Utopia Review By Micah Rutter – Is It A Scam?

This Utopia Review is going to be a bit refreshing for me as Micah Rutter isn’t someone I’ve had a lot of experience with, I’m not sure if the quality of his work is above or below par.

But guess what, by the end of this review I’ll know either way and so will you.

NAME: Utopiautopia review by micah rutter

OWNERS: Micah Rutter


WEBSITE: https://grabutopia.com/live

#1 recommendation

what is utopia about

Well apparently it’s 20 minutes of simple work and that’s going to bank you $442.31 (i like the way he puts in the .31) He chats away in the sales video about how he has tried every method imaginable to try and make money online and considering he’s only 16 years old i think, which has to be admired by the way, would mean he’s probably not given a lot of time to the methods he says didn’t work for him.

I say that because on the Warrior Forum he states that he’s only been in the IM industry for around a year.

Apart from that i really don’t know what it is I’d be buying and if i don’t know I’m sure you don’t either.

So what is it really.

That’s what I’m going to tell you now, exactly what the sales page won’t tell you.

Utopia is a 27 page PDF so if you don’t like reading you’re going to need to cough up a further $17 for the same thing, but in video format.

The PDF is very simple and outlines how you pay for Solo ads, send them to a money page with a push notification on it, that way you can send your subscribers your offers from Warrior+Plus and you then bank all the money coming in ….. Oh Micah, if only it were that simple.

First off you need approval from the vendors and as someone who is new you are really going to struggle to get that approval simply because the vendor doesn’t want his/her EPC to be affected by traffic that isn’t going to convert.

Secondly just because you buy traffic with solo ads doesn’t mean for one second that they are going to buy your offers.

It’s sounds great in theory, but then again a lot of things sound great in theory, it’s just the reality is somewhat different unfortunately.

So now you know what Utopia is all about i just want to take a quick look at the sales page.

the sales page

As sales pages go this isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but it is long and doesn’t really say a lot apart from the sob stories about how Micah failed and then found this way to make money.

sales page hypeLet’s take a look at those statements:

  • No Prior Experience Needed – How are you going to set up your website with no prior experience, he doesn’t show you.
  • No Tech Skills Needed – how are you going to install the Pushcrew notifications, I’ve just gone through that as you may have noticed when you landed on this page, and to be honest it took a while to put the smart code in the right place so technical skills are going to be needed
  • Takes Only 20 Minutes To set up – I’m really confused on that one because i don’t know what he’s referring to. I couldn’t set this up in 1 hour let alone 20 minutes so i just don’t know what that means.
  • Start Earning Within 24 Hrs – Not sure how you’re going to do that, i don’t know of any vendor that is going to be in a rush to either approve or not as the case may be, in that sort of time, i personally have had to wait days sometimes before i get a reply.
  • No Email List Building – No he doesn’t build an “email list” so to speak, he uses push notifcations
  • No Product Creation – Very true, you’ll be utilizing other peoples products if you get approval
  • No Hard Work Involved – that one made me laugh, sorry that’s just rubbish
  • Anyone Can Do This – No I don’t think they can, like I’ve said you’re going to need experience and technical skills to pull this off.

utopia sales page

So that’s going to take you 20 minutes as well. I’ve just done a bit of background checking on Micah Rutter and his previous products seem to claim the same “it only takes 20 minutes” stuff.

Anyway back to this one, a power list, what the hell is a power list? the only thing i found in the entire training was the use of Solo Ads to get clicks,

Not exactly “Tesla” now is it.

what did i like about it

  • a simple process
  • low front end price point
  • money back guarantee

#1 recommendation

what i didn’t like

  • PDF only
  • doesn’t show you how to create your “money page”
  • doesn’t show you how to set up your website
  • doesn’t show you how find the best Solo ads vendor, so you could be wasting a lot of money finding out for yourself
  • doesn’t show you what to say to stand a better chance of getting accepted for affiliate approval
  • all too pie in the sky

the training

So what’s inside the training?

training dashboardThat introduction video is the only one you get in here, the rest are PDFs.

  • The main training as I’ve already touched on earlier is 27 pages telling you rather than showing you.
  • Cheat sheet #1 is simply telling about Namecheap as a place to get your domain name and basically ask them how to install wordpress!
  • Cheat sheet #2 is actually a good bit of advice telling you to go to Fiverr and getting Instabuilder for $5 rather than the $77 it normally costs, this is because the person on Fiverr has a development license allowing him to install it on other peoples websites
  • The quick start guide tells you about getting a free Pushcrew account (up to 2000 subscribers)

the oto’s

This has an incredible 4 upsells, no wonder the front end is so cheap. If you were to buy the all the upsells you would have to shell out $188 not including the front end price, but there are downsells so if you click no thanks you’ll be presented with a lower price.

  • OTO #1 $17 – This is the video version of the training that i mentioned earlier
  • OTO #2 $37 with a downsell to $27 – This is a done for you pack that apparently lets you skip the trial and error, no mention of that on the sales page.
  • OTO #3 $37 with a downsell to $27 – This is guaranteed approval to 10 affiliate offers, that would have been nice in the main training don’t you think.
  • OTO #4 $97 with a downsell to $47 – This is the license right to make 100% commissions if you wish to promote Utopia

final thoughts

Even though the price is fairly low i really don’t think this product is worth even that. This is the classic case of giving you a low entry price for very basic information and then trying to get you to but the more expensive upsells which I’ve never liked.

Give your customers value for their money in the first lace and forget about trying to fleece them once you’ve got them on the hook so to speak.

The trouble with the low price is that a lot of people will think “oh well it’s only $7, I’ll give it a go”. And then the next one comes along at $7 and you do the same thing, before you know it you’ve spent a couple of hundred on crap that you’re never going to use.

not approved

so what now

If being told what to do isn’t to your liking and you like to be shown every step of the process from setting up your website the right way to how to monetize it then you’re in the right place.

A little over 3 years ago i joined Wealthy Affiliate and haven’t looked back since. I knew very little about internet marketing at that time, I’d played with Google Sniper by George Brown and failed miserably despite all the hype from the sales page telling me how easy it was.

Let me let you into a little secret ….. it isn’t easy.

It takes hard work and dedication, but more importantly it requires total focus because you know what there are plenty of shiny objects out there trying to grab your attention and get you to lose your focus.

Don’t let it happen, it’s hard to do i know, what with all the crazy claims of easy money.

I can help you succeed, I will help you succeed, but you need to take the first step.

Click on the banner below and get started today. I’ll see you on the inside 🙂

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What do think of Micah Rutters Utopia? Is it really the promised land? Let me know in the comments below

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2 thoughts on “Utopia Review By Micah Rutter – Is It A Scam?”

  1. I’ve been through the FE of Utopia and I have to agree with you – there’s too much information that isn’t there. Obviously, this leaves it wide open for a bonus to fill in all the missing pieces, but that shouldn’t have to be the case.

    A training package should be just that. A complete package. Micah Rutter has done better than this. His other products are more complete. Utopia just feels rushed and unfinished.

    If you can figure out enough to use Utopia (I have), there’s no guidance on how best to set up push notifications. One every couple of hours (Pushcrew default)? One a day (Drip feed) or just when you feel like it (broadcast).

    I guess some of it will be experimentation and much will also depend on the niche.

    Just a shame you finished your review by mentioning WA. You just lumped yourself in with many other WA affiliates who feel they have to rubbish everything else before saying how good WA is. Save the WA review for its own article and keep the focus on whatever product you’re reviewing.

    • Hi Steven, Thanks for sharing your experience with this. I haven’t had the pleasure of any of his other products so I’ll have to take your word on that. As for mentioning Wealthy Affiliate, I always like to give my readers an alternative option and one that, in my humble opinion, is not going to leave them with any unanswered questions.

      I will always say if a particular product is good or bad as you can see from the amount i have approved and disapproved, so i don’t feel i have to rubbish other products, a lot of them do that for themselves 🙂


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