Stackn Review – You REALLY Don’t Need This One!

In this Stackn review we’re going to be looking at if this training is going to show how to quit your day job make a full time living as an affiliate marketer using WarriorPlus.

NAME: Stackn stackn review

OWNERS: Jeremy Kennedy & Saul Maraney

PRICE: $12.95


#1 recommendation

what is stackn about

This is the best video course on how to use WarriorPlus to make a full time living (his words, not mine).

In all honesty I’m a bit confused because this is meant to be showing you how to become an affiliate marketer, but he stresses in video 2 that to make a full time living you need to become a product vendor on the WarriorPlus Platform.

I’m sure things will become clear as we move on.

the sales page

When i do a review i need to see what sort of claims are being made on the sales page, after all it’s what is going make you decide if you want to buy it isn’t it.

The only trouble is copywriters sometimes get a bit carried away and unfortunately make the product sound like the best thing since sliced bread when in reality you really shouldn’t touch it with a ten foot barge pole.

So the first thing that you see is this

stackn sales pageSo many times i see headlines like this that simply fail to materialise once you’ve paid your money.

sales pageIf i saw all them claims then i would definitely buy this, especially results in the first week

It’s going to be interesting to see once i go through the training how many of those are actually in there. I’ll let you know.

stackn sales pageSo it’s special method that he uses. Interesting. No budget…..No paid ads……No previous experience…..No technical experience.

This has got to be something really, really special.

who’s going to use this

Well if those claims are to be believed then even i would use this.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you look at it, I’m experienced enough to know when something seems to good to be true it usually is, especially in the make money online world.

This is without a doubt another one of the many products aimed solely at the newbie, someone with no experience.

I don’t mean that you don’t need any experience to be able to use this, i mean that someone with no experience is going to see all them claims and think to themselves “I want some of that” thinking they’re going to get them results as well.

Anyone with experience is not going to get anything out of this and is going to steer well clear of this.

the good bits

  • ?????

#1 recommendation

the bad bits

  • Terrible video sound, unable to hear him clearly
  • No real training inside
  • Says to promote to your list, but doesn’t tell you how to get a list???
  • When showing you free FB tactics his page just keeps crashing so doesn’t really get to show you anything

inside the “training”

Stackn is made up of 11 modules each containing one video

stackn members area

  •  Video 1: Who Is Saul & What Can I Expect To Learn From Stackn? 1.05
  •  Video 2: How Are We Going To be Making Money? 5.34
  •  Video 3: How To Quit Your Job and Go Full Time As An Affiliate Marketer 8.23
  •  Video 4: How To Choose A Profitable Product To Promote 12.25
  •  Video 5: How To Get Approved As an Affiliate 12.56
  •  Video 6: Power Tactic #1 – How To Make Money Via Email Marketing 21.20
  •  Video 7: Power Tactic #2 – Loopy Free Traffic – How To Make Money With Free FB Tactics 9.02
  •  Video 8: Staying On Top of Your Game 10.30
  •  Video 9: Conclusion 7.08
  •  Video 10: Bonus: My Secret Weapon 15.15
  •  Video 11: Saul’s Top 18 Products To Promote 10.33

11 videos of complete and utter nonsense! I’ve never seen anything so bad. It’s absolute rubbish.

And he’s got the audacity to try and sell you oto’s

the oto’s

This is being sold with 3 upsells

  • OTO #1 $47

This is a done for you package that includes details of Deal of the day products.

  • OTO #2 $27

Jeremy Kennedy shows you his process of promoting affiliate offers.

  • OTO #3 $67

This is a 30 day done for you email campaign promoting top sellers on WarriorPlus

final thoughts

I seriously can’t believe that people can try and sell this rubbish as a way to quit your day job and make a full time income online.

There is nothing in the “training”, it’s all him showing how much money he makes on WarriorPlus.

In the last video he even wants you to buy products through his links so he can get a commission on them!

In the “how to get approved as an affiliate” video he tells you to approach vendors of old launches where nobody has absolutely no interest in anymore.

He tells you to steer clear of the good launches because you won’t stand a hope in hell of getting approved, which is probably true.

So if all you’re doing is promoting old out of date products which have been promoted to death, how on earth are you meant to earn the money that is going to enable you to quit your day job and go full time as an affiliate marketer??

It doesn’t make any type of sense.

Remember at the beginning of this review i said we’d keep an eye on some of those claims, well let’s have a look at them now we know what’s inside.

First up – Results in your first week – don’t make me laugh

Second – Super fresh unique method – didn’t see one and i went over it again, no super fresh method here.

Third – Zero experience required – If you don’t need experience how are you going to make money via email marketing because he sure as hell doesn’t show you.

Forth – Very newbie friendly – stop with the jokes now please.

And lastly – No website needed – to do what? he doesn’t show you anything

This is has got to be one of the worst products I’ve seen in a while. Stay clear!

not approved

what now

I’m sorry this hasn’t lived up to your expectations, but products like this rarely do I’m afraid and that’s the truth of it.

They just keep getting churned out, product after product all playing on a persons dream of making money online.

In all my time online I have only ever come across 1 platform that truly delivers in all aspects of affiliate marketing and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

If i didn’t believe in their ethics i wouldn’t have stayed there for so long, over 3 years now so I’m in a great position to review them as i have done and you can go check that review out here.

Your turn to have your say…


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