Mobilee Review – Scam Or Legit?

Welcome everyone to my Mobilee Review . This is my first review of Jono Armstrong although i have had experience with one of his partners on this product so i’m curious to see how this one pans out.

NAME: MobileeMobilee review

OWNERS: Jono Armstrong​, Jonas Lindgren​

and Trevor C​arr

PRICE: $7 + upsells


who is jono?

This is actually the first time i’ve heard of this guy Jono so as with all my reviews i like to take a quick look into who the people behind the product are.

Jono Armstrong as it turns out has been in the business for quite some considerable time since 2004 to be exact so it’s safe to say that he has a fair amount of experience and presence in the world of internet marketing which is sometimes good and sometimes bad, by that i mean a lot of the time when someone is launching a new product they will claim that all the income proof you see if from the method that they are selling you.

Now that might be the case, but bear in mind that these people have, as i’ve said, been in the business a long time and can generate the sort of income that they are showing you, they’re an authority if you like, but for anyone who’s new that’s not going to be anywhere near what you can expect. Just bear that in mind.

so what is mobilee?

​Mobilee is all about creating affiliate reviews and uploading them to Youtube, nothing new there you might say and you’d be right, but what sets this apart is the fact that it can all be done from your mobile phone assuming that you have a smartphone and not some brick from the 1990’s.

the sales page

​ I always take a look at the sales page to get a ‘feel’ of the people behind the product.

The video on the sales page is to be honest pretty cheesy and a bit stomach churning, and some of the things he was saying didn’t quite ring true so i decided to dig a little deeper.

A quick search bought up his wesite​, and done a bit of research on him.

Now in the video at 1.44 he tells how he was in dire straits this time last year so by my reckoning that would make it Jan/Feb 2017, now bear with here folks, he goes on to tell a bit of a sob story.

Now my point is that if you look at his back story on his website this all happened around 1999/2000, he taught for 4 years in Indonesia after backpacking there, so were up to 2004 when he started affiliate marketing ​not i repeat not last year.

He goes on to say that this ‘blueprint’ has allowed him to quit his job and travel the world.

Okay the idea of affiliate marketing probably has done that because i know this sort of thing certainly works, but please don’t try to make people believe all this happened in a year especially when you have said the complete opposite on your very own website.

who is this aimed at?

​This is firmly aimed at the newest people to enter the world of affiliate marketing, what with the sob story trying to relate to people in the same situation and trying to give them hope of being able to turn their life around for as little as 1 hr of work a day.

After going through the training i can honestly say it is all very basic stuff to anyone who has experience and nothing new at all, but for someone who has little​​ or no experience or even a computer, because of the fact it can all be completed from your mobile, i think they would find it quite useful.

what did i like

  • ​Very clear and concise instructions
  • Quality video and audio considering it’s all done on mobile, so no straining to hear or see what it is thy’re talking about
  • Some great resources
  • no extra expense

what i didn’t like

  • ​a bit too showy with the money he’s earning
  • ​Obviously the misleading sales pitch
  • The fact it’s all done on mobile, now while he shows it can be done i have tried to do reviews on my mobile before, alright he’s showing you how to do video reviews, but my point is when i’m doing my research for a review i have multiple tabs open at any one time flicking between them constantly, in fact i have two monitors hooked up so you can imagine trying to do that on a mobile.
  • The encouragement of backlinking to rank
  • Some of the things he doesn’t do too much of himself because in some of the videos he has to remind himself how to carry out certain actions.
  • The fact he actually uses a keyboard and mouse and a tv to link his mobile phone he doesn’t let you know that until the introduction in the 2nd oto

what do you get for your $7

​So for $7 you wouldn’t expect a lot would you, well you’re going to be pleasantly surprised​ as i was because you actually get quite a lot of very useful information packed into 22 videos, i say 22 there are actually 23 but the first one is only an introduction so doesn’t really count.

The videos are as follows:mobilee main course

  • MODULE​ ​1 Introduction Video​ ​6.59
  • MODULE 2  – The Concept of the MOBILEE Strategy​ 8.04
  • MODULE 3  – The Tools You’ll Need on Your SmartPhone (ANDROID)​ 10.39
  • MODULE ​3.1  –​ WordPress on Your iPhone​ ​5.22
  • MODULE ​3.2  –​​ Canva on Your iPhone​ 4.09
  • MODULE 4  – Finding a Really Good Offer to Review​ 21.42
  • ​INTERMEZZO 1​ ​ ​An opportunity to show off as he receives cash notifications​ 4.56
  • MODULE 5 –​ Getting Approved & Getting Review Access – Jonas Lindgren​ 5.27
  • MODULE 6  –  Island Hopping, Snorkelling…oh and Research for Your Reviews!​ 3.35
  • MODULE 7  –  The Importance of Offering Bonuses​ 8.23
  • MODULE 8  –  From a Deserted Beach Jono Covers How to Create Killer Bonuses​ 17.44
  • MODULE 9  – Making Your Review​ 9.38
  • MODULE 10  –  Bonus Delivery​ 9.43
  • ​MODULE 11  –  Uploading Your YouTube Video​ 7.06
  • INTERMEZZO 2  –  More Showing Off From Jono – Making Cash While He Lays in Bed!​ 4.14
  • MODULE 12  –  Creating Your YouTube Thumbnail​ 11.00
  • MODULE 13  –  Video SEO – How to Get Your Video to the Top of YouTube​ 11.15
  • MODULE 14  –​ YouTube Ranking Method – Paid (but cheap!)​ 5.58
  • MODULE 15  –​ ​ Sending Emails With Aweber on the iPhone​ 7.43
  • MODULE 16  –​  Emailing on the Go!​ 7.37
  • MODULE 17 – The Final Module​ 5.20
  • Example of a Mobile Review​ 10.00
  • The Bonus Ending​ 5.14

So i think you’ll agree you have quite a bit for $7 and i have to say that they are pretty well done and don’t leave too much out.

​the oto’s

​As with all products you will usually be offered upsells after you purchase the main product. These are

  1. ​OTO 1 $27​ Bonuses you can offer on your own affiliate promotions
  2. ​OTO 2 ​$27 Advanced training
  3. ​OTO 3 ​$47 Licensing rights
  4. ​OTO 4 $97 Live coaching calls

Now i don’t usually see the point in the oto’s, but number 1 is huge because for your $27 they give you 100 bonuses to use.mobilee oto 1

Oto 2 is a 6 module course detailing some advanced training which they refer to as ‘real ninja stuff’ LOL

  • ​MODULE 1  ​Introduction & additional tools 2.42
  • MODULE 2​ ​Introduction to adwords ​5.42
  • MODULE 3 Adwords super hack ​5.01
  • ​MODULE 4 Campaign setup ​​11.50
  • ​MODULE 5 Keyword research​  ​​5.30
  • ​MODULE 6 Remarketing ​ 5.20
  • mobilee oto 2

I’ve never been a really big fan of bonuses, my thought is that the main product should be good enough to stand on its own without the need for extra nonsense, but it would seem that every review you see nowadays has a bundle of bonus gifts if you buy through their affiliate link, bribery in a way i suppose.

My point is this, if we are to believe his story and the fact he wants to relate to the average person who may find himself in the same situation as himself then that person probably isn’t going to have the money in the first place to purchase the oto’s.

final thoughts

​Which way am i going to come down on this? Well to be honest ​i was pretty sceptical to begin with and i certainly don’t like the misleading sales page story, but if you can get over that fact then for $7 you can’t go far wrong, in fact i’ll go as far to say that if you ‘re going to implement it from start to finish then this could really work for you. It’s something i haven’t seen done before, i don’t mean the process because that’s been around forever, i mean the fact it’s all done on a mobile.

Not sure if it would be sustainable, but if you haven’t got a computer then this is a great way to start and get a computer once you have made some sales.


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What do think of doing reviews entirely on a mobile phone? Sound crazy? Let me know what you think in the comments below


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