Bank Bingo Slot Review

Welcome to my Bank Bingo Slot review.

Today we’re looking at an app that’s been downloaded over 1 million times, but has no reviews🤔

Ah, the reason for no reviews is because this is an early access app and as such you can’t leave reviews, well you can, but only the developers will see it.

I find that a bit strange for it to be still in early access because it’s been out for quite a while now, since April 2022.

I don’t know how long an app can stay at the early access phase, perhaps indefinitely, that would certainly benefit the developer because if they are getting terrible feedback no-one else will ever know about it.

The early access is there in order to make the game better if it needs it so you could say this should be an excellent app because after 1 million people playing this there should be some great feedback.

Here’s hoping that the developers have listened to any feedback they have gotten to make this one of the best out there.

Let’s find out shall we!

Name: Bank Bingo Slots

Price: Free (in app purchases $0.99 – $5.99 per item)

Owners: BiuBiuBiu


Bank Bingo Slot Review

Bank Bingo Slot is a simple bingo based game that combines the features of slots and bingo in one game.

bank bingo slot review

They also make outrageous claims about the amount of money you can win which is where this review will really dig into.

And the only way to really find out the truth is play the game myself.

How To Play Bank Bingo Slot

When you’ve downloaded and opened the app you’re told that if you sign in for 3 consecutive days and spin 20 times each time you’ll be able to redeem an iWatch with a rrp of $499!

an thrown straight into it, no explanation of what you’re supposed to.

There is a spin button with a slot type screen showing different dollar bills and above that a bingo type screen.

So the spin button it is …….

Nothing else on the screen is interactive so all you do is keep hitting the spin button.

As you spin for some unknown reason the top screen, the bingo type one, starts to fill up with bags of cash with a bonus square in the middle.

I finally get a line and coins get deposited to your account and the whole thing resets back to the spin button and a blank bingo board with the bonus square in the middle.

After some mind numbing hitting of the spin button I get a big win! However it’s just more coins into the account and then back to hitting the spin button.

The ads come into play if you choose to get more free bags/spreads and you get that for the next 3 or 5 spins if you watch the video ad which for the sake of this review I do.

Even though the spread is for the next 5 spins you’ll more than likely get a line through the bonus square on your first spin.

Once that happens it resets and you lose the remaining spins meaning you have to collect more spreads thus watching more ads.

And so the circle continues.

You can actually spend more time watching ads than you spend playing the game.

It’s pretty obvious that the game itself is secondary to revenue collection aka you watching ads.

You can collect the coins by smashing open your piggybank which also goes into your account.

At this point I have absolutely no idea what these coins are for, what can I do with them?

Also when I go to collect from the piggybank again before I can I’m shown an ad.

Without getting more bags/spreads you won’t get a line through the bonus square and just getting a line takes quite a while.

How Does Bank Bingo Slot Work

Bank Bingo Slots works by enticing you with the lure of big money when in reality all it is there for is to make money for the developer.

They do this by serving you as many ads as they can for whatever reason in the game.

Doing this enables them to get paid from these ads so the more you watch the more they get paid.

Even when you press “No Thanks” to collecting you’re still forced to watch a video ad as if you had pressed collect.

Does Bank Bingo Slot Pay Real Money

The cash out options on Bank Bingo Slot are split into 3 ways, PayPal, Cash App and Amazon gift card.

The payments for these is $1,000 for PayPal, $1,000 for Cash App and 300 Amazon gift cards, all of this is capable of being earned in half an hour, so they claim.

How Much Money Can You Make

Now we come to the most important part of this Bank Bingo Slot review, how much money can you make? Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but the total amount you can earn playing this app is absolutely zero!

Why? Because once you get to the payout threshold of $1,000 in PayPal for example you are then told that your order is under review.

You must then watch 60 video ads to actually activate the order!!!

But if you decide to chance your arm and watch all the 60 videos you can be sure you’ll just have to watch a ton more to fill some other sort of made up requirment.

There is no money people! There’s just one excuse after another for not paying you.

Is Bank Bingo Slot Legit or Not

Bank Bingo Slot is not a legitimate app, they will not pay you what they promise, you will be watching ad after ad will no reward for your time.

If you were to think about it for a moment paying out a thousand dollars at a time to over 1 million people who have downloaded this would mean the developers would have to pay 1 billion dollars.

That’s never going to happen. Not to mention the all the gifts like the iWatch which is just another fake tactic.


Most of the complaints centre around what I’ve already pointed out like once you reach the $1000 you’re told to watch more ads then more ads, it goes on and on.

Privacy Concerns

There are also some concerns over how safe your data is. Any data that is collected isn’t transferred over a secure connection.

This means anyone could intercept your data and if you think you can just ask the developer to delete your data you’d be wrong.

You cannot contact the developer as they don’t provide details for any requests to do that.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s just about it for my Bank Bingo Slot review, I hope it’s helped you out in some small way.

Just be aware this app is a much of a scam as it gets unfortunately, even worse than the one reviewed here.

I know the app itself is free to play, but it’s under false pretences.

These people pray on peoples need for money and offer them a seemingly easy way to do that. This game will never give you what you expect, it’s not real.

There is only one winner here and that’s the developer. They are the ones getting paid from the advertisers.

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