What Is Speed Wealth System – $1000 On Autopilot?

At first glance this Speed Wealth system looks like a god send of a program, i mean who doesn’t want a system that sends you all the commissions and automatically closes the sales for you, a system that is 100% done for you, I know i do, but i know from experience of these types of programs that is never the case, could this be different? Let’s find out exactly what is Speed Wealth System because there is a lot of people online who don’t seem to like it.

what is speed wealth system

Website: speedwealth.net

Price: $47 – $27

Owner: Matthew Neer


so what is Speed Wealth system about

This is all about earning affiliate commissions on digital products, why digital products? well the reason behind that is you want your business to be able to handle the amount of orders needed to earn the income you want as easily as it can handle 1 order without the need for extra effort for you, it’s scalable for want of a better word.

Digital products will allow you the opportunity to do that without the need to be hands on, it will continue to accept money 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You can actually have money coming in to your bank account while you are sleeping.

Now Speed Wealth utilizes the ascension sales funnel which is basically moving people through your sales funnel starting off with a low price item and finishing off with a high price item.

Do you want to see Matthews sales funnel? Or as he calls them his perfect employees…….OK here it isspeed wealth sales funnelSee where it says a potential $250+ per sale, that’s because affiliates of this program earn a massive 50%.

So as you can see the entry price is a relatively low price of $47, but that has a downsell price of $27 if you go to click away on the sales page.

Once you paid that you’re then presented with

  • Campaigns for $199
  • Landing Pages $97 – $37
  • Digital Millionaire University $197 – $77

And that’s before you even enter the members’ area!

It’s worth mentioning at this time that the $47 or $27, whichever you want to pay, isn’t the only time you’ll pay, by that i mean you’ll also have to pay a monthly subscription to continue to access the members’ area.monthly fee

What you would be doing is promoting this very product and earning Matthew money, but he sends you all your commission, you use his system and will let you brand it, put your own name on it.

In the sales video he actually says that he would rather leverage 1% of the effort from 100 different people than 100% of his own effort.

on the inside

Once you get access to the members’ area you can get an overview of what the training has in store for you and how to set things up in the fast start guide which goes over these 5 subjects:

  • #1 NEW ACCOUNTS: Which is where you learn how to get a Get Response account for your autoresponder and a Clickbank account for affiliate offers
  • #2 UPLOAD CODE: This is where you upload your code from your auto responder which then connects you to all the dfy squeeze pages, if you purchased them
  • #3 AFFILIATE LINK: This section deals with how to get your link from clickbank and adding your affiliate link into the dfy pages
  • #4 CLICK TRACKING: Here you are shown how to use a click tracker to monitor your traffic sources
  • #5 PREMIUM TRAFFIC: In this section you are shown how to buy solo ads from various places

members area

You also have access to the traffic section which consists of:

  • #1 FREE TRAFFIC: shows you different free website to market your offers to get clicks back to your landing page and to build your list
  • #2 EMAIL DROPS: Is basically another name for a solo ad and you are shown how do that in various different places such as different networks
  • #3 AD SWAPS: Which is where you do solo ads for free
  • #4 WEIRD ADVERTS: a resource where you go to buy ads

Along with that you also have your access to the DFY pages, the DFY campaigns and the Webinars, BUT only if you bought the upsells that we highlighted earlier.#1 recommendationThe DFY pages consist of 15 squeeze pages that, according to Matthew Neer, are proven to convert. The DFY campaigns are a bunch of email swipes that are again, in Matthews words, proven to convert resulting in a high open rate and a high click through rate.

The last section is the Webinars which is also the last upsell which if you remember will cost you either $197 or $77 if you go to click away.

In these webinars you will get 12 videos:


what i liked

I liked the fact that Matthew himself is the one doing the training and not just some random person who was just outsourced to do it and in all honesty he really seems to know what it is he’s talking about.

The sales page makes the claim of not needing a website or your own hosting, no seo, no blogging, no Facebook etc. and that’s exactly what it is.

You basically just have to connect your autoresponder to the squeeze page which is hosted on their server, which does have its drawbacks which I’ll get to in a minute, and send traffic to the offer.

what i didn’t like

I know this whole program’s success is built on the ascension sales funnel principal, but if you don’t buy the upsells then you are going to have to do them yourself and if you haven’t got any experience of email campaigns or building a landing page then at the very least you’re going to have to get someone to do them for you which is going to cost you.

The paid traffic side of things is another worry because if you use their recommended source of highly qualified traffic then you can expect to be paying around $78 per 100 visitors to your squeeze page, now that’s a lot of money to be paying, but unfortunately if you go cheap then the traffic you’re going to be getting will be next to useless because a lot places use bots.

And because you have no website you’re not going to be getting any organic traffic.

Talking of no website, the whole hosting on their server thing which might sound great at first, but YOU have no control over what happens so you are basically trying to build a business on something you don’t own.

So what happens if Matthew Neer goes out of business ……. you go out of business too. Not good.

I think the whole sales page could be dialed back a bit in regards to him throwing his money around, now he may well have that kind of money, but does that have to mean he flaunt it like that all guru-like.

If you look at some of the real successful internet marketers they don’t feel the need to show you how much money this industry has made them.

final thoughts

After reading a fair few reviews on this i was convinced that i was going end up with the same opinion, but after going through it all myself i have to say that I’m actually quite impressed with what is on offer.

Saying that, i think that i must point out that if you already have one of Matthew Neers previous products called 5K FORMULA then you won’t be needing this as it’s virtually a carbon copy.

Unfortunately Matthew makes no mention of that in any of his sales pitch which i think is a bit disappointing really.

If you can get this product for $27 then i think it’s well worth it, even with the $19.95 a month, but don’t forget the price of the paid traffic.

If you feel that after learning all you can here you want to go it alone then you can simply cancel and go out and get your own hosting and start yourself which personally i think is the better option as you’re then in control of your own destiny.

what now

The world of internet marketing is absolutely massive, makes no mistake about it, and as such there is room for everybody.

If the cost of paid traffic is too much for you and you’d like to build a business online that will be a source of income for years to come with traffic that comes organically from search engines which by the way is the best type of traffic, then you need to learn how to pick a niche, create a website and earn money from it.

You need Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to get started so you can simply see if it’s for you without any expense. You will find all the training you’ll ever need to build that income online.

Inside there are people just like you who are willing and able to help you and i include myself in that, I’ve been a member now for over 3 years.

#1 recommendation

Have you had any experience with Speed Wealth or just have some thoughts on it?We always love to hear what our readers think

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you kindly for making and sharing this review with us all, it is really appreciated.

    Spot on there regarding NEVER build your online business on something that you don’t own. Many of those that were making money on facebook and other social media suffered when they pulled the rug from under them by reducing their reach, the percentage of their fans/followers that could see their posts.

    If only they had thought a little, built their own site and directed their traffic to their own page rather than fully running a business on something they don’t own!


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