Niche Traffic Crusher Review

Welcome to my Niche Traffic Crusher review.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at a recently released product by Timothy Miranda. I’ve had the opportunity to review a couple of his products before and I’ve got to say they were both pretty terrible.

I can only hope that this one is going to be different and actually give you guys something you can work with. Now, I know this is only $4.95, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some useful information out of it.

We’ll see what he has to say on the sales page in a bit, but he should be offering a way for you to make some money at least.

NAME: Niche Traffic Crusherniche traffic crusher review

OWNER: Timothy Miranda

PRICE: $4.95


tired of all the scams

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What Is Niche Traffic Crusher About

What I like to do here is take a look at the sales page to see what they have to say about what this is, a lot of the time they don’t actually tell you and I know if you’re new to this you’ll probably find that a bit weird.

I mean, how can someone expect you to buy something when you really don’t know what it is you’re going to be buying, it doesn’t make sense, right.

Unfortunately that’s the reality for the majority of sales pages I’ve come across, not all, but most.

To be fair to the guy this sales page is short and sweet, some of them are like a novel! But this one just has a short video and some bullet points and a buy button.

niche traffic crusher sales page headline

So, right off the bat we know this has something to do with CPA and eCom which is good to know cause if you haven’t got any interest in that you’re not going to be wasting your time and money.

In the video he introduces this as a new course about how he is getting passionate fans for 1 penny each on Facebook, so again, we know that this has to do with using Facebook ads. So far so good.

He goes on to say that this offer is only available for today and he will be shutting it down tonight as he does with all his private offers to his list????

He then says it’s only $7??? I’m not sure if that hat he’s wearing is cutting off his circulation, but does he not know he’s selling it for $4.95???

There’s something fishy going on here and I think I should try to find out what.[su_divider top=”no”]

What Did I Uncover

After doing some digging I’ve discovered this is actually an old course from March 2017!!! Now, on some of his other products sales pages he bangs on about all the other people that just rehash old products ……… err … pot, kettle, black, springs to mind.

There are going to be a few things to look out for simply because Facebook have updated their advertising policies since 2017 so it’ll be interesting to see if he has updated this course to reflect that.[su_divider top=”no”]

Inside The Training

This training, like the sales page, is very short. It only has 4 videos, the longest of which is 3.41, so this isn’t going to be the most in depth training you’ll have seen.

niche traffic crusher members area

  1. Picking Your Niche And Setting Up Your Fan Page – 2.19 – Basically does what the title says. He uses Elephants as an example.
  2. Creating Your Ad Image – 2.21 – Uses Canva to make a simple ‘I love Elephants’ image
  3. Running Your Like Campaign – 3.27 – Here he shows you how to set up your ad, it is using the old version of Facebook ads so I’m not sure how much help this would be. He also tells people to ‘click like’ which I’m not sure is even allowed now.
  4. How To Monetize Your Traffic – 3.41 – He uses Gearbubble to find products you can post on your fanpage.

And that is Niche Traffic Crusher.[su_divider top=”no”]

What Did I Like

  • No over hyped sales page
  • Simple method
  • Not many moving parts

What I Didn’t Like

  • Rehashed product
  • Out of date training
  • No money back guarantee

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The Oto’s

This product has 2 upsells which are easily available inside the members area so don’t feel like you need to buy them in the sales funnel.

If you feel the need to buy them at a later date you can.

  • OTO #1 – $17 – This is a Done For You package that has 5 campaigns in different niches, Wolf, Cat, Horse, Butterflies and Pandas.
  • OTO #2 – $97 – Here you’ll be getting a coaching package for 30 days

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Final Thoughts

I really like the simplicity of it, there’s nothing too complicated in there, it’s all pretty straightforward.

The problem I have is the fact that this is one of his old courses that he’s peddling as new. I know its old cause of the date on the videos, 31 March 2017.

Being that old means that things have changed and the main one being what Facebook will and won’t allow. Now I don’t profess to know all the changes that Facebook have made, but I’m pretty sure that asking for likes is going to ensure your ad doesn’t get seen in peoples news feeds.

Now I could be wrong seeing as I don’t use Facebook ads and I’m sure one of you will let me know if I am.

I’m sure that if that is the case this could be adapted to fit in with any new rules so this would work.

I really like how he’s monetizing it as well rather than bombarding followers with tons of affiliate offers, he sticks to one and the choice is almost endless to what you can create a fanpage about, so you can have different one running at the same time.

For now I’m going to approve this until someone can tell me it doesn’t work or If I have time I might try this myself, I’ll let you know the outcome if I do, but for $4.95 it’s worth a shot.


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What Next

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