Exodus Review

Welcome to my review of Trevor Carrs’ Exodus.

This is a new product by Trevor Carr and Lance Groom. These 2 guys are no strangers to flipping domains and I have actually reviewed a couple of their domain flipping courses here in the past.

Both of those I’m happy to say were a cut above most products I review here. What I’m hoping with this one is that they haven’t just made a rehashed version of those 2, I hope they’re produced something new for you guys.

The only gripe I have is that their sales pages can be a bit hypey and they do like an upsell, so be prepared for some extra selling if you decide to buy this cause this has 4 otos’ attached to it.

What you can usually be sure of is you’ll get plenty of quality content in the front end training, I hope I haven’t jinxed that ……

NAME: Exodusexodus review

OWNERS: Trevor Carr & Lance Groom

PRICE: $12.95

WEBSITE: https://www.phlos.net/exodus-sales/

#1 recommendation for making money from home

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What Is Exodus About

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the headline on the sales page, not how much money they made, but the little bit above that:

exodus sales page headline

Now, I think that those few words are so important. Too many times you’ll see the exact opposite and it’s all BS. At least these guys are setting your expectations from the get go.

Another good point is that they actually tell you on the sales page what it is you’re going to be doing. Now, I know a lot of you will be thinking why is that so good? Surely everyone does that don’t they?

Unfortunately no, so many times you’ll be expected to part with your cash without the slightest idea what you’re buying, I know, sounds crazy, right, but it happens all the time.

Which is why it’s refreshing to see vendors letting you know what you’re going to be doing before you splash the cash. Here’s what Trevor has to say:

So, this is about flipping domains, as I’ve already said they’ve released similar products in the past such as 60 Minute Flips and for $7 it was great value.

Anyway, This one claims to be able to show a complete newbie how to get incredible results in no time at all, buying domain names for as little as $8.88 and selling them for $197 all without a website or a sales page.

As far as sales pages go they’ve kept this one pretty tame, no exaggerated claims of riches by this time tomorrow or being able to fire your boss, stupid stuff like that.

I think what we need to do now is take a look through the actual training to see if this is indeed something new or and I’m hoping it’s not, just a rehash.[su_divider top=”no”]

What Did I Like

  • Brand New Training, No Rehashing
  • No Over Hyped Sales Page
  • Over 3.5 Hours of Training
  • Very Actionable

What I Didn’t Like

  • Made To Sound Easier Than It Really Is
  • Listing Fees, Relisting Fees
  • Quite a steep Learning curve
  • Process Can Be A Bit & Miss

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Inside The Members Area

Once you get past those upsells, which anyone familiar with this blog will know I don’t recommend buying at this point will know, you get to the members area:

exodus members area

This is made up of 13 videos:

  • Introduction To The Training – 2.51
  • Finding Killer Domains That Sell Like Crazy – 35.17
  • WarriorPlus Domain Flips (Case Study) – 46.29
  • Quick Domain Transfers To Your Buyers – 7.46
  • FB Domain Flip 1 (FB Domain Group Members Add) – 7.40
  • FB Domain Flip 2 (Selling on Your Personal FB Page) – 12.31
  • Cool List Building Strategies – 23.01
  • Flipping Domains To Your List – 10.05
  • Five HOT List Mailing Tips – 22.35
  • Flipping Domains on Flippa – 31.10
  • Flipping Domains on Uniregistry – 3.29
  • Buying Expired Domains on YouTube With Massive Traffic (Interview) – 18.00
  • Wrapping it Up – 3.24

So, there you have the entire training and I think you’ll agree you get a lot for your $12.

But it doesn’t stop there. That first section was by Lance Groom, now it’s Trevors turn:

  • Getting Discounts for Your Domains – 6.25
  • Domains / What You Can Do When You’ve Bought One (Easy & Fast) – 7.46
  • The Petit Pimp! – 24.58
  • How to Find “Sellable” Domains – 16.04
  • The No Website Trick for Selling on W+ – 9.52
  • The Domain Sold in a Few Hours – 5.10

I honestly haven’t seen something of this detail in a long time, I think they have gone well beyond what people have come to expect from vendors which is like a breath of fresh air in an industry that fails to deliver on most of the promises being made by some unscrupulous vendors looking for a quick buck without any thought for the customer.[su_divider top=”no”]


Like I said this does have upsells attached to it, but there is so much value in the front end that you’re going to be so busy putting that into action that anything else would just be a major distraction.

What I would recommend you do is go through the main training, get some sales under your belt then if you feel the need for the upsells then you can take advantage of them at that time.

They all have links inside the members area so don’t think you’re going to be missing out if you don’t buy them straight away, just put all your focus into the main training and you won’t go far wrong.

  • OTO #1 – $37 – Advanced Strategies
  • OTO #2 – $37 – Done For You
  • OTO #3 – $67 – Licence Rights
  • OTO #4 – $197 – VIP Bundle

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Final Thoughts

Their other 2 domain flipping products were good and this one is no different, if anything this one is probably a bit better than those.

I really like the way Lance goes through how he finds domain names and you can see he knows what he’s doing, when he gets going names just start to flow from his head, there’s no umming or ahing, it’s bang, bang, bang!

In so many products I see the words case study, unfortunately all they usually consist of are screenshots of their income, no method or procedure, but not this one.

His 46 minute case study was just that, an actual case study. He went through the whole process.

However much I like this I have to say that don’t think that you’re going to be selling domains left, right and centre as soon as you finish the course.

This kind of process is very hit-and-miss, you’re not going to hit a home run every time, you’re going to find you’re going to be left with a lot of domains that won’t sell, it’s just the nature of the beast.

But, and they say this themselves, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but if you look at it as something of a long term project that could bring in some extra money, but be willing to lose some as well, then I wholeheartedly approve this one.


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What Now

Flipping domains is just one way to make money online, I may add that to my portfolio. You see, that’s the great thing about being an affiliate marketer.

You’re not tied to one way to make money, you can have multiple streams of income.

The thing with affiliate marketing is there is so many people who claim to be able to teach you the best way to do it, but have little or no real knowledge or even the support you really need to be successful.

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They all learned how to build a website at the same place, Wealthy Affiliate, and you can too.

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1 thought on “Exodus Review”

  1. Honestly, this product is complete bullshit, and the whole idea is bullshit too.
    No logical person will ever purchase a domain that costs $197 from a domain flipper instead go directly and purchase it from a domain registrar (namecheap.com). And even you are the domain flipper, none of these product makers didn’t tell you, that you will need to purchase lots of domains that cost $8.88 or even more to create a portfolio and you will not be sure you will be able to sell these domains or find anyone who will be interested. Also, know this, there are domain value checkers that evaluate the real value of the domain you are going to purchase from a domain flipper. For example, if you find the name “summertoys.com” from a flipper for $197 and you will check the real value is $8.88 then I doubt your customer will ever purchase from you for $197, so you will remain with a portfolio of unsold domains that you will pay for them year after year and then at the end you will let them expire and you will have spent lots of money just renting useless domains. Domain flipping is bullshit and high-value domains are very expensive, they do not cost $8.88 and I do not think that you will have money to flip a very expensive domain or even an expired domain which will cost $1000 and risk to flip it, who knows after how many years will you able to sell it.

    Currently the example “Summertoys.com” is a very expensive domain to keep it for flipping.
    According to the site sedo.com its value is $30.000

    They will sell you their junk product but you will remain with useless unsold domains. Even you paid a lot and you are unable to sell them for profit now or they are cheap and why do they will purchase them from you more expensive? (Are you smarter than others?). Sure you are stupid you purchase these products.


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