TT Tube Review

Welcome guys to my TT Tube review.

The subject of todays reviews is one I’m really looking forward to digging into. I haven’t come across an app like this for earning cash before so it’ll be a first for me.

This has over 100k downloads, but unfortunately the developer has decided to leave this in ‘early access’ just like the one I reviewed here the other day.

This means that reviews cannot be left for this so people who are thinking about downloading this will have no idea if it’s any good.

And the chances are you’ve landed here because you’re doing just that, looking to see if TT Tube is legit or not.

So, without wasting any more time let’s jump right into it, I hope you enjoy it!

Name: TT Tube

Price: Free (contains ads)

Developer: Planet Event


TT Tube Review

Once you’ve installed this you’ll have to agree to the terms and conditions, after that you select your cash out method.

TT Tube review

You have a choice of either PayPal or cash which I’m assuming that’s cash out perhaps?

You then have the choice to either enter you PayPal account or mobile number.

Be very careful when entering in your information into these types of applications, just a quick word of warning to begin with.

I’m going to do it since I’m reviewing this app.

Once you’ll all signed up you’ll see that there is a cash out option of 1,000 PayPal dollars if we reach 10,000 of the cash.

It states that you need to watch the video and win more cash, the shorts tab looks just like the one you find on YouTube shorts and TikTok.

Apparently watching these shorts will result in generating cash that we need to be able to cash out.

While watching the video there is a money symbol pulsing in the corner of the screen begging to be pressed.

Ad Overload

There’s also a floating advertisement button.

Tapping on the pulsating cash button results in bringing up a screen where it shows that we just won 1,000 dollars worth of cash.

I can also 2x that by hitting the collect button which now means I have a balance of 2,000.

Not only that, but the little money symbol is now increasing which means that I’m now allowed to tap on it again and collect more money.

And if I watch an ad I can 2x the reward.

But what if I want to collect? Well, tapping that brings up an ad as well, but that’s what the developers want.

They want to increase the chances of you watching the long format advertisement that pays THEM more money.

This is done on purpose and nearly every app uses this tactic, it’s a cheap trick to play on the unsuspecting player.

Remember the floating chest symbol from earlier? Well tapping on that results on an advertisement immediately being played.

After watching the ad it allows me to collect a portion of what I’ve earned so far and while watching the short a random little prompt appeared.

That prompt allows me to double my reward again.

If you look at the bottom of the screen you’ll see there’s a bar that has some tabs on it.

There is a video tab, a game tab, a gift tab, a cash out tab and a me tab.

It turns out that TT Tube allows you to earn with other methods as well.

At the top of the screen you’ll find a hot tab, a news tab and a game tab.

In my opinion these tabs are a complete waste of time and seems to be designed to simply distract users so they watch more and more ads.

So’ basically they put these little flash games here to make you think that you can earn if you play them, but in reality all they are there for is showing you ads.

There’s no way to get around watching the ads so the developer will get their revenue money from me.

Seeing as they are going to show me the ad regardless I might as well double the reward.

Down the Rabbit hole

The news tab doesn’t really make any sense to me, it shows advertisements that are advertising small business loans??


I have no idea.

What I do know is the floating ad chest is still there as is the money symbol which if you tap on results in yet more money with another chance to double it.

And another opportunity to show you more video ads.

When there are this many distractions it makes you wonder why they are there especially as you downloaded this to watch videos, right?

I suspect it’s just more chances for the developer to show you ads.

Game Tab

The game tab has a number of small games with half of them working and the other half not.

Regardless of that the real reason for them being there is to have the opportunity for the developer to keep showing you that floating ad chest and the money symbol.

If they are there front and centre it’s more likely for you to press them.

There is another game tab at the bottom of the screen, what does that do?

It’s basically a replica of the shorts tabs, showing exactly the same options.

The only difference in this area is the 2 game tabs, again nothing to do with why you downloaded this app at all.

Gift Tab

One tab we haven’t touched on yet is the gift tab, this is one where you need to be very careful.

They want your personal information and insist it won’t be used unless you make a claim.

Surely then you only need to give it once you’ve made a claim, not before.

The process is a bit weird in my opinion.

It revolves around a mystery box system where after watching 2 video ads your box count goes up by 5.

These boxes contain puzzle pieces to the gifts that are on offer and you need to collect 100 puzzle pieces for each gift.

The gifts that are apparently available are outrageous, gifts like a PS5, a MacBook Pro and iPhones.

If you were to think about it for a sec, the amount of ‘mystery boxes’ you’d need to unbox in order to get 100 puzzle pieces of the same gift is just ridiculous.

Then you think about the amount of ads you’re going to be watching and it all becomes clear.

I can honestly say that I believe no-one will ever win one of these gifts.

Diminishing Returns

Although we can still tap the money symbol we’ve now got to the stage where the amount they are giving out has dropped dramatically.

This is a deliberate process done by the developer so that you need to watch more and more ads.

Cashing Out

So, once you’ve managed to get to the $1,000 cash out threshold you need to enter your PayPal email.

All you then need to do is press the confirm button or at least that’s what I thought.

In reality, once you’ve pressed confirm a pop up immediately informs you that you need to watch 30 videos in order to ‘activate’ the order and that must be done within 48hrs.

This is a tactic I’ve seen time and time again to get you to watch even more adverts, earning the developers even more money.

The funny thing is that even if you do watch all 30 videos they will have another set of hoops for you to jump through with the promise of paying you.

Then after that more tasks and more tasks, basically they will put as many obstacles in your way so that they don’t have to pay you.

Final Thoughts

Remember at the beginning of this review I pointed out that the developer has this as early access.

That’s because they know full well that if they made it so people could leave reviews that it wouldn’t bode well for them.

I think it’s despicable that they lead you on so you think that once you’ve done all that, watching all those videos, you could actually cash out $1,000.

The truth is they never had any intention of letting you do that.

They knew full well that once you reached that particular threshold they’d put more hurdles in your way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this TT Tube review and I sincerely hope I’ve helped someone even if it’s just 1 person that won’t waste their time on this rubbish.

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2 thoughts on “TT Tube Review”

  1. I tried this app and got /o $1000. I jumped through all of their hurdles and ended up in a waiting queue for payout. After almost five months, I finally got to only 8 members ahead of me for payout. I have been stuck at this same number for four weeks. It will not count down the last 8. There is a message saying the server is down, but it will still let me continue to collect more money. What a scam! I will attempt to contact the owner through the email, but I am not expecting much.

    • Hey Teresa, thanks for sharing your experience I’m just sorry it’s been such a bad one! Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who this is happening to. It seems that no-one will ever get paid. I have to say I admire your perseverance, it’s such a shame that it looks like it won’t end in getting what the developers promised and yes you are right to call this app a scam. It’s just not right that people can do this and I really feel for you. It will be interesting to see if you can make contact with them but even if you can I would bet my bottom dollar they would give you some terrible excuse and tell you to just continue using the app!


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