Is Fusion Cash A Scam? Let’s Find Out

I’ve reviewed a fair number of different survey sites at one time or another, but they nearly all have one thing in common, the inability to actually make any kind of meaningful money, worse still some have been an outright scam, but is Fusion Cash a scam? Well we’re going to sign up and see for ourselves if it’s any different to the vast amount of survey sites out there at the moment.

And in different i mean can you earn any money with fusion cash a scam

NAME: Fusion Cash



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what is fusion cash about

Fusion Cash is a site where you get paid to complete various tasks, now this may be taking surveys or watching videos or playing games.

It would seem that this site has a lot to offer not just the run of the mill surveys.

One thing to notice is that the games section does take you to a different site altogther, but strangely they already have your details from Fusion Cash.

the sign up process

The initial sign up process is very simple, you just have to put in a username, email and a zip code. I should take this time to let you know this is only available to U.S and Canada residents, if you were to sign up from outside these areas you probably won’t get paid so unless you use a VPN you won’t want to sign up.

If you want to complete surveys then you’re going to need to fill in some more information.

how do you make money

You have various ways to make money here and we’ll start off as they are shown on the navigation bar.

  • Paid to sign up

This section has mixture of different things you can sign up for with probably the best being the $5 you get for signing up, however once you sign up you’re then presented with this:

fusion cash sign upSo you have to sign up with another offer to be able to get your $5.

Once you’ve gone through that you can now get access to FC surveys which at first glance don’t look to bad with the payouts at around $5 for a 5 min health care study, but then you have this:

fusion cash surveys69 mins for $2.30, you’ve got to be kidding me right.

Enough of that for the moment let’s get back to the other options. There are free magazine subscriptions which pay $1.00 for providing a few details, a daily cash email which will pay the princely sum of $0.02 for reading the email and clicking a link.

You also have a no credit card section which is exactly what it says, however when i clicked on this offer i was taken to a different offer each time so not really sure what was going on there

fusion cash no credit card sectionand the site it took me to had nothing to do with that description.

You can earn 3 cents for listening to the radio for 30 minutes if you haven’t got anything better to do.

  • Videos

Here you have the option of watching videos, well the’re not actually videos, well mine weren’t anyway, they were slides which lasted around 2 mins and for that you get 1 cent.

  • Paid to click

This section is where you have to visit 4 different pages, click an ad and complete the timer countdown. These usually pay around $0.15 and take 2-3 mins

  • Tasks

This section you have to create a new account with a different company called Figure Eight.

The jobs that are available range from identifying background noise in an audio track to looking for official and directory pages.

These typically pay around the 1 – 4 cent mark.

  • Mobile/Tablet

This is all about downloading and installing apps on your phone or tablet, not a massive section, only 3 options at the moment.

The highest paying one is for the ipad only which is currently paying $4.00 to download and activate a piece of software.

Now this is going to depend on how much you trust the vendors of the software as to whether you want to do this or not, because it’s very easy to install something that might comprimize your ipad.

  • Games

This is the section that i spoke quickly about earlier that takes you to an external site that already has your username and email.

There is a bucket load of games there ranging from scrabble to slot machine games, however there is something to be aware of here, you don’t actually make any money here, in fact you can end up spending it!

You see you play with tokens for tokens and when you run out of tokens you have to buy them if you wish to contiue playing.#1 recommendation button

  • Refer a friend

You can earn money simply by referring someone to Fusion Cashfusion cash referralSo when they get appoved to cash out you get $5 and i can’t see a limit on the amount of people you can refer and see that bit at the end – for life! so no time limit either.

But don’t get carried away too soon because the amount of times that someone is going to reach the cashout threshold is not going to be very often.

I can see people getting very dissillussioned with this, particulally with the amount of time it would take to get to the threshold which is pretty high at $25.

  • More….

This is a section were there are extra ways to earn such as posting in their forum, if you post 30 times or more in a month then you recieve $3, or follow them on Twitter for an extra $0.25.

If you have enough to cashout you can earn another $1 by posting a picture of your payment.

  • FC Surveys

One of THE most annoying things about filling in surveys is the fact that you go through all the filling in of the various questions that they have for you only to find out you’re not suitable or it’s not available in your area.

And you can do this several times over until you get sick and tired of it.

What i did like about the survey page here is that the surveys have what you’re going to get paid and the time next to them indicating how long it’s going to take you to complete assuming you’re accepted.

fusion cash paid surveysNow you see that little $ sign, well that means that if you’re not eligble for a survey after putting in all your details then you will recieve 1¢.

I’m sorry and i don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but that’s just pityful, it really is.

final thoughts

I’ve never really been a massive fan of these types of site for the simple reason that the amount of time you invest for the amount of money you make is incredible and i know that the time spent filling out surveys or listening to the radio to earn a pittance could be put to better use.

Although Fusion cash is not a scam I’m not recommending it as a way to make money online.

fusion cash not approved

so what next

The best way i found to make money online was to learn how to build an online business, websites like this one.

Don’t get me wrong you need to work at it, but the rewards are much greater than you’d ever get doing surveys for next 50 years!

It’s free to try so there is no risk involved, if you want to know a bit more about how you can follow in my footsteps then click the banner below.

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Well I’ve said my piece, now it’s your turn, time to share your thoughts in the comments below


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