Darts Affiliate Programs

Darting enthusiasts and affiliate marketers, brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey into the heart of the darting world! In this exclusive exploration, we delve into the synergy of passion and profit as we uncover the most lucrative darts affiliate programs that seamlessly blend the thrill of the game with the excitement of earning.

darts affiliate programs

From the bustling streets of the UK to the sun-kissed landscapes of Australia, we traverse the globe to bring you a curated list of seven remarkable companies, each standing as a beacon in the realm of darts.

These aren’t just brands; they are gatekeepers of precision, champions of innovation, and custodians of the darting spirit.

Join us as we navigate the bullseye of opportunity, where affiliation meets precision, and every click holds the potential for a winning shot.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer seeking new ventures or a passionate dart player eager to monetize your enthusiasm, this blog post is your roadmap to darting success.

Get ready to aim high, hit the mark, and witness how the art of affiliation intertwines with the finesse of the darting world. It’s time to score big, both on the board and in your affiliate earnings.

Welcome to a world where every partnership is a perfect throw, and every commission is a celebration. Let the darting adventure begin!

AA Sports

AA Sports

AA Sports is a UK-based sports retailer offering a diverse range of sports equipment, including a comprehensive selection of dart-related products. With a focus on quality and variety, AA Sports caters to both casual players and enthusiasts.

URL: AA Sports Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Up to 10%

Cookie Period: 30 days

A Quick Summary: AA Sports offers an enticing affiliate program with a commission rate of up to 10% and a generous 30-day cookie period. As a partner, you’ll be promoting products from a reputable sports retailer, maximizing your earning potential over a month-long tracking duration.

Explore the diverse range of sports-related items on their website, and leverage your audience’s interest to earn commissions through this well-structured affiliate initiative.



Ozdarts is an online destination specializing in darts and associated accessories. Based in Australia, Ozdarts provides customers with a wide selection of darts, dartboards, and related equipment, making it a go-to source for dart enthusiasts.

URL: Ozdarts Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Period: 30 days

A Quick Summary: Ozdarts presents a lucrative opportunity with a flat 10% commission rate and a substantial 30-day cookie period for its affiliate partners. By joining this program, you gain access to promoting a wide array of darts-related products.

The extended cookie duration enhances your chances of earning commissions as your audience explores and makes purchases within the 30-day window. Capitalize on this competitive commission rate and extended tracking period by becoming an Ozdarts affiliate today.

Darts Ontario

Darts Ontario

Darts Ontario is an organization dedicated to promoting and organizing dart-related events and activities in the province of Ontario, Canada. Beyond providing equipment, they contribute to the growth and development of the dart community in the region.

URL: Darts Ontario Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Period: 45 days

A Quick Summary: Darts Ontario’s affiliate program offers a compelling 10% commission rate along with an extended 45-day cookie period. As an affiliate, you can direct your audience to explore the diverse offerings related to darts on their website, ensuring you have a generous timeframe for potential conversions.

This extended tracking period provides you with ample opportunities to earn commissions on purchases made within the 45-day window.

Join Darts Ontario’s affiliate program and leverage this competitive commission rate combined with an extended tracking duration for optimal earning potential.



myDartpfeil is a platform offering a curated collection of dart products and accessories. Based on their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, myDartpfeil serves as a trusted resource for individuals seeking high-quality dart equipment.

URL: myDartpfeil Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 8% standard, 12% for content partners

Cookie Period: 90 days

A Quick Summary: The myDartpfeil affiliate program stands out with a dual commission structure, offering an 8% standard rate and an enticing 12% for content partners. With an extended 90-day cookie period, this program provides affiliates ample time for potential conversions.

Whether you’re a standard affiliate or a content partner, myDartpfeil ensures competitive compensation for your promotional efforts. Explore their diverse range of dart-related products and leverage the extended tracking period to maximize your earning potential by joining myDartpfeil’s affiliate program.

Dart Professional

Dart Professional

Dart Professional is a company focused on delivering professional-grade dart products. From darts to accessories, Dart Professional caters to players looking for precision and performance in their equipment. The brand emphasizes quality craftsmanship and innovation.

URL: Dart Professional Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: Up to 12%

Cookie Period: 30 days

A Quick Summary: Dart Professional’s affiliate program offers a competitive commission structure with rates reaching up to 12%.

With a 30-day cookie period, affiliates have a reasonable timeframe to earn commissions on referred purchases. By becoming a Dart Professional affiliate, you gain access to a variety of high-quality dart-related products to promote.

The flexible commission rates cater to the performance of affiliates, providing an opportunity for increased earnings. Join Dart Professional’s affiliate program to capitalize on the potential of earning up to 12% commissions within a 30-day tracking period.



Darting.com is an established online retailer specializing in darts and dart-related products. With a commitment to providing a wide range of options for players of all levels, Darting.com has become a reliable source for the darting community.

URL: Darting.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 5-10%

Cookie Period: 60 days

A Quick Summary: Darting.com’s affiliate program offers a flexible commission structure, ranging from 5% to 10%, allowing affiliates to tailor their earnings based on performance.

With a generous 60-day cookie period, affiliates have an extended window to earn commissions on sales generated through their referrals. Darting.com provides a diverse range of dart-related products, making it an appealing platform for affiliates to promote.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting, the combination of commission flexibility and an extended tracking period makes Darting.com’s program a lucrative option. Join today to start earning commissions on darts enthusiasts’ purchases.



Decathlon is a global sports retail giant offering an extensive range of sports and outdoor products. With a mission to make sports accessible to all, Decathlon provides a diverse selection of equipment, including items related to darts, catering to sports enthusiasts worldwide.

URL: Decathlon Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Period: 30 days

A Quick Summary: Decathlon’s affiliate program presents a solid opportunity for affiliates with a fixed 5% commission rate and a 30-day cookie period. By joining this program, affiliates can tap into the extensive range of sports and outdoor products offered by Decathlon.

This makes it an appealing option for those catering to a diverse audience. The 30-day tracking period allows affiliates a reasonable timeframe to earn commissions on sales generated through their referrals.

If you’re looking for a reliable affiliate program with a steady commission rate, consider joining Decathlon’s program to promote their quality sports and outdoor products.

Keywords To Consider In Your Promotions

Crafting content around relevant questions can enhance the discoverability of your blog. Here are some question-based keywords that could be effective for promoting darts and dart equipment:

  1. General Interest:
    • What are the different types of darts?
    • How to choose the right dart for my playing style?
    • Are there any tips for improving my dart accuracy?
    • What makes a high-quality dartboard?
  2. Buying Guides:
    • What factors should I consider when buying dart equipment?
    • Are there recommended brands for professional darts?
    • How to find the best dartboard for home use?
    • What accessories are essential for a complete dart setup?
  3. Techniques and Strategies:
    • What are some advanced throwing techniques in darts?
    • How can I improve my aim and precision in dart throwing?
    • Are there specific strategies for different dart games?
  4. Maintenance and Care:
    • How do I maintain and care for my dartboard?
    • What are the best practices for keeping darts in top condition?
    • Are there any tips for prolonging the life of dart flights?
  5. Affiliate Program Related:
    • Which dart affiliate programs offer the best commissions?
    • How can I maximize earnings as a dart equipment affiliate?
    • Are there any exclusive deals or promotions for dart affiliates?
  6. Trends and Innovations:
    • What are the latest trends in professional dart equipment?
    • Are there any innovative technologies in modern dart design?
    • How has dart equipment evolved over the years?
  7. Community and Events:
    • Where can I find local dart tournaments or events?
    • How can I connect with the online darting community?
    • Are there any notable achievements or records in the world of darts?
  8. Comparisons:
    • What are the differences between steel-tip and soft-tip darts?
    • Can you compare different materials used in dart construction?
    • Which dartboard materials offer the best durability?

Incorporating these question-based keywords into your content can make your blog more engaging and provide valuable information for your audience.

Niche Site Ideas

Here are some niche website ideas that could effectively utilize darts affiliate programs:

  1. Dart Enthusiast Hub:
    • Create a platform dedicated to all things darts. Share articles, reviews, and guides on different dart equipment, techniques, and tournaments. Incorporate affiliate links for recommended products and earn commissions on sales.
  2. Dart Equipment Reviews:
    • Build a website focused solely on in-depth reviews of various dart products. Compare different brands, models, and types of darts, dartboards, and accessories. Implement affiliate links to allow users to easily purchase the products they’re interested in.
  3. Dart Tournaments and Events Guide:
    • Curate information about local and international dart tournaments, events, and leagues. Provide schedules, results, and highlights. Integrate affiliate links for the equipment used in these events.
  4. Darting Techniques and Training:
    • Create a platform for players looking to improve their darting skills. Offer tutorials, training plans, and tips. Feature affiliate links to recommended equipment and accessories that can aid in skill development.
  5. Dartboard Maintenance and Care:
    • Focus on the proper care and maintenance of dartboards. Provide guides on keeping dartboards in top condition, reviews on maintenance products, and links to affiliate programs offering relevant items.
  6. Custom Dart Designs:
    • Cater to individuals looking for personalized dart sets. Showcase custom designs, offer tips on customization, and include affiliate links to companies that provide customizable dart options.
  7. Dart Collectors Corner:
    • Target collectors interested in rare or vintage dart sets. Share insights on dart collecting, highlight unique sets, and provide affiliate links to platforms where collectors can find exclusive items.
  8. Dart-Themed Merchandise:
    • Create an e-commerce site selling dart-themed merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and decor. Integrate affiliate links for dart products featured on the blog and expand your revenue streams.
  9. Local Darting Community Directory:
    • Build a directory of local darting communities, clubs, and venues. Include event listings and reviews. Utilize affiliate links for recommended equipment and accessories.
  10. Dart Game Variations Hub:
    • Explore and explain different variations of dart games. Provide rules, strategies, and recommendations for each game type. Integrate affiliate links for suitable equipment for specific game variations.

When building your niche website, focus on providing valuable content, engaging your target audience, and seamlessly incorporating affiliate links where relevant. This way, you can create a resourceful platform while generating revenue through affiliate marketing.

Conclusion: A Bullseye in Every Click

In the thrilling journey through the darting universe and its premier affiliate programs, we’ve uncovered a wealth of opportunities where passion meets profit. Each company, from the UK’s AA Sports to the global giant Decathlon, stands as a beacon in the world of darts, offering not just products but experiences.

As an affiliate marketer or a darting enthusiast looking to monetize your passion, these programs provide the perfect blend of quality, variety, and earning potential.

Whether you’re drawn to the precision of Dart Professional, the customization options of myDartpfeil, or the global accessibility of Decathlon, there’s a bullseye waiting for every click.

From choosing the right dart to exploring advanced throwing techniques, our exploration has touched on the very essence of the darting experience.

The 90-day tracking period of myDartpfeil, the flexibility of Darting.com’s commission rates, and the 45-day cookie period of Darts Ontario showcase the diverse offerings in the affiliate landscape.

Remember, this isn’t just about commissions; it’s about building a community, improving your game, and embracing the spirit of darts.

So, whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or a newcomer seeking a niche, the darting world welcomes you to a space where every partnership is a perfect throw, and every commission is a celebration.

As you embark on your darting and affiliate marketing adventure, may every click hit the mark, and every partnership be a bullseye.

Cheers to a future where every dart thrown is a win, both on the board and in your affiliate earnings. The game is on, the opportunities are endless, and the bullseye awaits – happy darting and affiliate success to you all!

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