Dosh Cash Back App Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Everybody’s looking for a way to either save some money or make some money and seeing as most people own a smartphone these days it’s even easier to do just that. In this Dosh cash back app review we’re going to be looking at if it’s even worth your time to even download the app in the first place.Dosh cash back app Review

so what is the dosh app

As their tag line states you get “cash back, auto – magically” sounds great doesn’t it.

Back in the day it used to be that you would have to scour the newspapers and magazines for coupons that you cut out and hand over for a discount on your purchases, then you had places like wowcher, groupon and quite a few others.

Dosh claims to use breakthrough technology to enable it users to simply carry on shopping as usual without the need to do any of the searching themselves.

how do i get it

Dosh is available at both ios and android, so whatever phone you have just go to your relevant store and download it.

NOTE: currently only available in the US.

To sign up you

  1. Enter a mobile number.
  2. Add first and last name.
  3. Add an email address.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Select Agree to Terms and Conditions.

Once you’ve gone through the steps and installed it there is something that a lot of people are unhappy with doing and that’s adding your credit card details, unfortunately that’s the only way to earn cash back.

payment card connection

Also if you happen to have your cards already registered to another cash back app then you are going to have to unlink them from that app to be able to use it on this app.

how does it work

How you earn money is divided into 4 different ways:

  1. Nearby stores

You simply hit the offers tab and choose ‘nearby‘ and if you have any offers in close proximity to you this is where you will find them. nearby offers

If you happen to live in a small town you might have a hard job finding any participating outlets, but, and here’s something you could do to earn some recurring income, and that’s to refer a local business.

Now if they sign up not only is it going to added to your ‘nearby’ tab so every other person using Dosh in your town can use it, but it will also earn you 20% of the fee that Dosh charges the merchant and you get that for 2 years.

2. Online

pretty similar to using ‘nearby’ only with ‘online’ you don’t have to worry about there being a lack of choice. online offersAll you do is choose the offer and shop as usual.

Probably goes without saying, but you must complete the purchase through the app!

Also something to bear in mind is that the merchant has a 60 day return period so you won’t get your cash back until that period has expired.

3. Hotels (travel)

with Dosh you also get the chance to get some cash back when you’re on your travels. Again, all you have to do is book a hotel through the app with a registered credit card and once you’ve completed your stay you get your cash back.

One important thing to note is this transaction is non-refundable so just be sure it’s the hotel you want before commiting to that particular hotel.

4. Referrals (friends and also businesses)

Another way to earn cash back is through referrals. Now these referrals can either be friends or they can also be businesses.

If you want to refer friends then there’s a social button that let’s you do just button

Some things to bear n mind when referring, make sure the person who you are referring knows that they have to click on your share link to sign up, because if they don’t and happen to go straight to the relevant store to download then you won’t get a referral fee, which at the moment currently stands at $5.

Another way to earn a referral bonus is to actually refer a merchant which we already touched on above.

One final way i should mention is you also get $5 in your Dosh wallet when you link your first card.

what do other ‘Doshers’ think

​If you take a look at Google play store it currently has 4’948 reviews with the App store having 11’622.

Out of them reviews you really do have a mixed bag. negative commentspositive comments

But it does seem that overall people do like this app, although the negative reviews do seem to centre around problems with cashing out which does seem strange as that’s the whole point of having the app in the first place.

​*UPDATE* At the moment Dosh has put a temporary cap of 50’000 sign ups a day because of the amount of people who are interested in it. This cap will be removed once they have managed to increase their capacity.

Oh i forgot to mention the cash out threshold, it’s set at a very reasonable $15 which is easily acheivable and can then be transferred to either your Paypal account or a linked bank account.

what do i think

​I think that Dosh is a great app, so much so that i’m going to be including it my top ten apps that pay you money article that i’m going to be posting in the near future.

I would have no problems recommending this to my family.

Is Dosh going to make you enough money to live a better lifestlye….probably not, but it will give you a bit of extra pocket money which is always nice.

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Have you got the Dosh app? Have you had any problems or do you absolutely love it?

Tell us your thoughts below and let everybody else know what you think


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