Is It Possible To Make Money Texting People?

Who hasn’t got a mobile phone nowadays? I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the majority of the adult population has one and it’s increasingly becoming the norm to communicate with a quick text message, did you know that in the UK alone 55 million texts are sent every day, and 560 billion texts are sent every month worldwide, the calls to text services is worth around $300 million, so wouldn’t it be great if you could make money texting people…….well it turns out you can!

make money texting people

Now the companies out there that do this sort of thing may not be to every ones taste, but we’re all different aren’t we, so with that in mind here we go..

If you’re the type of person who likes to flirt then i will add some firms at the end that might be right up your street so to speak, the following firms are going to be suitable for most people.


In the process of researching i came across this company which has some of the best variation of services that i could find without an all out  ‘Adult theme’.

Now it has been said that this company is an adult texting service and while they do offer this they also offer what they call

So there is something for eveyone and this service is available in the UK and the USA.

The payment system is that you have to complete 2000 texts a month to be payed, if you don’t hit 2000 you don’t get paid.

They pay $0.07 / £0.05 per text so if you hit your quota of 2000 texts you’ll be looking at around $140 / £100.

It wouldn’t be right if i didn’t have a look to see what other people are saying:

text121 complaint

text121 complaint

As you can see there’s always 2 sides to a story.


Imgr is an app available on both Android and Itunes that allows you to earn points for the every day texting that you would normally do.

These points are then exchanged for rewards from the relevant store (Itunes or Google play) or cash out into Paypal.

The minimum amount of points you need to get is 300 which entitles you to $3.00 this includes anything up to and including 499 points, the next is 500-999 points which equals $5.00 and so on and so on.

How they do this is by displaying a brand symbol on the message screen

imgr sample

You get 1 point for each message you send or recieve using the app and are calculated for each month, points cannot role over to the next month.

imgr review

couldn’t find any negatives 🙂


Drizzle is another free app that lets you earn money each time you text and bearing in mind that a person can send and recieve around 5000 texts a month it might just be worthwhile looking into installing an app like this.

A bit like IMGR, drizzle displays a banner across the top of the message screen you don’t have to click on the ad to earn points or ‘drops’ as they are called.

drizzle app

The amount of drops you get with drizzle varies depending on the revenue they get from the ad, these drops are updated at the end of the day and to be able to cash out you need 5000 which will earn you $5.

drizzle app reviewdrizzle app complaint

more of an adult nature

​There are plenty of companies out there that, if you are willing to keep an open mind, are going to pay you to be flirtatious, I won’t go in to detailed reviews, i’ll let you decide if it’s something you’d be interested in.

final thoughts

So as you can see some people like these and some don’t, but it is absolutely possible to make money simply by texting people and as it’s something that most of us do every single day then why not utilize it to make a bit of pocket money?

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