Is InboxPays A Scam?

Welcome, you’re obviously here because you’ve either seen or heard that you can earn up to $50 per offer with InboxPays. So you’ve quite rightly asking the question “Is InboxPays a scam?” Which is what this review is going to let you know.

I mean the site looks great doesn’t it, but can it really be trusted or are you just going to be wasting your time or even worth your money further down the line.

What I’m going to do for this review is actually sign up with the site and see exactly what it is you’re going to be expected to do, I’ll also be looking into any complaints about the company.

NAME: InboxPaysis inboxpays a scam

OWNERS: A&A Marketing

PRICE: Free to join


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what is inboxpays about

Sites like these are referred to as GPT sites, that stands for Get Paid To. it simply means when you do a certain thing you get paid or at least that’s how it’s meant to work, unfortunately a lot of these sites have a fairly bad name in terms of actually paying out or just being complete rubbish and a waste of time, like one I reviewed here a while ago.

That particular site was absolutely terrible, hopefully this one will be better and to be fair I don’t think it can be much worse than that one. I hope not anyway.

As with other sites of this nature you’re going to be completing surveys, completing cash offers, play games and reading emails and so on.

One of my main complaints about the survey side of things is you are constantly having to put your details into each offer only to be told “sorry you don’t qualify

the sign up process

The sign up is pretty simple with you just having to put your name, D.O.B, gender and zip code followed by your address and phone number, now for the purpose of this review I didn’t give my real address or phone number because as yet I’m not sure what sort of company I’m dealing with.

Once you’ve filled in those details, before you get to the final step you get presented with this page:

inboxpays registrationI would hate to think how many emails I would be bombarded with if I were to click yes to all of them. Just a quick point I’d like to make, you see that red button where it says “continue to final step” would you not think that you’d be going to the final step?

Well it’s not the final step, you get taken here and guess what that button says:

final step

what you have to do

Well at least that one was the final step and then you get into the dashboard area which has 7 different tabs:

  • Cash Offers
  • Coupons
  • Cash Games
  • Bonus Offers
  • Favorites
  • Referrals
  • Jobs

cash offers

The cash offers section has 15 sub-sections ranging from free offers to home & garden. The free offers are generally 2 minute surveys that will earn you $1.

The higher paying categories, the ones that offer $5, all seem to be no longer available:

categories no longer available


The coupon section has 119 printable coupons that in order for you to be able to print off you need to verify your account by way of a SMS text message which does of course mean giving out your real mobile number which I wasn’t prepared to do.

cash games

In the next section, Cash Games, you have to sign up with survey companies to earn spins, one thing I didn’t get was some of the offers didn’t offer ANY spins so I really couldn’t see the point of them.

Once you have your spins you use them on this wheel to win:

spin win offers

bonus offers

The Bonus offers section is a bit of a mishmash of offers from disability benefits to finding sex offenders who live near you. The half a dozen I went through all ended up saying the same thing

unavailable offers


The next section, Favorites, is already populated with what I suppose is their favorites because I certainly didn’t save any.


You then come to the referral section, now this is where if you want to encourage your friends and family to join and enjoy all the frustrations that you are enjoying you will get 10% of their earnings.

They give an example of if a friend joins and completes $30 of offers and $20 of CashMails ( i haven’t come accross those yet) you’d get $3 put into your account.

Now I know maths isn’t my strong point, but doesn’t $30 + $20 = $50, so 10% of that would be $5 wouldn’t it, not $3. Feel free to correct me If I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.


This is a bit of a weird one to have on a GPT site and to be fair I’m not sure it even works, I put in a number of different high demand jobs in different locations and absolutly zero results came back.

So if you’re waiting for a job to come up using their job finder you might have awhile to wait.

what do I think so far

Well it certainly isn’t the best site I’ve come across, but saying that it isn’t the worst either. The sign up process was pretty painless, you do get to access at least some of the offers.

It can be frustrating when you find an offer that you think is right up your street only to find it’ s no longer available and that does seem to happen a lot for the high payout offers.

payout threshold

This is set way too high for my liking and I think that to reach the payout threshold of $50 is near on impossible and you’ll have left the site long before you get anywhere near that amount.

will you actually get paid

If by some remarkable feat of peserverence you actually make it to the threshold, can you be sure of being paid? The reason I bring that up is there are a number of complaints against the company regarding failure to pay it’s members

Here is what some of its members have been saying:

complaintscomplaints about inboxpaysmore complaintsThat last one mentioned Better Business Bureau so I thought I’d head on over to see if they had anything to say. They actually have an alert about this company, here’s what they have to say:

BBB alertAs you can see a file was opened up in 2011 and since 2015 there have been complaints that follow the same pattern of not paying their members for completing the offers.

With members also stating that their accounts are being blocked so they cannot reach the $50 threshold in order to make a withdrawal.

The BBB have not even received a response from the company regarding these disputes.

final thoughts

I think that sort of sums things up really don’t you. I mean what is the point of wasting months of time accumulating credit only to find out your account has been blocked so you can’t reach the payout threshold.

Apart from that, which really should be enough on it’s own, the potential for earning anything is seriously low.

I know some people will argue that if you’re browsing the internet you might as well get paid for it, but honestly who wants to WASTE their time? Certainly not me.

We started off this review asking is Inboxpays a scam? As you can see from peoples anger in the images above, they certainly think it’s a scam, but peoples interpretation of a scam can differ form one person to another.

If you look in the Cambridge Dictionary you will see that a scam is a dishonest plan or activity especially for making money, now if you apply that to this situation it would indeed seem that InboxPays is acting dishonestly and making money from that dishonesty.

I mean you can make money on there, you just can’t cash it out it would seem, so yes calling it a scam would be appropriate, either way I won’t be approving it.

Just one last thing, if you remember at the beginning of this review I said about finding out if you could earn up to $50 per offer, I can honestly say I saw absolutely no evidence of that particular claim anywhere inside on any of the offers.

not approved

what now

I’m going to tell you something now that you might not realise, YOU could be making a lot more with your time than what these types of sites pay out or don’t pay out as the case may be.

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Have you had any experience with InboxPays? What do you think? Let everyone know in the comments


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