Timeless Traffic Review – Is It A Waste Of Your Time?

In this Timeless Traffic review we are going to be looking at whether the claims being made on the sales page actually live up to them in the training being offered.

One of the partners in this program does have a bit of a reputation for just churning out his old stuff with a new title.

Hopefully this won’t be the same.

NAME: Timeless Traffictimeless Traffic review

OWNERS: Soufian Chalouh, Stefan Ciancio

& Mehdi Tihani

PRICE: $15.05 + upsells

WEBSITE: https://www.timelesstraffic.com/


what is timeless traffic about

Timeless traffic is all about using social influencers to promote your product/brand and earn money from the likes of Clickbank, Aliexpress, affiliate products etc. etc. all for just $10 to start.

the sales page

As with any review i do i always like to start off with the sales page to see just what it is that they are trying to sell you.

A lot of the time the claims that are made either on the sales page or in a sales video never get mentioned again once you’ve paid your money and bought the product.

Which is where i come in, i go through the sales page and pick out anything that doesn’t make it into the product as claimed so you know exactly what it is you’re going to be getting for your money.

Having quickly gone over the sales pitch i can see there is a lot of hype that needs to addressed starting off with this headline

Timeless Traffic sales page Now in the next screenshot notice how they make a point of showing how much money was ‘made’ in only 7 days.

sales page hypeWould you say that 7 days is quick? I would.

Would you say $3,322 is a lot of money in 7 days? I would especially for someone with no experience whatsoever and who is a complete newbie which is what the sales pitch would have you believe.

Now take a look at the earning s disclaimer, it clearly states that “we do not purport this to be a get rich quick scheme”

earnings disclaimerNow while i acknowledge that $3,322 in 7 days isn’t everybodys definition of rich, but if you multiply that by the 52 weeks in a year you’re going to end up with $172,744. I’m pretty sure you could live a nice lifestyle on that couldn’t you.

My point is this, the sales page does make it sound like a scheme that is going to make you, what a lot of people would call rich, in a very short period, but their disclaimer tells a different story.

Their testimonial disclaimer doesn’t make for very good reading either.

testimonialsPretty impressive right, but I’m not really sure why they are showing you that when in their own disclaimer they state that is not what you should expect to experience WHAT!!!! then why the hell put it up there?testimonial disclaimerSo that guy may well have been paid to say that.

This next could well be the worst of them all.

It would seem that the creators of this product couldn’t even be bothered to check out if their product would get YOU into trouble with the likes of Google, FaceBook or even Amazon.

adverse disclaimerThat’s really incredible, they’re basically saying “we don’t care what happens to your income stream, just give us your money”

Because that is what it amounts to if you get your accounts shut down with these companies.

who’s this aimed at

Well i think from the sales page we can only be left with one conclusion and that is the person who is new to this type of business, the newbie.sales page

Now that could be because they are seen as an easy touch without the know how to determine if this is a good way to generate an income online.

However, having gone through the training given anyone who has no prior experience is going to be totally out of their depth on this one.

They will be left with a lot more questions than this training gives you answers.

For example in one video called Product Research, the person telling you what you have to do really just glosses over the whole subject giving absolutely no idea as to HOW to do the research, just a few places to look at, no criteria for what to pick.

You’re basically left to your own devices to figure it out.

There are courses out there that cater for people with little or no experience and if you fall into that category then i would strongly recommend that you take a look at the program that took me from newbie to experienced affiliate marketer and set me on the road to financial freedom

the good bits

  • The idea behind it
  • A good amount of information

the not so good bits

  • Very hypey sales page
  • Very difficult to make sense of his instructions
  • No PDFs
  • Not in-depth enough
  • To get more information on free traffic methods you have to buy the upsell

so what do you get

Timeless Traffic is broken down into 3 modules with a bonus 4th one. Each module contains 2 videos apart from the last which has 5.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Timeless Traffic Modeltimeless traffic training

Video 1: Your Timeless Traffic Platforms 5.51

Video 2: What to Sell & Where 8.05

  • Module 2: Applying Timeless Traffic

Video 1: Getting Traffic 12.33

Video 2: Reaching Out To Influencers 15.54

  • Module 3: Scaling

Video 1: Your Initial Results 6.51

Video 2: Scaling Your Results 9.59

  • BONUS Module 4: Timeless Traffic with Print on Demand & Instagram

Video 1: Product Research Overview 7.58

Video 2: Product Research Live Example 15.34

Video 3: How to Register for TeeChip, Teezily, Sunfrog 9.12

Video 4: How to Get FREE Traffic Using Timeless Traffic Method 5.53

Video 5: BONUS Case Study – How I Turned $25 into $590 in Sales 4.55


So there you have just over one and a half hours of training.

One thing I’d like to point out is about being able to get free traffic using this method which is video #4 above.

In it your free traffic method is to send your chosen influencer FREE products which bear in mind you still have to pay for so it’s not exactly free is it.

the oto’s

As with every other product launch it would seem there are the inevitable upsells and this one is no different so be ready to expect some extra selling should you buy the main product.

OTO’s are a way for the product creators to make some money because you may not realise, but most of the time, not always, but most 100% of the price of the front end purchase goes to the affiliate who is promoting it so the upsells are where the owners get their money from.

  • OTO #1 $27

Now this must be something really special seeing as the retail value is a staggering $297, but don’t worry the really nice guys are going to give you a $270 discount WOW…..Really?oto 1Anyway for your heavily discounted $27 you are going to be getting 5 case studies.oto 1 training

  • Case Study #1: FREE Traffic into $419 in Sales 4.46
  • Case Study #2: $80 Spent into $646 in Sales 4.17
  • Case Study #3: $50 Spent into $526 in Sales 5.59
  • Case Study #4: $20 Spent into $315 in Sales 4.49
  • BONUS Case Study #5: FREE Traffic into 4,624 Visitors (Thousands in Sales) 2.55

Not totally sure if this has a $297 value, but it does show what can be done if you know what it is you’re doing, but in no way is a newbie going to be able to implement these strategies.

  • OTO #2 $27

You thought the first upsell was something special? This must be out of this world because this one has a retail value of $497 yep you read that right, a massive $497, but you don’t have to worry here either because you’ve guessed it, you’re getting a huge ‘private’ discount of $470.

oto 2

Now what does ‘private discount’ even mean? Does it mean that you’re the only one getting this discount? No of course it doesn’t, it’s just there to make you think that.

I’d like to bring your attention to the sales video on this upsell

oto 2 videoWell doesn’t the sales page for the main product claim how easy everything is, but now he tells you like it really is in that it actually requires a ton of work to set up.

Anyway what you are going to be getting is a ‘done for you’ pack which includes 5 separate downloadable PDFs.

  1. DFY Niches: 838 Evergreen Niches Listoto 2 dfy pack
  2. DFY Offers: 160+ Offers You Can Promote as an Affiliate in Different Niches
  3. DFY Products: 691+ Designs for Print on Demand Products
  4. DFY Traffic: 250+ Traffic Packs List in 11 Different Niches
  5. DFY Script: Copy & Paste Traffic Pack Script

  • OTO #3 $37

The third oto is simply the reseller license that enables you to keep 100% profit on the entire sales funnel.

final thoughts

Remember at the beginning i said that one of the partners had a bit of a reputation for rehashing his old products, well this isn’t one of them.

The whole idea of using social media influencers to promote either your product or brand is something that has a lot of merit, however having said that i think that the target audience of this product is way off the mark mainly due to the steep learning curve required to make a go of this.

People how have experience of the online world of marketing will find this useful albeit a bit hard to understand the message trying to be conveyed at times.

If you can see past all the hype on the sales page and realise that isn’t just for you if you are a newbie at this moment in time.

The information in here is sound and as such i am going to approve this.


what now

Well if you are a newbie and really want to get into this line of work then you need to know some fundamentals first and without a doubt in my mind the best place to learn is the exact same place that i learnt, Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been a member there for over 3 years and if you want to know more about them you can check out my detailed review here.

Now it’s your turn to have your say. Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts. We always love to hear from you 🙂


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