You Could Be Making Money Selling Homemade Soap!

Is it really possible that you could be making money selling homemade soap? Well if you are the arts and craft type of person then the answer to that question is a resounding YES. But how? Well let’s take a look into how other people are making money, sometimes a living out of it. Making Money Selling Homemade Soap

how much interest is there?

​At the time of writing this article Goolge trends shows a healthy interest in homemade soap over the last 12 months worldwide  interest in soap making

Having checked places like Amazon, Etsy and even Ebay it’s quite clear that there is a market for this type of product.

So now we know there’s a buying public, how are you going to make it?

what do you need to make soap?

First off you need to know how to make the soap in the first place​ and if you don’t there is plenty of information out there to get you started and i’ve included a link to a soap making site in case you need it, click here

The ingredients that you need are going to differ depending on what type of soap you want to make, but as a basic starter soap you are going to need at least

  • ​Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Lye​
  • Distilled Water

Again there are plenty more recipes online.

The equipment you are going to need is pretty much the same for any recipe and what you’d find in any home kitchen, but just remember once you’ve used an item for soap making then that’s it you can’t use it again for anything else, here’s a small list of what they are:

  • Kitchen Scales
  • ​soapmaking thermometer
  • measuring jug
  • simple moulds (margaine tubs?)
  • mixing containers
  • hand blender
  • spoons/spatulas
  • not forgetting the all important safety equipment, googles, gloves and an apron 🙂

the process

There are three types of soap making process:adding lye

  • Cold Process Method​​
  • Hot Process Method
  • Melt and Pour Method​

The Melt and Pour method is probably the easiest of all the methods and the one that most beginners…well begin with, mainly because you’re working with a premade base and it cuts out alot of the waiting that you get with the other ones.

You simply cut off the amount you want to use, melt and add any fragrance that you want and pour into a mould of your choice. Simple.

where to sell

​There are a number of places to sell your lovely handcrafted soap:

  • Craft fairs
  • Farmers Markets
  • Festivals
  • icraft gifts
  • Made it Myself
  • Etsy
  • ​Handmade at Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Your Own Website/Blog ( i can help you with that 🙂 )
  • Local Boutiques
  • Social Media
  • Spas
  • And so on…..

can you make money?

​Absolutely!…how much is going to depend on how much YOU want to make. Let me put it another way, wanting to make money isn’t enough, you have to have the drive and determination to make it work and that holds true for any venture you decide to embark on not just making soap.

With all the examples i gave you above you have no excuse for not having anywhere to sell your product.

You will obviously need to price accordingly, but don’t be afraid of price, if your product is great premium product then that should be reflected in the price. You will get people who don’t want to pay a premium price, but you will also get the people or businesses that will pay that.

It all depends what area of the market you’re looking to get into.

final thoughts

​For the creative people out there this is a great addition to your handmade inventory, as a standalone business i’m not so sure. If you already have a client base to go to they will be familiar with your quality of work and that will make it much easier for them to take on your new venture, for new customers you may want to give them a few samples so they can see for themelves what a great product you have.

If you are going to get into soap making to make money then be prepared for some hard work as this screen shot shows

soap making

One thing to remember is it’s not just the making of the soap, it’s the whole show, from making, packaging, marketing, delivering and handling customer service because without good customer service you’re not going to get a lot of repeat custom which in this line of work you really do need.

If that seems like to much work then why not try promoting it instead? Make use of the affiliate programs from the likes of Amazon, Etsy, Ebay to earn commissions.

Don’t know how? I’ll show you, just click the banner below

wealthy affiliate

Are you a ‘soaper’ or know someone who is? Thinking of becoming one? Let me know your thoughts below


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