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Welcome to my Surge review. This is yet another software product being released by none other than Billy Darr. For those of you who might not be familiar with this guy let me just tell you he has one of the worst, if not THE worst reputation in the make money online world.

His products always seem to bring with them a ton of complaints that never seem to get resolved. Some of his products just don’t even work.

Yet he continues to release product after product with the one prior to this one only being released about 3 weeks ago and if you are wondering if that one was any good then no it wasn’t.

Today we are going to be looking at Surge to see if this is the one to turn the corner. We’ll be looking at the sales page to see how that compares to the actual product.

We’ll also take a look inside the members area and the training as well as go over the upsells before ultimately letting you know what my thoughts are and if this stands any chance of making you any money.

so, hold on tight for what I’m sure will be an interesting review.

NAME: Surgesurge review

OWNERS: Billy Darr, Justin Opay

& Dipanjan Goswami

PRICE: $17


number one way to make money online

The Sales Page

Before I even looked at the sales page I had a feeling it would say something along the lines of “Buyer Traffic in 60 seconds or less”. Why would I think that?

Because nearly every other product he’s released has said something similar if not the same.

surge sales page headline

Lol, I knew it. Alright I forgot about the autopilot and 1 click stuff, but you get the idea, all his products say the same thing. The trouble is you can’t do what the headlines say, it’s just not possible.

surge 3 step system

The major flaw I see in those 3 steps is how on earth can they say the traffic you’e going to get is buyer traffic worse still they reckon you’ll get sales in 60 seconds!

Don’t believe it, it’s complete BS.

They’ve actually missed out a step there; STEP #4 …… ASK FOR REFUND!

They go on about traffic being the most important thing and in a sense it is. But it’s no good getting any old traffic you have to get traffic that is targeted to your niche.

For example, it’s no good getting a boat load of traffic that is interested in cats and has no interest whatsoever in your niche of VPN’s. A bit random I know but you get the idea.

This sales page is designed to make you think how great getting all that traffic would be without you giving too much thought into the reality of it.

TikTok seems to be the traffic source in question and it will be interesting to see just how they’re going to do this.

The rest of the sales page really just repeats itself.

What Is Surge About?

Surge is a cloud based software where you can search for a specific keyword on either Youtube or TikTok. The software pulls in a selection of videos based on most shared, most loved and most commented.

You then configure the post to upload to your Facebook page which is where you’re meant to get all the traffic from.

Now I’m not a legal person but can you use another persons video to make money?

I know you can embed Youtube videos on blog posts and reshare stuff, but actually making money as a direct result of that persons work?

There’s even a warning that copyrighted videos are not allowed to be posted on Facebook. But how do you know what is copyrighted?

The training that is included doesn’t give you any idea as to what you’re going to use this for. I know what you could do with it, but seeing as this is aimed at people with no experience then perhaps it would have been a good idea to include something.

Who’s Going To Use This?

For the reasons I’ve just stated someone who is new isn’t going to want use this, not on it’s own anyway. They would have to learn what to do with the traffic after they have it.

People with the knowledge of how to make the most of the traffic would be the ideal candidates for this.

Does It Work?

The software itself is cloud based and this type of software has been known to have problems, this product actually hung up a few times and crashed.

When I did manage to find some videos and upload them to my Facebook page I was expecting that free buyer traffic and the sales that was promised on the sales page and of course I’d only have to wait 60 seconds.

Well they didn’t materialize and I’m almost embarrassed to think they would.

Inside Surge

Before we get into the members area I just want to give a quick warning to people who may not be familiar with the process after you buy a product like this.

After you’ve bought Surge you don’t get access straight away, you have to go through the sales funnel.

The funnel consist of upsells, 5 of them. Now what I’m going to suggest you do is ignore them for now and the reason I say that is because you risk losing a lot of money.

Take a look at Matthews comment here to see what I mean.

Once you get into the members are you’ll see this:

surge members area

Everything you need is on the left menu. I can’t quite see what the difference is between the top 2 options. The blog post option requires you to put your blog username and password which I really don’t recommend you doing.

You then have a slideshow and carousel post where you can search Flickr and Pixabay for images.

The training consists of:

  • What is Surge? – 9.42
  • Import Your Facebook Account – 1.20
  • Introducing TikTok – 6.29
  • Youtube Video Post – 3.50
  • Carousel Post – 4.10
  • Slideshow Post – 4.57
  • Post To Your Website – 6.14
  • Live Post with Custom Overlay – 7.13
  • Support – 1.39

The videos don’t really say a lot if that makes sense. They are pretty much the same in each video and like I said a video showing what the practical applications are for this would have been appreciated.

The OTO’s

Here is where we find out how much the upsells are and how much you could potentially lose. If his past product upsells are anything to go by then you really don’t need these, but I’ll quickly go over what they are:

  • OTO #1 – Unlimited Edition – $39 with a downsell to $36
  • OTO #2 – Automated Edition – $39 with a downsell to $36
  • OTO #3 – Done For You Edition – $197 with a downsell to $97
  • OTO #4 – License Edition – $39 with a downsell to $36
  • OTO #5 – Diamond Edition – $197 with a downsell to $97

Notice how they made no mention of any limitations on the sales page, it’s only after you buy it you find out it has and that is why you have the first upsell.

Then you have realization that you have paid $197 for a couple of them when you could have got them for $100 less. How do you feel?

Final Thoughts

Anytime I see a headline that claims you can get free buyer traffic in one click in 60 seconds I just know it’s going to be a product that doesn’t really need to be here.

I know it’s going to be a product that isn’t going to fulfill those claims, I know it’s a product that is pandering to peoples expectations on making money online.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. You don’t need software that is unreliable and you certainly don’t need to risk copyright infringement.

Of course, it all sounds great but things that seem too good to be true usually are and that is very much the case with this one, a bit like his previous product actually.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if these guys were to put as much effort into a product that actually helped people get started making money online they’d be on to a sure winner.

But it doesn’t seem like that’s the road they want to go down which is a real shame.

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