What Is My 7 Figure Nest Egg About? Don’t Count Your Chickens Just Yet

Having a 7 figure nest egg for the future sure sounds great doesn’t it, i mean with the average age of men and women continuing to grow it can be a bit of a worry if you haven’t got a proper retirement plan in place and that is where My 7 Figure Nest Egg comes in.

It hopes to tempt you in with the fear of having little or no money coming in when you retire.

Program Name: My 7 Figure Nest Eggwhat is my 7 figure nest egg about

Website: my7figurenestegg.com

Price: $49 – $29,997

Owner: Jill Veverka

#1 recommendation

so what is my 7 figure nest egg about?

My 7 Figure Nest Egg claims to be able to teach you how to build a nest egg of a million dollars working in your spare time from the comfort of your own home.

In its most basic form you would, as Jill puts it, simply find people who want to make money and tell them about her website.

The company behind the system does the rest. So Jill doesn’t actually do anything, she simply introduces people to the other company who then take over.

You send your leads to this company who then turn them into buyers for which you then get paid commissions ranging from $1,250 – $20,000 per sale. I would just like to say that if you are going to be getting that kind of commission then the purchase price is going to be a lot more than the $49 advertised.

So you are just a lead finder, someone who goes out and finds prospects to send to this company who do everything else including the customer service side of things as well as product fulfillment and website design.

So for all that i still don’t know what the program is or who exactly you’re going to be paying The only thing that is mentioned is a 21 step system.

Now I’ve heard of a 21 step system before, on a number of occasions actually and each time i found that it wasn’t being promoted very ethically shall i say.

Now i have to say that Jill comes across as a very honest person and apart from not actually telling you what it is or who it is you would be dealing with for your money, her sales page is not like the rest.

what does it cost

As i have said similar sites that are promoting these 21 steps usually charge around $97, so the $49 that Jill is charging, compared to the others, would seem a good deal.

However, remember the commissions that she said you can earn, the $1,250 -$20,000, well you’re not going to get that off a $49 price point.

So how do you earn them kind of commissions? Simple, the upsells. How do i know this?

Let me show you, on the sales page at the bottom there is something called an Income Disclosure,my 7 figure nest egg income disclosureOnce on that page there is a link to the commission or compensation plan as they call it.

In that document is all you need to know about how you earn them sorts of commission.

Again in the sales video and on the sales page Jill makes a point of telling you that all you do is find the leads and the company does the rest and you can make them commissions.

sales page

Well that’s kind of true, but only if you upgrade to one of the MOBE Certified Programs. Oh yes, that’s where we find out that this is indeed MOBE.

These certified programs are going to cost you a pretty penny.consultant feesSo you can pay your $49 and have to do everything yourself or you can pay an astronomical amount to have them do things for you, and of course you have to keep on paying them a monthly fee.

Don’t think if you don’t upgrade you won’t have to pay a monthly fee because you even have to pay a $19.95 membership every month just to keep your account active.

The price of some of the products that your leads are going to be encouraged to buy are pretty hefty.mobe services

And that is just a small example of what they have for sale.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that your lead buys the $49 package and are then sold the ‘done for you system’ which costs an extra $2,497 (Jill doesn’t tell you that on the sales page does she) If as the consultant you have either the silver, gold, titanium, platinum or diamond package then you will receive $1,250 in commission. If you only have the standard you will receive zero! so to make the commissions you need to upgrade.


does it work

Well that’s where this next part doesn’t really make a lot of sense, Jill is actively selling a system that SHE claims can make a 7 figure nest egg however she hasn’t been able to do that which makes the whole selling point of making a million a bit redundant.

Now while she does claim to have made a six figure sum which is fantastic by itself, she seems unable to get her figure right.

In the sales video she claims to have made $217,271 to date, but on the sales page she says $294,361 so I’m not sure which one if any we are meant to believe, is it case of ‘fake till i make it’ i just don’t know.#1 recommendation

how much can you make

That’s an interesting question. Now one of the things that i do like about Mobe is the fact that they are quite transparent when it comes to what sort of income you can earn.

The My 7 figure Nest Egg does it’s best to paint a glowing picture of how easy it is to earn that sort of money in your spare time, but the ‘company’ does make it clear on the disclosure page as to the realistic expectations of potential income.

So much so that they even go as far as telling you that not all affiliate will make money. In fact over 62% will only make on average a monthly income of $61.

Not exactly retirement money is it. income disclosure

But there is only 1.50% of consultants that make on average $212,570 per month.

the upsells

As I’ve touched on above there are a lot of upsells and they range from $2,947 all the way up to a crazy $29,997 all with monthly membership fees as well.

On top of that you have all the different products that MOBE has for sale, like these events for exampleeventsThat little lot adds up to over a staggering $25,000

final thoughts

The sales page makes this all sound very, very easy for absolutely anybody to be able to earn enough money, 7 figures to be exact, to secure their future into their retirement.

Unfortunately you would need a lot of money in the first place to make any real money with this program, even then as they state themselves, not a lot of people actually make the kind of money that you’re led to believe you can simply by working from home in your spare time.

Now Jill may well be one of those 1.50% but there are a lot of them who are simply not making that kind of money.

And because of the sheer amount you would potentially need I’m not going to approve it.
The program that Jill promotes, MOBE, is a legitimate program, but it’s an expensive program, so just be aware of that fact if you wish to join them, it’s not just $49, it’s a lot more. not approved

What else could you do

Well even though Jill didn’t say it on the sales pitch, this is all about affiliate marketing, you would be an affiliate for MOBE.

I’m an affiliate marketer and i make a very good living from it, not 7 figures (yet) But i don’t pay anything near what they are expecting people to pay.

The program i learnt with is called Wealthy Affiliate which i have been a part of for over 3 years now. If you would like to know more about what it is and what it can do for you then click on the banner to find out.

Oh i forgot to mention it’s free and by that i mean you never have to pay a penny if you don’t want to. As a starter member you would get 1 FREE website and 10 lessons all for free, no credit card, nothing. So click the banner to find out more.

wealthy affiliate review

Have you been a member of MOBE? or just want to share your thoughts? We love to hear what you think in the comments below.


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