Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review

Welcome to my Traffic Xtractor Ultimate review. This is a piece of software that is being released to by Art Flair and a couple of his friends. Art is the master of over exaggerating what a product can do, you could say he has it down to a fine “art” Lol.

This is the 3rd reincarnation of Traffic Xtractor, but it will be the first one I’ve reviewed unfortunately not the first time I’ve come across Art Flair, I’ve reviewed around 15 of his previous products.

You see you may be new to this and think that this is his first product, but it’s not, he seems to release a “different” product every month, I say different, but what I mean is they are all very similar in that they are usually not very good.

Sometimes they’re just a rehash of one of his old products which is beginning to sound familiar seeing as this product has been released 3 times before.

Unfortunately all the other reviewers don’t make any mention of that in their reviews.

Luckily I’ve got access to the other 2 so I’ll be able to tell you if this is any different which you’ll want to know if you too have one of the other ones.

NAME: Traffic Xtractor Ultimatetraffic xtractor ultimate review

OWNERS: Art flair, Declan Mc

& Alex Krulik

PRICE: $27


#1 recommendation for making money from home

what is traffic xtractor ultimate about

Well it’s about what the previous 2 were about, identifying low competition keywords in Youtube. Competition of around 0,1,2 or 3 and searches of at least 50 a month.

Because of the super low competition you’re going to rank on the first page of Google and Youtube for simple 1 minute videos that you are going to create.

I have to say the basis for that actually very good, target low hanging fruit instead of the ones that are out of your reach. You can make a bunch of these videos all targeting different keywords and monetize them.

You’ll get the traffic because there is little to no competition, OK it won’t be a lot of traffic, but if you create lots of videos then over time you get a little from each of those videos and it all adds up to a fair amount of traffic.

over hyped sales page?

With the sales pages Art normally puts together I could do a review on them alone, so it’s only right I take a look at this one to see just what it is he’s claiming.

traffic xtractor ultimate sales page headline

I have to say he’s been very careful with this wording because although when you look at it you’re going to think “WOW just minutes”, but minutes can be any amount of time just being counted in minutes instead of hours or days.

“A few clicks of your mouse” is misleading because that’s NOT what you’re going to be doing, you have to do your research, you have to find a way to monetize the keywords, you have to create a video etc, etc. So you’re definitely not going to get as much free traffic as you want with just a few clicks.

The trouble is I’ve seen the sales pages for the other two times this has been released and the “prrof2 that he has on this sales page is from the old sales pages like this for example:

old proofTake absolutely no notice of the “3 minutes ago” or the “1 minute ago” stuff. This is from January 2017, 2 years ago, not minutes!

old video

Now to be fair to Art they are still on the first page, but the searches for these types of keywords are less than 10 a month! The problem is with those types of keywords is people nowadays just put in “plumbers near me” and that gets 45109 searches a month so competition is high for that.

The testimonials are all virtually from the old sales pages, Mark Barret and Venkata Ramana have been on all 3, Mark says exactly the same thing:all the same testimonialAs you can see they haven’t even bothered to change what it’s called as in 1,2 or 3. in fact the sales pages are basically the same from all 3 previous releases.

Now in the JV video Art tells the potential affiliate marketers, the people who are going to be promoting this, that they have added a ton of new features.

Well I’ve been through the training areas of 1,2 and 3 and I couldn’t see a blind bit of difference in any of them apart from a case study from January this year.

All the training is from 2017 and I mean all the training. the trouble with that is things have moved on at a dramatic pace and things that worked in 2017 don’t necessarily work now, take the ‘plumbers algarve portugal’ keyword for example.

Inside the members area

Once you get past the upsells which I’m going to tell you not to buy because they are there inside the members area if you wish to buy them at a later date and it just makes sense to see if the product is going to work for you without all the added expense of expensive so called one time offers.

The training area consists of the software download followed by the recent case study and then 8 training videos finishing off with some more case studies (old ones from the previous versions)

traffic xtractor ultimate members area

  • Video 1 – Getting Started with Traffic Xtractor – 8.09 –
  • Video 2 – Creating Videos with VideoScribe – 10.12
  • Video 3 – Uploading Your Video to YouTube – 7.13
  • Video 4 – Powerful Backlinks For YouTube Videos – 6.39
  • Video 5 – Local Marketing Part 1 – 10.15
  • Video 6 – Local Marketing Part 2 – 2.29
  • Video 7 – Traffic Xtractor Troubleshooting Video – 4.29
  • Video 8 – Bonus SEO Training – 1.02.47

These are all old videos and are pretty outdated.

the upsells

This product has a funnel of 4 otos’, now why they call the one time offers I don’t know because they are freely available inside the members area.

  • OTO1 is a $47 Done-For-You Platinum Pack
  • OTO2 is a $197 Unlimited Traffic Package
  • OTO3 is a $197/$97 Resellers License
  • OTO4 is a $37 3x Additional Software Bundle

The trouble with these are I couldn’t see anywhere on the different sales pages about a money back guarantee which means if you were to buy them when you buy the front end product chances are if you don’t like what you get you’ll only get refunded for the main product and not the upsells.

And considering those upsells are pretty damn expensive you’re going to want to be sure you like the product in the first place.

I’m going to go as far as saying don’t even bother with the otos’, there’s nothing there that you really need.

final thoughts

I can’t for the life of me think why i didn’t do a review on the earlier versions, I must have just missed them, but I’m glad I did this one.

To begin with I actually thought it was a good idea and if I’m honest I think I still do think it’s a semi-good idea, what I’m not so sure on is the way it’s been promoted or with what is included in the training.

For instance in the SEO training they go on about using article spinners in particular Magic Article rewriter which incidentally is being sold by Alex Krulik.

At the end of the day it’s an old product that they keep releasing every so often, they may add a case study and a video optimization feature, but that’s all the difference between the 3 versions.

And when I say an old product I mean this was called something else back in 2015. It was called Magic Youtube Extractor, the exact same software even then.

In the case study for this reincarnation Art even says you don’t need any backlinks, perhaps he should have refreshed his memory by taking a look at the training because there’s a whole video on “powerful backlinks for your Youtube videos“.

And that’s the problem when you keep releasing an old product without totally revamping it, things change and the stuff being said in the training can be quite irrelevant.

Another thing is the expense of buying separate whiteboard software if you don’t want to show your face or even talk, at $25 a month it’s quite an expense if you’re not getting the traffic and then of course you have the cost of the proxy service that you need to use, it all adds up.

Although the idea is good it gets let down by the fact that this is an old product with old outdated training which they make absolutely no mention of on the sales page.

not approved

so what now?

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2 thoughts on “Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review”

  1. Huh. Was hoping to see your review on this one. I was curious to see if it was actually any good. From the way it was marketed (I mostly just looked at the jv page and kinda skimmed through the sales page) I thought it had some potential.

    I wonder who these products are being targeted to. Like I kinda feel bad for all these people who want to make money online, cause they’re probably getting bombarded with product after product to their email. They probably don’t know where to start, or what avenue to go down specifically. My thoughts are like, if I have a list I don’t know if I’d necessarily want to just promote product after product. I mean maybe you could do that with the intention being “well, some of my subscribers can get results with this product, and some will get results with the other,” but how exactly do you know what they’re looking for? I’d feel terrible cause I’d feel like I’m just recommending them a product that is not really applicable to them specifically. And would be contributing to confusion, frustration, shiny object syndrome, etc.

    You know something that’s pretty interesting is signing up for these JV email lists. I find it interesting how lots of the pages will say “your subscribers will thank you for recommending this to them.” It’s interesting to get emails from vendors telling us about updated stats, leaderboards. Also specifically with this product Art mentioned how they got retargeting in place and to expect more conversions later on in the launch. I know I’ll be seeing those ads on YT saying “did you forget something?” or whatever. Idk if they do FB retargeting as well. And then of course they’ll go on about reciprocity, but to me there’s a flaw with that: so I’m just gonna blindly promote your product just based on the fact that you promoted mine? Nah. You ain’t entitled to anything. You want me to promote your product? Make it a quality product. Then we’ll talk. Cause I know damn well the type of quality my products will be, if I ever end up creating them (which I’m sure I will at some point). Don’t come into it with expectation; don’t do it with strings attached.

    It’s like there’s a different language between the way vendors and affiliates interact, and the way marketers interact with their lists. I don’t want to just spout conspiracy without any actual proof, but I wonder if they truly do want people to achieve financial freedom online. Or if they want to keep them stuck so they’ll have to keep buying stuff, while continuing to give them the impression that they can actually get results from one of these products someday. Is it in the marketer’s best interest to have you financially successful? If you do, you won’t need them anymore, and they can’t make money off you. I wonder about this.. To me it just seems like there’s some kind of barrier. Some kind of dynamic going on here where they want to keep you dependent (when in reality they are dependent on you-their business goes under without you in all likelihood, at least if they don’t adapt). They don’t want you to know the power you have, the power to not need them anymore. They view you as consumers, as customers primarily. This has to change on your end if you want to get results. Don’t be a consumer. It’s marketed the same as any business too-lots of emphasis on saving money, lots of emphasis on making things easier, etc. It makes me sad to think that a lot of the shit people buy, are prettt much useless amd we don’t actually need. But the way it is marketed to us makes us think we can’t live without it. I mean credit to them though for doing their job well. But it makes me sad to see the way in which money is spent. I like to think about money, I literally see money everywhere, I try to see the money behind everything. Who’s got it, how it’s flowing, etc. It just saddens me to see how like people will spent $1000 on the new iphone every year for example. I don’t really want to sell people things they don’t actually need but unfortunately I feel I’ll always be doing that in this business, to an extent. I wonder if the way in which people spend money determines their wealth? I bet it does. I mean I know the way you view money can affect your level of wealth, and the way you view money certainly affects how you spend it. It’s tough in my current environment, living with my parents. They aren’t wealthy, and all my life I’ve just been surrounded by those middle class beliefs. That won’t make me wealthy. Also growing up, from my family and especially at college, the primary focus is on getting a job. Being an employee. But I sure as hell ain’t gonna be that; Imma be an entrepreneur. You can’t be a successful entrepreneur with an employee mindset. I mean I love my family deep down and part of my motivation for wanting to accumulate wealth is so I can more than adequately provide for them, but in terms of our mentalities, I just feel it’s a not, well, toxic. Not compatible at all, and then of course you got the dynamic of both sides trying to convince the other on why their way is best for looking at things, but typically the only thing debate accomplishes is further entrenching both sides in their respective viewpoints. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I feel living in my parent’s place is affecting me mentally in ways I may not be realizing, thus affecting my performance. But sometimes I get too caught up in that amd forget that I can forget all that shit and just do the work and transcend that. It’ll be tough, but it’s definitely possible. I don’t even remember what the heck I wanted to say at the beginning of writing this. My mind kind of wandered into a wonderful train of thought that I can lose myself in. I’ll just end it here haha


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