The Lockdown Formula Review

Welcome to my Lockdown Formula Review. Today we’re going to be looking at another product by Jono Armstrong, I say Jono, but it looks like he’s only putting his name to it.

The product itself is being presented by Dawud Islam who I have reviewed a couple of times in the past few months and is someone who I had thought of as someone who put together stuff that was quite good.

It wasn’t until his last product that admitted that he doesn’t do anything original, the products he puts together are basically copies of what is already out there which was a bit of a disappointment for me if I’m honest.

His sales pages though are a breath of fresh air and don’t follow the usual method of hyping the whole thing up only for the product to let it down.

Hopefully seeing as he’s teamed up with Jono Armstrong he can continue to deliver an honest sales page and not be swayed by outside influences.

We’ll be looking at the sales page today to see how that compares to the actual product, we’ll also tell you exactly what’s involved in this ‘formula’.

The members area will also feature as will the upsells and their price before we ultimately tell you our final thoughts as to whether this is going to help you out in these difficult and uncertain times.

So, without further ado, let’s crack on.

NAME: The Lockdown Formulathe lockdown formula review

OWNERS: Jono Armstrong, Dawud Islam

& Zeeshan Ahmed

PRICE: $9.97


number one way to make money online

The Sales Page

Well the first thing I see is that Dawud Islam has let Jono take care of the sales page which is unfortunate because instead of a nice short, to the point, understated sales page we have the usual bloated Jono Armstrong type of page.

The lockdown formula sales page headline

Having just looked through the sales video I don’t hear anything really different to all the other products Jono has released in the past and boy has he released a lot of products.

Trouble is he says the same sort of thing about every product which begs the question if those other products were so good and delivered on those promises why on earth is he releasing another one?

I’ll tell you why and it has nothing to do with him trying to help you like he would have you believe in the video, no, it all about earning him more money, simple as that.

He’ll be releasing another product real soon, in fact he’s got another product launching on May 5th called Insurgency.

On the sales page you’ll notice this image:

sales page hype?

Now that would be reassuring for people who are new to this business and of course this product is aimed at those people, unfortunately when you get inside this product you’ll quickly realise that some of the traffic methods that they recommend you do to bring in customers is:

  • Making videos on youTube
  • Using mailers


Then you have this:

rebranding old products

Remember at the beginning when I said that Dawud admitted in his last product that he doesn’t have any original ideas himself, he just bases his products on existing ones. Rebrand anyone?

The rest of the sales page is pretty run of the mill stuff, promising this and that. I’m really disappointed that Dawud didn’t impose himself on this.

It certainly isn’t what he normally puts together and I can only assume that he let Jono take the reins on this one which is a real shame.

What Is The Lockdown Formula About?

You’d have thought with a sales page that long they would have at least told you what you were buying wouldn’t you. Unfortunately all we know is this was ‘developed’ 6 months ago.

So just what is your $9.97 going to buy you?

Basically The Lockdown Formula is about making money with affiliate marketing, all being done with absolutely zero knowledge.

It covers finding offers from the main networks and getting approved to promote them. You’ll then create a squeeze page with the free software that you send traffic to.

The traffic training is a completely separate course that you also have access to. We’ll cover that in more detail a bit later, but for now that is what The Lockdown Formula is all about.

Who’s Going To Use This?

This is a product that is without a doubt aimed at people who have absolutely no experience with affiliate marketing. Anyone who does have even some experience won’t really find any value in this product.

What Did I Like?

  • Over the shoulder training with good instructions
  • Low price point
  • Included squeeze page creator
  • Separate traffic product
  • Free Access to 3 other products

What Didn’t I Like?

  • Hyped up sales page
  • Over simplifying the approval procedure
  • Using a pandemic to sell a product
  • Too many upsells

Inside The Members Area

Before we get into the members area I just want to give you a warning about the upsells that you’re going to see straight after you buy this but before you get access to the product you just bought.

I’ve had people contact me to tell me of the trouble they’ve had getting refunds on the upsells, sometimes not getting one at all.

Take a look at Matthews comment here to see what I mean. Hopefully you guys won’t fall foul of tricks like that.

Anyway back to the members area.

The lockdown formula members area

You have all the navigation on the left hand menu and it’s pretty much self explanatory with any necessary links to software etc under the relevant videos.

The entire course itself isn’t overly long, but then you have to take into consideration the 10 module traffic training section which is a previous Dawud product called Tigers Traffic.

It’s that product that has the traffic methods such as Youtube videos. The first method which is Mailers comes with a warning that when you join the mailers in the list you’re going to be spammed to within an inch of your life so just be aware of that.

The Oto’s

Aah, the upsells. Before we start I just want to pick up on something that Jono Armstrong says in the video for oto #1. He clearly states that you “won’t see this offer again” That is a blatant LIE!

You can access the upsells form the members area so you really don’t need to take any notice of Jono’s scare tactics of not seeing the offer again.

The other thing i want to pick up on and it sort of relates to my earlier warning. The main sales page states that the front end comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Now it wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to think that would carry over to the upsells would it, well it doesn’t! You only have a 14 day guarantee with the upsells, so just be careful.

  • OTO #1 – Pro version – $42 with a downsell to $27
  • OTO #2 – 6x Super Solos pack – $67 with a downsell to $47
  • OTO #3 – Quadruple Reseller Rights – $67 with a downsell to $47
  • OTO #4 – DFY Set up & Coaching – $197 with a downsell to $97

That’s just terrible. How would you feel if you had bought that last upsell and then read this, finding out you could have saved yourself $100?

I know I would feel like I’d been ripped off.

Hopefully you’ll see this beforehand and won’t lose out. All you have to do to get the discount is click “No Thanks” at the bottom of each page.

Final Thoughts

I’m torn on this one if I’m totally honest. Half of me wants to approve this and the other half wants to tell you to stay away from it.

I really don’t know why Dawud would want to partner up with Jono Armstrong, in my opinion he’s bought absolutely nothing to the table and has damaged Dawud Islams reputation in the process with the inflated sales page and lies.

As far as the product itself is concerned it’s not too bad but it’s never going to earn you money in a few hours. You do get quite a lot of other products in with the price of this so as a bundle it’s pretty good value.

It’s just the way this is being sold as something that you are going to be able to pick up and it’s going to be the answer to your problems.

The truth is it isn’t. Not in the timescale they’d have you believe anyway.

As I said at the beginning Dawud was someone who I thought was a bit different to the usual suspects, but certain things are leading me to a different conclusion.

Things like saying how using this method has got him to the stage where he’s earning $20k a month. The thing is he said that about his last product, that he got to that stage by using that method.

And after his revelation that he chucks together a product in a day or less came as somewhat of a shock and showed that not a lot of thought actually goes into his products.

Out of the 4 products I’ve reviewed from Dawud this will be the first I’m not going to approve. And if he continues his collaboration with certain people it unfortunately won’t be the last.

not approved

Your Next Step

Affiliate marketing is indeed a great way to make money from home, but it does take time and effort to make it work, there is no such thing as easy money.

You’re not going to pick up a product and be making money by the end of the day that’s for sure. It takes a concerted effort along with the right training to make it happen.

I was fortunate enough to find what I now know to be the #1 affiliate training platform on the internet today, Wealthy Affiliate.

They are actually offering free membership at the moment where they give you a free website so you can follow along the free training on getting started in affiliate marketing.

As a member of over 5 years now I can vouch for the quality and integrity of the platform.

Simply click the banner below, no credit card needed, just a name and email address and you’re good to go.

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I’ll meet you on the inside and be there to help you every step of the way so you won’t be left on your own. You’ll even meet the owners who will stop by to welcome you 🙂

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