Prestige Review By David Kirby

Welcome to my Prestige review. This is a product that was released on 25th June by David Kirby, Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer and you’re more than likely here because you’ve got an email about this product and want to check out if it’s for real or not.

First of all I’d like to congratulate you for being cautious enough to check it out before diving straight in and buying it, perhaps you’ve been duped before?

It’s never nice to feel you’ve been scammed is it. Which is why I do these reviews to let people like you have a chance to read a review that isn’t just a repeat of the sales page.

Seeing as this has been out a couple of weeks now I thought I’d have a quick look to see what the other reviews are saying and as usual they all say this is great which they do with every single product that they review!

As if that’s even possible, it’s actually laughable that they think people are stupid enough to believe them.

Well, you’re not going to get the usual BS here, you’ll get an honest opinion of a product to see if it lives up to the claims on the sales page.

If it’s your first time here I think you’ll be pleasently surprised.

NAME: Prestigeprestige review by David Kirby

OWNERS: Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer

& David Kirby

PRICE: $7.97


#1 recommendation for making money online

What Is Prestige All About?

Before I let you know exactly what this is let’s see what the vendors of this product are telling us, after all they should know shouldn’t they?

prestige sales page headline

So, we’ve got a super simple method that requires no difficult work and no experience and we’re being led into thinking that $282.40 per day is going to be possible for us. And how much are they selling this information for again? Oh yeah $7.97 Lol.

sales page hype

What I don’t understand is they are saying this is a brand new method, fresh and unique, but in the sales video Bill himself says David has been using this for 10 YEARS.

How the hell can something 10 years old be fresh, unique and a brand new method?? Come on guys get your stories straight at least.

Further down the sales page we’re told it takes “Only minutes to set up” Now that could literally mean any amount of time, it could be days, weeks or months, just convert those into minutes.

To be honest we’re not told a lot more about what this is. We are told some of the things you’re not going to need, but that’s not a lot of good to you when you’re trying to decide whether to buy it or not.

It’s clear they’re not going to tell you what it is you’re going to be buying so I suppose it’s left up to me to tell you.

Prestige is a 31 page PDF, no videos just a PDF called The Rapid Income System. In fact it this was part of a bonus package of Traffic Robot 2.0 which is one of David’s many previous products.

The Method Revealed

This is going to be a bit difficult because I’ve been through the PDF a number of times and all I’ve managed to get from it is a headache.

prestige members area

Here’s the official outline that is used straight after the legal disclaimer!

We will be using high quality sources of traffic both free and paid, once we have these subscribers we will quickly build a relationship with them and send them promotions, but not the usual stuff, we will concentrate on DFY mid to high ticket stuff.

Just follow the step below and you will see how easy it is……..

Well I can tell you now that easy isn’t a word I’d associate with this, confusing yes, easy no.

From what I can gather this is all about using funnels and David recommends a certain type of funnel which he is using himself which you’d immediately think was good.

The problem is the link he gives you and it’s a rotator link so it will go to more than one destination is an affiliate link for The Super Affiliate Network.

So, what’s basically happening is David Kirby is using this product to build his network and earn the sort of money he claims you’re going to be able to make. Very sneaky.

Signing up for The Super Affiliate Network isn’t free, granted it is only $1 to start, but after that you’re going to be paying anything up to $12,497.

So that is the funnel that David wants you to use, but that link in the PDF goes to a sales video that has no controls so you can’t forward it and you have no idea how long you’re going to be watching it for. Well, I’ve watched it and tell you it’s over half an hour long!

The Next Steps

OK’ let’s move on to what else is involved in Prestige or The Rapid Income System whatever they’re calling it.

He recommends you use clickmagick to use as a rotator for all the funnels which at its basic package will cost another $12, but if you are going to follow this method then you’re going to need the $33 per month plan.

Remember on the sales page they said there’s no techy skills needed, well good luck with setting up Clickmagick if you’re not technically minded!

You’ve then got to set up an autoresponder which is another $29/month. Again no guidance on how to set this up.

The next step is traffic, you’ll be using,, FB buyer groups, buyer traffic, Solo Ads, Warrior Forum.

Once you have subscribers in your list you then send them promotions and again he gives his Super Affiliate Network link for you to get the funnels he uses. I must have seen that link at least 7 times in this 31 page document.

Most of the traffic sources there are going to take time to set up, only the Solo Ads are going to be fairly immediate, but they come at a price.

Solo Ads price

As an example 200 clicks from top tier countries is going to set you back $133 roughly and that doesn’t guarantee that those clicks are going to convert, you might have just thrown $133 away.

How Much Are you Going To Earn?

We’re expected to believe that by using this method we can earn $282 per day, roughly $8,400 a month. Now, remember that David has been using this method for 10 years and this is a screenshot of his dashboard:

David Kirby's dashboard

We can see there his current rank is a Builder. Let’s take a look at the official income disclosure from The Super Affiliate Network:san income disclosureHopefully you can see that ok, but take a look at the right-hand column, it shows the average income per year.

An average Builder gets $9,659 per annum, $804 per month and there’s only 58 of them.

Now take a look at the rookie which is where you’ll come in, $8 per month, $103 per year! Do you think you could live on that? I know I couldn’t. I’d struggle even at a Leader level.

And that’s not taking into account your membership fees, your other expenses, Click tracking software, Autoresponder, Solo Ads.

Less than 2% will earn enough to cover their costs!

san average earnings

WOW! That’s incredible. Didn’t show you that on the sales page did they.

Final Thoughts

Run for the hills people! I’m serious, just run away. This is just a way for David Kirby to increase his earnings and don’t forget he’s been doing this or 10 years to get to the position he’s in right now.

Remember this was just a bonus to give away to people for another product so it’s not as if this was purposely put together for sole intention of Prestige.

And you can tell it’s just a bonus report in the way it’s put together, there’s no real training or anything in there, it’s all geared towards using his link.

This is a ridiculous product that serves absolutely no purpose other than what I’ve already outlined. This is the first time I’ve seen David Kirby working with somebody else, usually he teams up with Billy Darr and Justin Opay

But lately Billy Darr seems to have decided to drop David Kirby and stick with Justin Opay, perhaps he didn’t like what David was doing?? Who knows.

What I do know is don’t bother with this, even at $7.97 it’s overpriced, honestly I really didn’t get it.

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