Is Voice Cash Pro A Scam? – Time To Find Out The Truth!

Welcome to my Voice Cash Pro review. Being able to get paid for simply using our voice sounds fantastic doesn’t it, I mean it’s not really “work” is it, but is Voice Cash Pro a scam or can you really earn $1000 in just 60 minutes?

Does this product simply play on that idea and fail miserably to deliver on its claims or does it give you the tools and information needed to succeed in an industry that is always on the lookout for new talent.

A lot of people think that their voice is not suitable for this sort of work, but the reality is that the voice over industry is worth around $14 billion and with a market that big there’s always room for every type of voice imaginable.

NAME: Voice Cash Prois voice cash pro a scam

OWNER: Monica White?

PRICE: $37


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what is voice cash pro about

Voice Cash Pro claims to be a little known method that is able to generate you massive amounts of money using nothing but your laptop or mobile phone. Now for starters that seems a very strange statement to make.

voice cash pro sales page headline

I know mobile phones have come a long way, but there is no way that they are capable of producing the quality of the other equipment that a voice over artist is going to need and that goes for a laptop as well.The inbuilt microphones on either device are just not up to it.

Imagine trying to record your voice for product launches, video games, commercials and even cartoon characters on your laptop. Now that would be OK if you have the proper equipment attached, but that’s not what they’re saying you need.

At one point in the overly long sales video (37 minutes) she even says that she got an invitation from an education company to do a voice over for their new audio book. I’ve found the video on Youtube so I can embed it here for you to take a look at it without having to go through the entire thing.

There is no mention of what she used to record her voice on, but I can be pretty certain that any company worth it’s salt isn’t going to stand for a recording made on your phone.

And the best part is they reckon you can do this on a part-time basis, she reckons she completed that particular gig in an hour and got paid $450 for it.

I wonder what that one little secret is going to turn out to be? I’d like to know it, wouldn’t you?[su_divider top=”no”]

the truth behind the sales pitch

First off you never get to see Monica White so you don’t even know if she’s a real person, what I do know is that the testimonials from the satisfied customers are all FAKE with a capital F

Amy Thompson who I’ve seen on other programs like this claiming the exact same thing how finding blah, blah, blah has saved her financially.

fake testimonial

On the right is her Fiverr profile where she goes by the name corimichele23 and offers her services as a spokesperson.

Anthony Qualls is meant to be an ex-Truck Mechanic who has made $93,000 in 7 months, but here he is offering his services on Fiverr under the username chadusa83.

another fake testimonial

Next up we have someone who doesn’t even bother to give a fake name, but her Fiverr profile is pics4u

another one

I think you all get the idea behind all this. Basically these people will say anything you want them to say knowing full well it just isn’t true.

I’m going to ask you a simple question: If someone is going to be this dishonest how on earth are you meant to trust them? Because I mean there is nowhere on the sales page that says anything like the testimonials you hear in the video are all portrayed by actors and are not to be taken seriously.[su_divider top=”no”]

the affiliate program

Now, Voice Cash Pro has it’s own affiliate program which there is nothing wrong with, I make some good money through affiliate programs, it’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

No, the issue I have with it is shown in this screenshot

voice cash pro affiliate programHow can they offer up to $230 per sale on a product that sells for $37? I’ll tell you how, Upsells! Around $300 of them!

Well I’m pretty convinced that the whole thing is just a crock and really shouldn’t be believed. But we haven’t got round to having a look at exactly what there is inside the members area have we.

Shall we take a look now? Come on then. Hopefully we’ll find out what that little secret is.[su_divider top=”no”]

Inside the training

I’m expecting this to be something really special inside here to be able to do everything that is being claimed. Now do you remember at the beginning when they claimed you could simply use your laptop or mobile phone?

Well I don’t know if this has been put in there to satisfy that claim, but it’s a pretty poor show if it has.

voice cash pro members areaI didn’t know it was a 30-day programme, perhaps there is substance to their claims after all.

Or perhaps I spoke to soon. The 30 days are split into sections, Days 1 – 10, Days 11 – 20 and Days 21 – 30.

In each of these sections you have different training

  • Days 1 – 10 – Important Tips Before You Start Voiceover (a 4 page PDF) and Essential Voiceover Tools To Get Started (a 14 page PDF)
  • Days 11 – 20 – The Best Social Media Voiceover Gigs (a 11 page PDF) and The Best Websites For Voiceover Gigs (a 21 page PDF)
  • Days 21 – 30 – Tips To Negotiate The Highest Voiceover Rate (a 2 page PDF) and a 9 minute MP3

And that is pretty much it and I still have no idea what the “secret” is, nor do I know why on earth this is a 30-day programme, you can go through the whole lot in under an hour!

I mentioned earlier that this has upsells so lets take a look at them now.[su_divider top=”no”]


There are 3 upsells that you are presented with before you get to the main training, they are categorised as silver, gold and platinum:

OTO #1 – voice Profits Insider – $47vcp oto 1

This upsell is in a 20 day format.


OTO #2 – Easy Income Paydays – $67vcp oto 2This is a 40-day programme which I’m pretty sure is a PLR product

  • DAY 1-10 – Youtube Activator (35 page PDF)
  • DAY 11-20 – Affiliate Activator (58 page PDF)
  • DAY 21-30 – Domain Cash Activator (42 page PDF)
  • DAY 31-40 – Product Creation Activator (46 page PDF)

OTO #3 – G.O.O.D club – $97vcp oto 3This is basically a motivational section which has some Youtube videos and ebooks

  • Daily ritual – 2 videos to watch every morning and evening.
  • Success Triggers – A collection of 3 motivational programs available in either ebook, video or both
  • Facebook Groups – 3 FB groups to join like Think and grow rich

And that as they say is that.[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

I mentioned there in the upsell section that I thought OTO #2 was a PLR product, in fact I’m beginning to think that the whole thing is PLR.

The reason behind that thinking is when I take different sections of text and run them through a plagiarism checker they are seen in numerous places which either means they are PLR or Monica White has used other people’s work as her own.

I’m more inclined to go with PLR, either way it’s pretty shabby (definitely PLR) and very thin on actual actionable content.

If it is PLR then that would account for buying testimonials because why else wouldn’t you use real people to tell everyone how great your product was? It doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

Is it a scam? Well that depends on your definition of a scam. Are you getting something for your money? YES. Are the claims realistic? NO.

I wouldn’t go anywhere near this one, if you are interested in finding out more about voice over work then I wrote an article on how you can earn money as a voice over artist which you can read here for nothing 🙂

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so what next?

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4 thoughts on “Is Voice Cash Pro A Scam? – Time To Find Out The Truth!”

  1. Yeesh, them fake spokespeople don’t give it a good first impression. Jeez, what in the world makes people think it’s ok to do that? How could you sleep at night? Make the product good and you’ll get real testimonials. Sometimes you see disclaimers saying people were paid to put a testimonial; maybe that is code for they were found on Fiverr. I just don’t get how somebody can go about creating a product in such a dishonest way, knowing exactly what they’re doing the entire time. This is why people look down upon our industry and never realize the potential that making money online can provide for them. The visitors on the sales page don’t know any better; looks legit to them. Shoot, I’ve probablt been tricked by them myself. For future reference to myself: if I discover that somebody uses fake testimonials, I will not buy that thing. It is indicative of (a) the quality of product and (b) the quality of individual I am dealing with, and I will not support, condone, or associate myself with that crap in any way.

  2. Haven’t read the post yet, but I know damn well I could get paid very well for my voice, and for speaking. I got lots of good stuff to say, lots of value to bring to the table, lots of impact I can have on people with that type of platform. I definitely anticipate being paid to speak in my future. I’ll be damn good at it (I can sense that I’m already damn good at it), plus it’s pretty fun. Sure, you feel nerves, but it’s also fun. I also feel at ease, I feel comfort with it. I know I’ll be great at it. Get ready, world.


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