Fantasy Football Affiliate Programs

Fantasy Premier league on it’s own has over 6 million players and prides itself on being the biggest in the world and interest is absolutely huge at the moment so what better time to take a look at what options there are for Fantasy Football Affiliate programs.

fantasy football affiliate progams

Today we’re going to look at the top 3 programs to see what sort of commissions you can get as an affiliate, how long their cookie period is as well as a bit of background on each company so you can make a better decision on who to sign up with.

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Which one will you choose? Of course you could choose all 3 to promote if you want.

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fanteam affiliate program

Fanteam have been around since 2014 and as well as season long fantasy football for the Premier league they also have DFS (daily fantasy sports) tournaments and with €1.07million in prizes available they would be a good choice to affiliate with.

They have a very easy to navigate website which can be translated into 6 different languages.

There are no special requirements to become a Fanteam affiliate, once you have your link all you need to do is start promoting either on your blog, via social media or anywhere else you can think of.

They pride themselves on exceptional customer service and are there for you 365 days a year.

They also have a refer a friend program where anyone can create a referral link and anyone who signs up using that particular link must play for at least €20.

Once they do that you will get a free ticket to PL main event worth €20 with every sign up and your sign up will also get a free ticket worth €20 as well.

The commission rate is €35 for each referral that signs up and deposits.

To join there affiliate program you need to email them here: and ask to join their affiliate program[su_divider top=”no”]

Fantasy Football Hub

fantasy football hub affiliate program

As the name suggest, Fantasy Football Hub is a hub for all Fantasy Premier league and Fantasy Football related stuff all under one roof.

They bring together writers, bloggers, content creators and the very best fantasy football players so you really don’t have to look anywhere else for what you need.

They really do have a lot to offer customers with their player comparison tool, their Opta data, fixture ticker, a rate my team feature and many more options.

If you have a following of more than 1,000 you can apply to become an affiliate, now of course that could mean an email list, a social following or even Youtube subscribers.

Their affiliate program offers a 30% commission that is recurring for the lifetime of your referrals membership.

A typical lifetime value for a subscriber is around £80 so for every new sign up you’ll receive around £24

They host their own affiliate program and to sign up is made on their page here:
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zweeler affiliate program

Zweeler specializes in offering a wide range of fantasy sports not just football. They started out in the early 90s with a fantasy Tour de France which only had 15 players. They even had a Fantasy Ice speed skating game.

More recently they have more than 25,000 players competing in games and more then €2,500,000 in cash prizes already paid out.

Their commission structure is based on the number of people you refer. You earn €15 for each new player as long as that player has at least one paid team.

That means that they need to register, deposit money, create a team and pay a team.

The payout increases to €500 when 50 new players have completed the necessary steps and another €500 when you reach 100 new players all with at least 1 paid team.

You can access their affiliate program here:

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So there you have the top 3 Fantasy Football affiliate programs, but what are you going to do with them? How are you going to promote them?

What’s the point of having a great affiliate program to promote if you’re getting any traffic. You need traffic to get the clicks.

You could just use social media and I know that can be a very successful way to do things, but what happens if you should unwittingly violate their terms and conditions and thy shut down your account?

You would lose all the hard work you put in building up a following.

The better way to do it would be to have a website that would complement your social media presence. Have you noticed all the big accounts have websites?

There’s a reason for that, you’re in control of your own website, no one can shut it down.

When it comes to that side of things I would highly recommend the affiliate training I used to make my websites and get them making the solid profit that I enjoy today :)[su_divider top=”no”]

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