Snowball Profits Review – $8k/month Recurring? Or Just A Scam?

Welcome to my Snowball Profits review. When it comes to headlines that claim making $8k a month on a recurring basis on complete autopilot I’m always a bit skeptical, but you know me I always find out the truth in the end.

NAME: Snowball Profitssnowball profits review

OWNERS: Michel Sirois & Reed Floren

PRICE: $17


#1 recommendation for making money from home

what is snowball profits about

This is normally the part where I tell you that I really don’t know what a particular product is about simply because nowhere on the sales page does it give the slightest idea of what it is.

This one however bucks the trend and tells you on the sales page and in the testimonials that it’s all about building your own membership sites.

Now these sites are apparently going to bring you in $8,435 a month in recurring income

snowall profits sales page headlineNot a bad income, but is it possible? Well that’s what this review is going to be looking into.

I always go through the sales page just to see what types of claims are being made and to see if they make it into the actual product.

I have to say this particular sales page doesn’t make the usual claims of “100% newbie friendly” or “Make money by the end of today” the sort of stuff I’m sure you’ve all seen time and again only to be let down by the product.

Well this one doesn’t do any of that, but what it does do is give you a lot of “what if’s” What if you had 10 members.

And that’s the problem, getting those 10 members. They could well have a great method for getting those members that’ll be revealed once we go through the training we’ll just have to wait and see.

inside the training

Once you’ve made into the members area you’re presented with a presentation video outlining your bonuses and the upgrades that are available, we’ll go through the upsells after the main training, but for now just let me say that there are 6 of them to contend with.

One of the bonuses is aimed at learning how to get around having to refund your customers who put in a refund request, which makes a bit of a mockery of all the “money back guarantees” out there for digital products.

Oh and by the way you won’t get a refund on this particular product either simply because they don’t offer one, so it’s basically tough if you don’t like what you buy you can’t get you money back.

Anyway on to the training. After the bonuses comes the tools you are going to need to build a membership site:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Account
  • Optimizepress or similar
  • An Autoresponder
  • clickmagick or similar

The training is split up into 7 modules or phases and is mainly delivered via the written word rather than over the shoulder videos, there are some videos, but some of them aren’t even their own.

  • PHASE #1Determine What Type Of Membership Site You Want – This section goes over the 5 different membership models available to you and then pushes his own PLR products at the endsnowball profits training
  • PHASE #2Your Website Skeleton Cheat Sheet – This is a cheat sheet or road map if you like. It’s the foundation of your membership site.
  • PHASE #3Recommended ‘1 Time Offers’ – This goes over 3 of his preferred oto’s, Product, Service or Reseller license and outlines different price point you could use.
  • PHASE #4Hack To Use When Making Video Presentations In Your Member Area – This is going to show you how to add content by creating a YouTube video and copying the transcript from that video and pasting the text under the video.
  • PHASE #5Creating A ‘Menu’ Bar, Your ‘Member Area’ – This section shows you how to create your menu in your WordPress back office. It also allows you to copy their front end download page and their welcome page for your site. I have to say it really doesn’t show you what to do with them so you’re on your own a bit.
  • PHASE #6Payment Processing & Affiliate Program Set-Up – This shows how to use Warriorplus to deliver your product and how to set it up so you can use affiliates t promote your membership site for you.
  • PHASE #7Tracking And Traffic – This is the part that I wanted to see most really, just how they were going to get traffic and the big reveal is……. Solo Ads, but not any old Solo Ads, Michel Sirois Solo Ads where 100 clicks is going to cost you $75

And before you know it’s over, that’s the end of the training.

A massive let down for me, I really thought this was going to show you exactly what you needed to do to set up a membership site where all it really does is give you an overview of the components, no real substance behind them.


As I said earlier there are a massive 6 upsells to get past, each one claiming to make it easier for you to make money when in reality it’s the vendor who’s going to be making the money if you buy all these.

  • OTO #1 – $27 – 45 Done For You email swipes – These are all well and good, but you need an n email list in the first place to be able to send these emails to.
  • OTO #2 – $47 – 30 High Ticket email swipes – Again pretty pointless if you haven’t got an email list. If you have got a list then these are something you might be interested in, but remember why you bought the product in the first place, it was to build a membership site so best to concentrate on that first
  • OTO #3 – $67 – 1,500 PLR/MRR products – This is what is being pushed in the first phase of the training, using PLR as content on your membership site.
  • OTO #4 $97 – Resellers License – This is one of his preferred 1 time offers to use and he’s using it here. You get to keep 100% of the profits
  • OTO #5 $197 – Advanced training – A 15 part series showing things like Approving the Right Affiliates for Your Membership Site or How To Make BROADCAST Email Messages.
  • OTO #6 $1 – Easy Profits Makers – This is a $1 trial for the first 5 days then you’ll be paying $47 a month. This is obviously a membership site of theirs, but I don’t know anything about it and won’t be looking into it in this review.

what did i like

  • This is a tough one to answer mainly because i was expecting more than it delivered and it failed miserably so the answer is not a lot if I’m totally honest

what didn’t i like

  • The lack of a refund if you found it didn’t live up to expectations (which it doesn’t)
  • Very superficial “training”
  • Leaves you with more questions than gives you answers to.

who’s going to use this?

Well I think from going through the training it’s going to have to be someone who is experienced with building websites for a start because even though there is a section on creating a menu bar there is very little else.

Experienced marketers will find this extremely basic and would not find anything that they didn’t know before in this very thin training.

So that’s a bloody good question, who is going to use this? I really don’t know, it’s not really aimed at anyone.

final thoughts

What a let down! I really thought this might be something worthwhile, but I was wrong. The amount of extra expense just to get traffic is going to put a lot of people off.

And just because you’re paying for traffic it doesn’t mean those people will want to sign up to your membership site does it. Then you have your tracking software, your domain and hosting, your autoresponder, your page builder it all adds up.

This really is just a skeleton, there’s’s no flesh to it what so ever, it doesn’t even show how to put the PLR that it recommends on your site.

At the end of phase 5 it says for now just focus on creating your pages, we will show you what to do with them later. What pages? They don’t show you.

Can this make you 8k a month gain and again? Highly doubtful.

If this product was a cheese it would be Swiss …… full of holes LOL.

not approved

what now

When it comes to membership sites you’re going to need to offer a lot more than this does, I should know I’ve been a member of the #1 affiliate training platform on the internet today for over 3 years.

What they do and do very well is teach anyone regardless of experience to create a website and turn it into very successful business online.

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