehashed scam to make you think it is and just fleece you of your hard earned.

NAME: Profit Reignprofit reign review

OWNERS: Mark Barrett & Paul Prissick

PRICE: $12.95


#1 recommendation

what is profit reign about

That’s a really good question and the reason i say that is because nowhere on the sales page does it say what it is and incredibly it takes you 3 videos into the training before you even get a sniff at what it is.

Using Push notifications combined with solo ads is what this brand new method is all about.

For those of you who aren’t that familiar with push notifications, they are the little boxes that pop up in the corner of your browser window with two options in them, usually say allow or block and no or yes and they get rid of the need for email addresses rather than the “old-fashioned way” of using an email capture pop up.

I really don’t about you, but i always click block or no or simply close the box.

the sales page

I always like to start off the review with a look at the sales page and the reason behind this is because I’ve seen so many times before that there are outrageous claims being made simply to get you and me to buy the product and once we have done that no mention of how easy it is or how even a newbie can do it and ever spoke of again.

In fact a lot of the time once you’re inside it becomes clear that it’s not newbie friendly or it can’t actually be set up with free traffic.

So i like to have something to gauge the actual product against.

The first thing you see is this

sales pageThe amount of times i have, and I’m pretty sure you have as well, seen these types of headlines that just don’t turn out that way.

In the sales video he tells us that all it’s going to take is 15 minutes a day to keep this system making you hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions every day.

That’s sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it?

sales pageNow they keep on saying this is a brand new method, but push notifications have been used in affiliate marketing for a while now so unless there is something drastic in the training it’s just more hot air.

One of the things i really don’t like is the fact that so much is being made on the sales page about how much money you could be earning as soon as today if you buy it and then if you take a look at their disclaimer they go in completely the opposite direction and tell you that they don’t guarantee you’ll earn any money at all using this method.

earnings disclaimerNow I’m not dumb enough to want a guarantee of making money, but at least back up what you’re telling people on the sales page, please!!!!

As for the “not a get rich quick scheme”, what do you call $243.17 a day. OK i know it’s not the most money in the world, but over the course of a year, which in this world is still pretty quick, you’re going to have $88,757 on the low side, all working just 15 minutes a day.

Then you have the testimonials

testimonialsThese two guys, who have their own products being launched on a regular basis, always seem to say the same thing on numerous other product pages, it wouldn’t surprise me if they just said yeah use my picture and put what you want in the writing.testimonial disclaimerIn fact if you look at the disclaimer you can see that they might even have been paid.

who’s going to use this

I think it’s clear from the sales page that this product is being firmly marketed to the newbie, someone who is looking to make money online probably for the first time and is seduced by all the claims of money being made with very little work.

Now anybody that has any experience online will know that it does take work and it doesn’t happen overnight. Sorry if that’s burst your bubble, but it’s the cold hard truth of it.

Having been through the training a couple of times i can feel confident in saying that a newbie is going to be left with more questions than this product answers and unfortunately will probably move on to the big thing which promises so much, but again will probably deliver so little.

what i liked

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • clear videos
  • PDFs

what i didn’t like

  • Reliance on expensive solo ads, he even says in step 3 that he hates waiting for free traffic to kick in IF it ever does!
  • Left with a lot more questions than answers
  • over-hyped sales page

the training

Let’s take a look at what it is you’re going to be getting for your $12. It’s basically broken into 3 steps with each step containing between 2 and 5 videos.

There are also some PDFs to download as you move along through the training.profit reign training

  • Introduction: Start Here First 1.48

Step 1: Here’s How It’s Done…

  • The Profit Reign Method 17.19 (this is split up into 5 videos)

Part 2: How To Make The Most Money…

  • Amplify Your Profits 16.06

Step 3: Choosing Offers To Promote…

  • Finding Hot Offers That Pay The Most 4.51

Step 3: How You Can Do This For Free…

  • Put In The Sweat Equity For Free Traffic 1.56

Step 3: In Closing…

  • Some Important Points To Remember 1.53

And there you have it, all 42 minutes of “training”.

As i said earlier the information in here is extremely vague, just really saying do this, do that without any real direction on HOW to do it.

The quick start guide is just basically a vehicle for them to promote their upsells to you.

#1 recommendation

the oto’s

The upsells are a way of the product creator getting some money from this because the front end price in this particular product all goes to the affiliates who are promoting it.

  • OTO #1 $47

This purchase gives you a complete copy of their entire funnel.

  • OTO #2 $37

In this upsell you are given access to 30 of their all time “POWER ADS”.

Now i have a bit of a bone to pick here as on the sales page for this OTO there are saying that without these power ads you’re not going to make any real money.

oto 2

  • OTO #3 $197

Oh yeah, you did read that right.

In this upsell they have put together a master class series where they show you how to connect the dots and profit from the method.

Again I’ve got a real problem with this. Shouldn’t they be doing that already in the main product, after all isn’t that what all the hype on the sales page was all about.

I really don’t like the fact that you have to pay $197 to find out.

What i will tell you now is that if you decline the offer you will be presented with it again at a greatly reduced $97…..$100 off the price just for saying no thanks.

The same goes for the first 2.

final thoughts

Push notifications do work regardless of what i do. According to recent surveys around 70% of adults and teens will allow push notifications to be enabled.

Do i think that this product is the right product to teach you how to implement them?

No i don’t simply because of the lack of any real information contained in the “training”. It would seem they are saving the good stuff for their master class series.

You’re going to be better off waiting for a more in depth training program than waste your time on this one.

not approved

what now

If you’re serious about making money online you need to learn from people who are trustworthy. I was very fortunate to find a platform that has a very good track record that just seems to get better every year. That platform is Wealthy Affiliate and you can check out my review of it here.

I’ve been there over 3 years and i have never regretted for one moment the decision to join them. You can join them for free, in fact you can stay on the starter membership for as long as you want.

Have you had any luck with push notifications? We’d love to hear your thoughts


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