Golden Ticket Review [Paul Nicholls] – Is This The Answer?

Welcome to my Golden Ticket review. Paul Nichollls and Anthony Mancuso have recently released this and I received a few emails about it so I thought it looked like it was worth a review.

I’ve had the chance to review products before when these two guys have teamed up like Compoundly and Proximity and to be fair they haven’t ripped up any trees with them.

What I’m really hoping for is, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, that Paul Nicholls doesn’t do the training because I find him as dull as ditch water.

I find it hard to stay awake when I’m listening to him, he just drones on and on without really saying anything.

One of the other issues I have with these two is they do tend to dress stuff up as new when in fact it’s not and I have just seen on the JV page that this has never been seen so it will be interesting to see if that’s the case or them just blowing smoke up our proverbial.

I would really like to see something that hasn’t been seen before because I’ve seen a lot and most of it is total rubbish, it just gives lip service and doesn’t really deliver.

So I know these guys can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk.

NAME: Golden Ticketgolden ticket review paul nicholls

OWNERS: Paul Nichollls, Anthony Mancuso

& Shaun Baird

PRICE: $9.97


#1 recommendation for making money from home

what is golden ticket about

Well according to the sales page it’s an “underground” method that banks 100% passive income in under 30 minutes a day and you don’t need a list, you don’t need to pay for traffic and you don’t need ANY experience!

How many times do we see headlines like that? And what is “underground” anyway? hope I don’t have to go on the tube.

golden ticket sales page headline

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, it would seem we’re just going to get another run of mill product that over hypes its sales page.

I’ve been through all the sales page and i can’t find one place where it actually tells you what it is you’re going to be doing. Luckily near the bottom of the page there are some FAQs and one of them asks this:

Q. WHAT IS THE GOLDEN TICKET ALL ABOUT? Finally, I’m going to find out what this is.

sales page faq

So basically they ain’t going to tell you or perhaps they just don’t know Lol.

sales page hype

Now even though they refuse to tell you what you’re going to be buying, they do tell you what you’re not going to need.

They reckon that even though you won’t need any technical skills, any experience, no email list, a social media following, no paying for traffic or ads, no selling your own products or services you’re not going to need to learn SEO.

Now I find that totally confusing, how on earth are you going to get any traffic?

Hopefully that will be fully explained in the course.

I’ve just had a look at a Youtube review of this product and they are saying that you just set this up once and you are done and it will give $900 a month for many years to come.

I really don’t know of anything you can set up once and just forget about it, i think they’re living in cloud-cuckoo-land. If you look at that image above they reckon it’s only going to take “minutes” to create.

I find that incredibly hard to believe, but time will tell.

So what was the question at the beginning of this paragraph? Oh yeah that’s right, what is this about?

Well seeing as they don’t want to tell you I might as well. Amazon, yep that’s right, becoming an Amazon associate and making a niche website around a specific interest.

Not very “underground“, don’t you think.

what did I like

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Videos are clear and you can hear what he is saying clearly
  • ?????

what I didn’t like

  • Severely over hyped sales page
  • Never going to profit in 72 hours
  • Training is slow and very clumsy and he fumbles his way through
  • I thought I had the wrong course, it really doesn’t relate to the sales page at all.
  • Blurs out sections of the training for some reason
  • The training is twice as long as it needs to be
  • He gets totally stuck at some points
  • It’s a bit like the blind leading the blind

the training

Before we get into what you get in the training just let me tell you something about the upsells that you’re going to see after you this.

Now a lot of the time the upsells are not covered by the money back guarantee so if you decide to ask for a refund you’d only get the $9 or so dollars that you paid for the front end, you wouldn’t get the OTO money back.

Well they’re doing something a bit different here and it’s a little bit sly really if you ask me.

There are 5 upsells and the first 3 you see all have a 30 day money back guarantee with them as does the 5th one, BUT the 4th one, which is pretty expensive by the way at $397, DOES NOT have a money back guarantee, I repeat DOES NOT have a money back guarantee

So you’re seeing the first all have a guarantee and then you assume the next has one, but it doesn’t. That’s very naughty boys.

OK on to the training. Once you get into the members area you have 16 training videos, now don’t let the amount of videos impress you, the whole thing could easily have been done in 8 if it wasn’t for his constant mistakes.

  • Introduction – 4.44golden ticket members area
  • Choosing Your Niche And Money Site – 37.56
  • Making Your Income Air Tight – 13.58
  • Setting Up Your Foundation – 25.32
  • Insider Tips and Secrets – 30.20
  • Insider Tips and Secrets Part 2 – 21.29
  • Setting Up Your Pages – 30.01
  • Setting up Your Money Pages – 10.18
  • Stick to the Rules – 16.24
  • Social Presence Setup – 23.59
  • Increase Site Speed – 22.44
  • Inserting Your Header & Editing – 28.07
  • Keyword Research Secrets – 45.23
  • KGR Formula For Fast Traffic – 24.07
  • Keyword Research Secrets Pt. 2 – 44.05
  • Monetization – 18.22

Don’t let the length or the titles of the training lull you into thinking this must be great training because great it ain’t, long, Yes, great, No.

Take the video named “Insider tips and secrets“, sounds like you’re going to learn some really useful information that not a lot of other people know about doesn’t it.

It’s about inserting a header image and sorting out your footer ……… not exactly underground stuff is it.

One glaring omission is any training on getting traffic, he goes on about this KGR formula that is being pioneered by Doug Cunnington, but that’s it, there’s no training on how to get your content ranked, no SEO stuff.

the oto’s

As I said there are 5 upsells and I’ll tell you how you can save yourself $60 if you’re hell-bent on getting them.

  • OTO #1 – $27 – This is a Done for You package
  • OTO #2 – $37 – Advanced Tactics
  • OTO #3 – $67 – Reseller rights
  • OTO #4 – $397 – Super Affiliate Training
  • OTO #5 – $27 – Outsourcer Rolodex

All you have to do to is click “no thanks” at the bottom of each page to get a discount on each OTO apart from the Super Affiliate Training one.

Honestly, I would say don’t even bother with the upsells, the sales pages for those are just as bad if not worse than the main sales page and we know how that turned out don’t we.

final thoughts

If the business of making money wasn’t so serious I’d think this was put together as a laugh. I’d think they put this together as an experiment to see just how far they could push it, what they could get away with in terms of quality.

Don’t get me wrong, Shaun Baird comes across as a very likeable chap, but unfortunately his training and delivery of the training needs a lot of work to bring it up to any sort of standard, he stumbles and fumbles his way through and seems totally out of his depth.

As for the claims being made on the sales page, well if you are expecting to find those inside the course then you’re going to be very disappointed. The whole thing confused the hell out of me and I know what I’m doing!

There’s a bit in the training where he puts a stopwatch up and I can only assume that relates to the 30 minutes a day claim on the sales page.

Well it took him 34 minutes to write a 38 word post with 1 image on it! I don’t know what he’s expecting to do with that.

I find this whole KGR formula thing unnecessarily complicated, I much prefer the way I do keyword research which by the way is part of SEO which they claim you don’t need to do.

I’m not sure if they forgot what was on the sales page, but it said you didn’t need a social media following, but it’s in the training inside on how to build a social presence???

I think he’s been told something and he’s trying to repeat that to you, but failing in a big way unfortunately.

$9 probably isn’t the greatest amount of money to spend, but it would be a total waste.

not approved

what now

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You’d probably just finish building it and cracks would start to appear and before long it would all come tumbling down and all you’d find yourself with just a pile of rubble.

That analogy is a lot like building a website, without solid foundations it too will crumble and fall.

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5 thoughts on “Golden Ticket Review [Paul Nicholls] – Is This The Answer?”

  1. Ok I saw this in the review and felt such an exclamation mark in my mind (like in cartoons or comic books or whatever) that I wanted to write this comment:

    Putting aside my thoughts on whether or not you can achieve consistency in anything in 72 hours. 72 hours?! By the looks of those timestamps it’ll take us 72 hours to get through the training! Lol.

  2. Been hearing a LOT about this one. Anthony seems to be going down the path of releasing a bunch of products now. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean a decrease in quality, though that seems to be the tendency unfortunately. Last time he released a product with Paul, like mid January or whatever, it was not up to par.

    Before even reading the review, well first off I have a feeling that the sales page has a lot of hype and things that won’t be delivered upon. I haven’t even seen the sales page. But what I wanted to say was that there is no “golden ticket.” That is a very attractive, marketable name and will probably get lots of sales I’m sure, especially with all those JVs. But there is no such thing as a “golden ticket” to success. There is no one thing that will allow you to succeed. First off you can start succeeding by not turning to external sources and asking them for permission to succeed. But success is a byproduct of many smaller things combining to for the one, big, overarching success in whatever your goal is. Many variables are involved. Many things contribute. There is no savior. There is no thing that you do or buy or whatever, and then success just starts raining down on you from the sky. You are not entitled to success; you earn it. Even if this product is good, it will not be the sole determining factor as to whether or not you succeed (and that’s the kind of thing you typically see in the disclaimers). It will be a piece of the puzzle, and maybe a large piece depending on your individual situation, but it won’t be the only thing. Stop looking at things from a “savior mentality.” Stop looking at things from a lens of “this will be the one. This will be the one that will get me results. Everything will be ok after buying this, and I will not face anymore hardships and obstacles. Smooth sailing the rest of the way.” That ain’t happening. I have had that mentality for a very, very, very long time and I have only recently realized and have been trying to stop that. It’ll take some time and some work because of how automatic and prevalent it was within me before, but I’ll get it done. Off to read the review now.

    • forgot to add this in: so to answer your question, my guess is that no, this is not the answer. Or at the very least, not the entire answer. Again going back to my thoughts on “savior mentality.”

      • Also I forgot to add this in: I had a feeling that this was gonna be one of those sales pages that just dresses everything up all nice and makes it sound wonderful, but doesn’t actually tell you what it is. Going on and on about whatever name method it is and how great it is, but failing to say why it is so great and what is in it. Turns out I was right haha

    • You know what, you’re absolutely right, there is no automatic entitlement to success, you really do have to earn it.
      I know that first hand as an absolute fact.


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