Traffic Revival Review – Is It Too Good To Be True?

Welcome to this Traffic Revival review, i must say that i didn’t actually know that there was a problem with getting traffic especially if you’re doing it the right way, but i suppose if you’re chasing every single new product that comes out then you could well have a traffic problem because you’re listening to everyone who tells you that their way is the new way to get traffic instead of sticking with the tried and tested way.

I suppose if everyone did that then these types of products would have an extremely tough time because you wouldn’t have any trouble getting traffic and thus no need for gimmicks.

This is being released by someone who had a product with a similar title to this one, that was called Affiliate Revival. It sounds like he might like the word revival.

NAME: Traffic Revivaltraffic revival review

OWNERS: Stefan Ciancio, Greg Kononenko

& Ike Paz

PRICE: $9.95 – $17 + upsells


#1 recommendation

what is traffic revival about

Well you’d be forgiven for not knowing because the sales page does little to let you know what it is you’d be buying, they tell you plenty what it isn’t, but not a lot about what it is. The only thing i can get from it is they’re going to show you how to generate free traffic, coupled with a method that is going to run in the background and collect commissions for you on complete autopilot.

They call them “little machines”. there seems to be a need t the moment to have a name for the process, my last review was about “profit factories” LOL.

Anyway i digress, Traffic Revival is all about getting free traffic from Pinterest, YouTube and Google. I wish you could hear the tumbleweed rolling past……. Really, is this a joke.

I was totally expecting something out of left field on this one, not that i’m saying these aren’t great sources of traffic because they are, i use them myself to great effect. I’m just a little surprised, that’s all.

Having just skimmed the training at the moment I’m also a little surprised that on the sales page there is no mention of them showing you how to get hosting, set up your website, use lead capture pages that he actually gives to you for free if you haven’t got the funds to use a paid service 🙂

I have to say that type of thing doesn’t happen very often, usually the sales page is so over hyped that hardly any of the claims make it into the product.

This definitely goes against the grain.

who’s going to use this

Having now been through the training i can say that this is going to appeal to someone who has either failed in the past at getting sales or someone who is looking to start to get involved in affiliate marketing because he actually makes a decent job of explaining the steps, the videos aren’t your usual 3 – 5 minute run-of-the-mill stuff, they run at around 15 – 20 minutes.

As i mentioned earlier he actually supplies you with free landing pages, thank you pages, for 10 different niches. So if you budget is a bit tight you’re still good to go.

The traffic you’re going to be getting is free like they say so, again no extra budget for paid traffic like a lot of the other have you do.

Even his keyword research uses a free program, which by the way is a very good program and I’ve used it myself on occasion.

The only thing i would suggest is rather than go the paid route for your hosting and website, i would go for the free version which you can find here.

what i liked

  • length and quality of the videos
  • shows you how to set up your website
  • recommends free stuff rather than paid (just as good)
  • some great free resources
  • explains it all very well

#1 recommendation

what i didn’t like

  • hmmmm …… I’m not sure at the moment and that’s very unusual

inside the training

Let’s take a closer look at the training you’re going to be getting for your $9.95. It’s made up of 5 modules, each with a varying amount of videos.

Welcome to Module 1 – Overview and Basicstraffic revival traing dashboard

  • Video 1 – Results, Case Study, Show Me The Money! – 4.25
  • Video 2 – Intro – 1.01
  • Video 3 – Mindset – 2.04

Welcome to Module 2 – Your Site To “Catch” Traffic & Leads

  • Video 1 – Setting Up Your Site – 22.40
  • Video 2 – Setting Up Your Site, Part 2 – 7.26
  • Video 3 – Lead Magnets & Squeeze Pages – 20.18
  • Video 4 – Thank you page & Offer – 6.08
  • Video 5 – Push Notifications – 9.50

Welcome to Module 3 – Post Traffic

  • Video 1 – Keyword Research – 17.00
  • Video 2 – Dynamic Content & SEO – 26.46

Welcome to Module 4 – Image Traffic

  • Video 1 – Connecting Your Site To Pinterest – -10.15
  • Video 2 – Setting Up Boards – 18.52
  • Video 3 – Creating Pins – 16.30

Welcome to Module 5 – Video Traffic

  • Video 1 – Setting Up Your YouTube Account – 16.53
  • Video 2 – YouTube Video Set Up – 17.58
  • Video 3 – Getting YouTube Traffic – 16.29
  • Video 4 – YouTube Commenting – 7.39

And there you have it, a lot of very easy to understand training that is very refreshing compared to some of the garbage out there at the moment.

the oto’s

Although i haven’t had access to the upsells i can still tell you what to expect after you buy this product and number 4 is something i haven’t actually seen done before.

  • OTO #1 $37

This is a case Study and Advanced Training pack

  • OTO #2 $37

This is a Done For You pack

  • OTO #3 $97, $147, $197

This is the reseller rights with different funnels

  • OTO #4 $1497

I’m not sure if that price is a typo, but if it’s not then i can’t imagine too many people grabbing that one.

final thoughts

If you haven’t already guessed by now, i really like this one, and i can’t say that too often unfortunately. I think the way he explains everything is great for people just starting out or have had a bit of a struggle to make any money online. He doesn’t really leave you wondering what he meant when he said something, he actually shows you how to do it which is great.

He certainly isn’t just following the crowd with this one, he’s stepping out on his own and giving it his own unique twist on it which really admire.

All too often when i get to this point in the review I’m ready to jump off a bridge because of the rubbish that i see, not with this one.


what now

When you’re finished with Traffic Revival and want to turn it up a notch, you’re going to want some of the best training around which is why i only ever approve stuff that i think will make a positive difference in your life.

Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to take your learning to the next level along with your earnings.

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What do you think of Traffic Revival? Any insights or questions you have please feel free to ask in the comments.


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