Hypnotic Review

Welcome to my Hypnotic review. No you’re not going to get hypnotized by reading this review so don’t worry about that. Hypnotic is just the name of the latest release form Dan Ashendorf and Al Cheeseman.

This has been out for a couple of weeks now and it wasn’t something that I was thinking of reviewing until I was asked if I could give it a once over to see if it was a legitimate product by one of my readers.

The last product I reviewed by these two guys was something of a let down, the previous one which Dan launched with his wife was a lot better with some information inside.

So I know they can put some good stuff together, but I also know they can drop the ball at times so this is going to be an interesting review for me to see which side of the fence this one lands.

We’ll be going over the sales page to see how it compares to the actual product as well as taking a look inside the members area.

The upsells will also get a mention as will what they cost. Last but not least we’ll give you our final thoughts as to whether this is a product you should be looking to buy.

So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road

NAME: Hypnotichypnotic review

OWNERS: Dan Ashshendorf & All Cheeseman

PRICE: $17.00

WEBSITE: https://jvhypnotic.convertri.com/fe

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The Sales Page

This is where you’re more than likely going to make your buying decision. The sales page plays an important part in this process.

The trouble is, and I come across it all the time, the truth can sometimes become stretched, sometimes they just completely lie about what the product can do.

This is why I like to compare what is being said on the sales page and what the actual product does.

Hypnotic sales page headline

That’s a great headline isn’t it, buyer traffic AND sales in 2 minutes or less! Before I go any further these types of headline never deliver the goods and from what I’ve seen from the training this headline is no different.

Regardless of how good a particular software is you simply cannot say that any traffic you get will instantly buy from you, it’s just ridiculous.

And if you watch the first few seconds of the sales video it states: “Are you sick of systems that promise the earth but never deliver, it’s always the same BS

Well let’s hope this isn’t one of them.

Curiously enough the headline form their previous product, the one that wasn’t any good and failed miserably, had the same headline:

multiply sales page headline

See the similarities? That product was called Multiply. It makes you wonder if you can get buyer traffic and sales in 2 minutes or less with that product why on earth would they release another product that does the exact same thing?

MONEY, that’s why. Plain and simple.

That one by the way was released just 12 days before Hypnotic. 12 days!

Have a look at the JV page for those 2 products and see if you can spot any difference:

Hypnotic JV page

And this is Multiply:

Multiply JV page

Apart from the name they are identical and the basis of both products is the same, one used quizzes and one uses a gift. The thing is I couldn’t find anything on the sales page to tell people that if they had bought Multiply they probably won’t need this one.

There’s a line on the sales page and I quote “The IM & make money online industry is filled with crap“. You’re telling me it is and you guys released some crap just 12 days ago.

The other point I’d like to make before we move on is the results which are supposedly from using this software:

income results from using this softwareImages like that are very easily faked. I could put any number I want in there and take a screenshot so don’t take too much notice of those types of income claims.

What Is Hypnotic Really About?

Basically you have to create a prize or gift to give away, like an ebook. That is what you are giving the person who is referring your campaign.

That person then has to refer a page to 5 people so they can unlock the prize which can be an ebook or even a free training course something that person would want so it gives some incentive to share around the campaign that you have to make.

The campaign will again be another free thing like an ebook so people will enter their email addresses on the page the referrer has sent them to.

This is meant to create the viral traffic that is also buyer traffic and which is meant to get you sales all within 2 minutes.

I’ve been through the training a number of times and I must say it’s extremely convoluted and if I were to give you the whole process your head would probably explode.

Nothing really screams that this is going to be anything other than Multiply in disguise.

What Did I Like

  • ?????

What I Didn’t Like

  • unrealistic claims on sales page
  • Training doesn’t deal with what to do with your link
  • Unreliable cloud based software
  • Not going to bring in buyer traffic, only people looking for a freebie
  • Too many upsells

Inside The Members Area

Before we take a look at the members area i want to give you a warning about the upsells. As we know this has a lot of upsells that all add up to a lot of money.

What would happen if you bought them all when they are presented to you and then realised the software ins’t for you and you want your money back.

You’d think it would be a simple case of asking for a refund wouldn’t you, well that’s not what happens in most cases.

Take a look at Matthews Comment here to see exactly what I mean.

So when you get past the upsells and log in you’ll get into the members area which looks like this:

Hypnotic members area

What I will say is it’s very easy to navigate around and there in’t really too much to it. That being said the training section could really have benefited from more in depth training, especially as this is aimed at someone with no experience.

The training which is in here will take some going over before you fully understand what you need to do.

The OTO’s

We’ll quickly take a look at what the are and how much they will cost you and if they have any downsells which means you’ll get a bit cheaper, sometimes up to $100 cheaper.

  • OTO #1 – Unlimited Edition – $67 with a downsell to $57
  • OTO #2 – Done For You – $97 with a downsell to $67
  • OTO #3 – Done For You Traffic – $97 with a downsell to $77
  • OTO #4 – Hypnotic Reseller – $67 with a downsell to $57
  • OTO #5 – 100k Club – $77 with a downsell to $57

So there you have the upsells and if you want to save a bit of money all you have to do is click “No Thanks” at the bottom of each page.

My advice to you would be that you really don’t need these, they are simply a way for the vendors to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

As for OTO #1 I didn’t even realise the front end product had limitations on it, did you?

Final Thoughts

I’d have to be put in a trance to like this one. Hypnotic is basically a copy of Multiply just with them replacing the quiz with a free gift.

And just like that previous product it sounds good in theory but in reality why would they think that simply because a person puts in their email for a freebie they instantly become buyer traffic?

They must have been hypnotized to believe that. Hopefully they’ll snap out of it soon.

Just getting peoples emails is going to be hard enough, people don’t just out their emails for any old thing these days so the gift you are offering would have to be something worthy of the exchange.

But this doesn’t cover that, there is no direction as to how you can get that done, remember you don’t need any experience with this.

So basically you’re going to buy this, you might be sucked in to buying some or all the upsells then you’re going to be left wondering what to do with it all.

What are the first steps to creating an ebook? Where are some of the places you could perhaps use to create a worthwhile ebook?

They could of easily put that information in there to help you out a little bit. That brings up the question of if you do manage to get emails what are you going to do with them?

There’s nothing in here to tell you.

As for this being a cloud based software you’re never going to be in control. What happens when they decide to pull the plug? You’re going to be left high and dry.

Just like their previous product this one I’m not going to approve this.

not approved

What Now?

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