The Trinity Review By Anthony Mancuso – Is It A Scam?

Welcome to my review of The Trinity by Anthony Mancuso. I haven’t come across this guy before so reviewing one of his products is going to be a bit different to all the rest I do simply because when you review product after product from people who I refer to as serial product releasers and their products are normally not very good you don’t tend not to expect a great deal from them.

But when someone you haven’t reviewed before comes along it will hopefully be something new and fresh that he delivers, here’s hoping anyway.

NAME: The TrinityThe Trinity review By Anthony Mancuso

OWNERS: Anthony Mancuso

PRICE: $12.95


#1 recomenndation for making money from home
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what is the trinity about

If you’ve come here for a lesson in Christianity then you’ve come to the wrong place, there’s no Father the Son and Holy Spirit here I’m afraid.

This is a new product aimed at making you money on the internet, in fact according to the vendor “it’s a simple 3 step system that will make you $187+ a day with 100% free traffic with very little actual work”

I’ve been in this business for quite a while now and reviewed many many products all claiming the same sort of stuff. I’m going to tell you now it just doesn’t happen.

But I’m a curious sort of person so I’m going to go through the whole of the training and at the end give you an honest opinion of whether or not you’re going to be able to make $100 – $200 a day with a small amount of work.

It really does sound highly unlikely.

the trinity sales page hype

Can all that really be true? Just keep them statements in mind as we move through the product just to see if they make into the actual training because it never ceases to amaze me how many times you see claims like that only to never see them mentioned again once you’ve bought the product.

The rest of the sales page is pretty much the over hyped rubbish I see on a daily basis, but have you noticed that for all those screen shots of how much money he’s making with this method there is absolutely no mention of what this method even is.

You don’t have any idea of what it is you’re going to be doing if you buy this. Doesn’t that sound a little crazy to you? Paying for something that you don’t know what it is.

Anyway because the sales page or video won’t tell you, I will. I’m actually curious to see what this brand new method is because I’ve seen a lot and will be able to tell if that is the case.

OK so we know The Trinity is a 3 part system, but what they don’t tell you is that this system requires you to use a Blog, YouTube and Email to make you money. Brand New Method huh?[su_divider top=”no”]

inside the training

OK so now we know what The Trinity is about let’s take a detailed look at the training that you get, bearing in mind all those claims above.

Once in the members area you have 7 training modules each containing anywhere from 3 to 7 videos.

MODULE 1 – Introduction/Overview – 3.41 Here Anthony gives you a very basic overview of the system


MODULE 2 – Finding a Profitable Offer

finding a profitable offer
  • Marketplace #1 – CBEngine – 7.24 – Showing how to use CBengine to find Clickbank products to promote
  • Marketplace #2 – Clickbank – 7.01 – Not sure if he forgot he just showed you how to find products on Clickbank, but this is another video showing how to find products on clickbank.
  • Marketplace #3 – Muncheye – 14.19 – Going over how to use Muncheye which is mainly aimed at the newer people out there who perhaps haven’t seen Muncheye before.
  • Getting Product Review Access – 9.07 – This is a very important part of affiliate marketing and shouldn’t be underestimated I mean if you don’t have a product to promote you can’t earn any money. This lets you know that getting approval is very difficult unless you have a proven track record. Chicken and egg problem. Doesn’t really give a way round this problem apart from saying to ask the vendor on Facebook.
  • Offering Bonuses – 11.04 – Now this is a section covering a subject that I’m not even sure works, there seems to be so many people out there offering a ton of bonuses if you buy through their link. It’s become a bit over saturated lately, when it first started happening the resulting sales were great, I just think too many people are doing it and if I’m honest I think that most bonuses will just end up gathering digital dust on a hard drive somewhere. But if bonuses are your thing then don’t get too excited because he does a terrible job of giving you any real information.

MODULE 3 – 1st Side of The Trinity

1st side of the trinity

  • Building Your Home Online – 9.21 – This is an overview of his blog structure showing what your blog is going to look like.
  • Choosing a Domain Name, Register & Hosting – 6.42 – He runs you through the process of how to set up your chosen domain name on your chosen hosting. He uses Namecheap.
  • Installing WordPress – 6.17 – A basic overview of how to install WordPress
  • Setting Up WordPress & Installing Plugins – 16.58 – Initial set up of your blog showing what to delete and what to install. What I would say is he puts a lot of resource heavy plugins onto the site which is quite simply going to slow down your site which is a search engine ranking metric, one of many I might add.
  • Choosing Your WordPress Theme – 4.02 – The theme is what your website is going to look like, there are tons of themes out there and choosing the right one can be a bit of a headache. Different themes do different things in way of customization.
  • Setting Up Your Pages & Menu – 10.27 – You need certain pages on your website like an about me page and he shows you how to customize your navigation menu.
  • How to Create Your Review Posts – 13.51 – Shows you how he structures a blog review. This is where you embed your YouTube video review. One side of the Trinity. Now I have just had a look at some of his reviews and it seems he does just seem to repeat what the sales page says without giving any real information on the product, whereas I like to tell my Readers what they are actually getting, a bit like what you’re reading now.

MODULE 4 – 2nd Side of The Trinity

2nd Side of The Trinity

  • Creating and Setting up Your YouTube Channel – 12.09 – A very basic video showing how to create your YouTube channel. If you’re looking for more comprehensive YouTube training i suggest you take a look at this review here
  • Creating Your YouTube Thumbnail – 7.47 – Using Canva to create a YouTube thumbnail. I actually found the information in this quite useful.
  • Uploading & Optimizing Your YouTube Video – 7.11 – Shows you how to upload your video with some simple SEO and links to your review and squeeze page that he recommends you make at some point.
  • YouTube Description – 10.02 – A bit like the last video in that the description showing links back to your blog and squeeze page, but also internal YouTube linking.
  • Embedding Your YouTube Review Video – 3.24 – A very simple process of embedding your YuoTube video, a bit like the sales video that I’ve embedded here

MODULE 5 – 3rd Side of The Trinity

3rd side of the trinity

  • Emailing Your List – 11.10 – This video seems a little out of place for me, as a newbie you probably haven’t got a list to email to. He does say he’ll go over getting traffic soon, but then also says your blog is going to be getting traffic and capturing email addresses. Well if he thinks that putting a few reviews on your brand new site is going to impress Google enough to give you 1st page rankings then he needs to take a reality check cause that’s never going to happen.
  • Capturing Emails – 14.39 – Recommends a paid plugin for capturing emails which he says is a one time payment of around $27 and goes through the process of setting up the opt in form.
  • Emailing Your Unopens – 5.20 – In this video he goes over the importance of emailing the people who haven’t opened your emails.

MODULE 6 – Conclusion/Final Thoughts – 16.18 – He goes over the process again and seems to put a lot of emphasis on the email list. He goes on to say about a link to your squeeze page, but how do you build a squeeze page? He doesn’t tell you how which is a bit of a shame.

But again how many people are going to want to go onto your email list, you’re new after all and it’s going to take time to build up enough trust in your reviews that someone is willing to give you their email.

MODULE 7 – Traffic


  • Forum Marketing – 8.02 – He discusses how to use forums to build traffic to your site, it’s something he doesn’t use as much now.
  • Bing – 22.23 – Now this is paid traffic using Bing which if you don’t know what you’re doing can be a waste of time and money.
  • Solo Ads – 23.38 – Now these can be expensive, again you need to know what you’re doing. He recommends sending the traffic to a squeeze page so you can capture their email. The guy he recommends charges $117 for 100 clicks

So there you have the Trinity training. I’ll give you my thoughts on it in a little while.[su_divider top=”no”]


This is a bit of a bugbear for me, I really don’t like upsells. I think the main product should deliver all you need, but that’s just me.

  • OTO #1 $37 with a downsell to $17 – This is a Done For You pack that contains email sequences, videos, reviews and bonuses. I’m not really sure how that would work if they are dfy reviews you’re going to have to rewrite them anyway otherwise you’re going to get penalized for duplicate content
  • OTO #2 $47 with a downsell to $27 – This is the “advanced tactics and strategies” which will 3x your profits
  • OTO #3 $197 with no downsell – This is a ‘Bootcamp’ that consists of 6 weeks live coaching
  • OTO #4 97 with a downsell to $47 – this is the reseller license so you can keep 100% of the profits

That’s the upsells taken care of, just keep in mind if you are tempted to buy then if you click “no thanks” at the bottom of the sales page you’ll get it for the downsell price so I’ve just saved you a bit of money :)[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

Having been through the entire program from start to finish I have to say that I’m quite impressed with what he’s put together, there are a few points that I’m going to highlight just so you know about them.

Remember at the beginning I said to keep those claims in mind, well let’s go through them now quickly.


I really don’t know where he got the idea that this method is brand new, there was nothing in there that was new.


What he’s done is split it into 3, but the whole process is way more than 3 steps as you can see from the training


He does a good job of explaining certain procedures, but then lacks in other areas like getting approval for the product to promote.

What he could have done is say he will give all the people who buy The Trinity approval so at least they can get going and if this method is as easy as he says once they sell loads they’ll not have a problem getting approved for other products.


Absolutely not a chance in that hot place of doing that.


If it was there I sure as hell didn’t see it. The free traffic method is SEO and that isn’t fast acting, it takes time to become an authority and get first page rankings.

When that happens then yes you will have free traffic.


Yes, but that was with paid solo ads, the expensive ones.


Depends on how long you’re willing to wait for that to happen, but yes it sure can happen.


I think I like this one the best. Yes once you become established then there’s no reason you couldn’t do that, just don’t hand in your notice yet 🙂 I would say anywhere from 1 year to 2 years to get to that level.

I think what he’s put together for the price is really quite good. I wouldn’t take any notice of the sales page and if you think that’s going to happen if you buy this then you’re in for a rude awakening I’m afraid.

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what now

Hopefully I’ve given you a better expectation of the time scale it’s going to take to position yourself as a trustworthy person who writes reviews that will eventually pay off.

But it’s going to take a lot of work and a fair amount of time. When you first start it’s like you’re working for free, the amount of traffic you get in this MMO niche can be quite low to begin with, it’s hyper competitive.

When all that is happening you really feel like throwing in the towel and calling it a day I know I did, but that’s where the help of a community of people who are going through the exact same thing as you are can really help you out.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate training platform that caters for marketers of all levels and a place I’ve been calling home for the past 3 years, I spend a lot of time there.

If you want to see what it’s all about all you have to do is click the banner below to be taken to the free sign up page, there’s no credit card needed just a name and email address and you’re good to go.

wealthy affiliate free sign upI’ll be there to help you 🙂

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