Revival CPA Unicorn Review – $1,570+ A Day or A Scam?

Welcome to my Revival CPA Unicorn review. CPA is often seen as the easy way to make money online and there have been numerous courses released all making that claim like this one I reviewed a while ago.

These 2 guys are people who I haven’t come across before although I have heard of one of them Liming Wu, so taking a look at one of their products is going to be something new for me and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of quality they produce.

NAME: Revival CPA Unicornrevival cpa unicorn review

OWNERS: Liming Wu & Thorsten Gohde

PRICE: $11.97


#1 recommendation for making money from home

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what is Revival CPA Unicorn about

According to the sales page it’s a 3 step system that will get amazing results and the best part is:

  • You don’t need to build a list
  • You don’t need to own your product
  • You don’t need any fancy degree
  • you don’t need any marketing experience
  • And it’s possible to get the same day you get the product

That’s according to the sales page that is.

Revival CPA Unicorn sales headlineHeadlines like this one are seen all the time, “Effortless $1,570 a day”. gives this definition:

effortless meaningAs we go through the training we’ll see if that’s the case or not, I highly doubt it, but I might be wrong.

One thing I do like about this sales page is the fact they actually tell you what you’ll be using as a traffic source and that’s Facebook ads.

So many times all these vendors will tell you is it’s a totally brand new never before seen traffic source that will bring a torrent of traffic on autopilot and cash into your account.

They tie all that in with what they call powerful secrets to generate the type of income most can only dream of.

Before we leave this I just want to pick up on something that always makes me laugh whenever I see it.

sales pageBut of course they want you to believe that this product is different to all the rest LOL.

A lot of the time with these CPA products there is always extra expense that they like to keep secret until you’ve bought the product, don’t want to scare you off do they, but the good thing is you’re reading this review that’ll tell you all you need to know.
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what I liked

  • ??????

what I didn’t like

  • The whole training is incredibly thin
  • You’ll be left with a lot more questions than they answer
  • The need for expensive add-ons like tracking software and spytools
  • Old training videos taken from 2014 and 2017

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inside the training

OK so let’s take a look inside the members area to see just what it is you’re going to be getting for your $12:

The first thing you’re presented with is another sales pitch for a high ticket Done-For-You Partnership Program. After you’ve decided you don’t need that you move on to a 5 step process.

I say 5 steps because that’s what on the page when what it is you’re really getting is 3 steps, with the last 2 just another sales pitch for one of the upsells and the other one something to do with Bitcoin ( I don’t know what that has to do with this product either).

STEP 1revival CPA unicorn members area

  • Module 1 Brainstorming – 6.56 – This is just an introductory video outling what CPA is.
  • Module 2 Niche and Offer Selection – 3.21 – You’re basically given a choice of 3 niche areas and told where to find the offers for those which you choose.
  • Module 3 Research Ad Angels – 3.57 – This is where the paid extras come in such as Social Ad Club and Social Ad Ninja both of which don’t even seem to be operating at the moment.
  • Module 4 Choosing Ad Images – 2.21 – This video is supposed to tell you what ad images to use, but doesn’t give you any examples
  • Module 5 Setting up landing page – 4.31 – Options for using different products for creating a landing page, no actual training on setting up the landing page.
  • Module 6 Running campaign and scale up – 6.06 – Unless you buy the first upsell this is not going to tell you a lot, in fact it didn’t make a lot of sense at all
  • Module 7 Split Testing Ninja – 17.25 – This one even confused the person recording it! Perhaps it was because it was from 2014!
  • Module 8 State of art tracker – 7.27 – This is more expense to the tune of $297 for a year or if you’re feeling like you’ve got too much money at the moment then you could always choose the $299 a month option.
  • Module 9 Manipulation of CPVlab – 12.59 – This is another totally confusing video that you would need to buy CPV Lab @ $297 for the year to be able to follow along.


  • Download the PDF versionPDF version authors


  • Download Your Mindmap


  • Upsell for live case studies


  • Weird Bitcoin Promotion

So there you have the whole of Revival CPA Unicorn, or should I call it CPA Cruise Control or even maybe CPA Profit Drill.

Why Am I saying that? Because in Module 6 he actually says if you buy the first upsell of CPA Profit Drill and then in Module 9 you can see on one of his slides the name CPA Cruise Control. I just think this is a complete mishmash of his old products which probably goes someway to explaining why some of the videos really didn’t make any real sense.[su_divider top=”no”]

the oto’s

Seeing as the main product is what would seem old products chances are that these upsells are going to be the same.

  • OTO #1 – $27 with a downsell to $19.97 – This is an 8 video series showing Advanced Live Case Studies and it does seem like these are new.
  • OTO #2 – $37.17 with a downsell to $29.97 – This is a Done For You campaign package which includes 3 proven dfy CPA campaigns
  • OTO #3 – $97 with a downsell to $77 – This is a recorded one on one coaching from 2017 consisting of 8 modules

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final thoughts

I think that this whole product is a waste of time, it’s obvious that the real training is contained in the expensive upsells. The main training isn’t worth either your money or your time, you’ll just end up feeling confused and wondering what the hell to do next because you’re going to have a ton of questions that aren’t going to get answered.

Using Facebook Ads is extremely hit-and-miss if you don’t know what you’re doing and after going through this product you still won’t know what you’re doing.

You’re never going to get results the same day as you buy this product like the sales page says with this product, It’s going to take a LOT longer than that if you stick at it and manage to find an offer that converts and can figure out FB ads.

As for an endless supply of niches that work with this method, it turns out there’s only really 3 that they recommend to use with Facebook Ads.

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what now

Why is it the sales page always makes it sound like it’s going to be so easy to make money online when the truth is it takes a lot of hard work.

It also takes focus and by that I mean not jumping from one product to another.

The thought of effortlessly earning $1570 a day is very tempting isn’t, unfortunately there will be another product released tomorrow that’s going to claim the exact same thing or at least very similar and the problem is if you find this one too hard you’re going to jump on that one.

If you want a thorough training platform that answers all your questions then take a look at the training I used to build several websites that earn me a very nice income.

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