Is Sweatcoin A Scam?

Welcome to my Sweatcoin review. Today we’re going to be looking at this popular app to see if you can make money with it, but more importantly we’ll be asking the question that many of you are asking, is Sweatcoin a scam?

Well, that’s the focus of todays’ post and we’ll be digging deep into this to uncover if Sweatcoin actually pays out or if it’s just a complete waste of your time and effort.

It’s hard to find a phone nowadays that doesn’t have an app of some sort that is supposed to pay out money, unfortunately a lot of the times you have to jump through so many hoops that it makes it so uneconomical to do that they’re just not worth the hassle.

And that’s the problem, not knowing what one’s out of the, what seems like, hundreds of apps are any good.

Which is why you’ve come to the right place, I’ll give you an unbiased opinion of it so you make a better decision whether to download it or not in the first place.

NAME: Sweatcoinis sweatcoin a scam


FOUNDERS: Oleg Fomenko & Anton Derlyatka


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What Is Sweatcoin About

First and foremost it’s about getting people more active and keeping them motivated at the same time and what better motivation than being rewarded for just walking.

The founders believe that human nature being what it is the best way to get people moving was with instant gratification. So instead of watching hat next episode in the box set, you’d get off the couch and go for a walk instead.

Since it’s inception in 2015 it has converted steps into 3 billion Sweatcoins.

Although at the moment you can’t redeem your Sweatcoins for cash, you can exchange for PayPal vouchers as well as Amazon vouchers.[su_divider top=”no”]

How Does It Work

Sweatcoin works by making use of your phones GPS location as well as it’s accelerometer. It uses that so you can’t just hop in a car and earn Sweatcoins.

Now, although you obviously can’t use it in a car, the founders do say it’s worth trying it when on a bicycle ride as in some cases it does prove effective.

So, basically every time you go for a walk outside and at the moment it has to be outside, they are working on developing it so that the indoor steps you take will also count, but for now it’s only outdoors, you get paid in Sweatcoins.

At the moment if you were to do a 1,000 steps that would earn you 0.95 Sweatcoins which you can then exchange for offers from the marketplace.[su_divider top=”no”]

How Much Can You Earn

When you first install the app the most you can earn is 5 Sweatcoins per day which works out at 150 per month, but there are different levels if you want to increase the amount you can earn bearing in mind you can’t go past 20 Sweatcoins per day on any level.

So, let’s do some calculations. Let’s say you earn the base amount of 5 Sweatcoins per day. We know that 1,000 steps earns you 0.95 Sweatcoins, so you’d have to do around 5,300 steps.

Working with the most you can earn at 20 Sweatcoins a day you would need to do around 21,500 steps per day.

When you sign up you get 0.95 Sweatcoins put into your wallet for free.

The monetary value of 1 Sweatcoin differs from offer to offer and is dependent on when you redeem them, but 20,000 Sweatcoins can be equivalent to $1,000.

But before you get too carried away that would take you over two and a half years to reach! They do say you can do it in 24 months, but you need invites as well to go with that.

I’ll go over the invites soon, but I think it’s safe to say if you’re thinking of buying yourself something nice with that money, but are not sure what, then you’ve got plenty of time to decide![su_divider top=”no”]

Membership Levels

Let’s quickly go over what the 4 different membership levels are and what they cost you. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about having to pay any money here, you ‘pay’ with your Sweatcoins.

  1. Mover – Free and allows you to earn up to 150 Sweatcoins per month
  2. Shaker – 4.75 Sweatcoins a month and allows you to earn up to 300 Sweatcoins per month
  3. Quaker – 20 Sweatcoins a month and allows you to earn up to 450 Sweatcoins per month
  4. Breaker – 30 Sweatcoins a month and allows you to earn up to 600 Sweatcoins per month

If you are doing a lot of walking then changing your membership level to the maximum as soon as you can makes sense to do so.[su_divider top=”no”]

Sweatcoin Hack

In the process of this review I’ve come across a number of videos all claiming that there is a Sweatcoin hack to enable you to get free Sweatcoins.

Almost all of them are using generators. Those are the things that require you to install another app and run it for a certain amount of time then you’ll get your Sweatcoins.

I actually reviewed another app that paid out in gift cards for actually trying out different apps, you can read about it here.

The problem is you never do get them, there is no hack and to be fair even if there was it just make a mockery of the whole idea of the app in the first place which is to get you moving![su_divider top=”no”]

Cashing Out

As soon as you have enough Sweatcoins you can go over to the offers page and see what’s available for your amount of coins.

When you’ve reached enough you can choose from what they call Marathon offers. These are for 20,000 Sweatcoins and include Curved TV’s, iPhone XS, $1,000 cash or £1,000 off Thomas Cook Holidays.[su_divider top=”no”]

Is Sweatcoin safe To Use

It’s absolutely safe to use, but there are a lot of people, myself included, who notice that because you need to keep the app running in order to register you steps the battery runs down a lot quicker than it normally would and I’ve been caught out on that and left without any phone which is not good.[su_divider top=”no”]


Another way to earn from this app is to refer your friends. For every friend that signs up through your link, you get 5 Sweatcoins and as far as I’m aware there is no limit to the amount of friends you can have join.

All you do is share your unique link via social Media, email of anywhere else you can think of.[su_divider top=”no”]


The main complaint from people seems to be the ability of the app to actually track steps, I haven’t come across that issue myself yet, but it’s still early days.

sweatcoin complaints

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Final Thoughts

I really like this app, in fact I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s one of the better apps that are out there at the moment.

OK, there does seem to be a bit of controversy over the amount of steps being taken and being actually recorded, but you really don’t know how many of those complaints are trying to game the app by shaking it.

The fact that the more coins you accumulate the better the rewards are including cash is brilliant, it just gives you a bit more motivation.

I thought that the interface, unlike some, was incredibly easy to use, it’s very simple and looks clean, nothing cluttering it up.

One of the downsides to it is the fact you can only earn so many coins per day, I’m not really sure the reasoning behind that, but I would like to see that part of the app unrestricted which can only help with what the companies main aim is, surely.

Because once you’ve reached your daily limit why would you continue to use it?

They are going to need to develop the app so that it can track people who do a lot of indoor walking or workout on a treadmill.

Is Sweatcoins a scam? Absolutely …….. NOT! I would highly recommend you download onto your phone and start walking 🙂


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What now

Well, if you weren’t overly impressed with what you’ve just read and actually want to make some real money then you could spend your time doing something that would earn you money for years to come.

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The good thing is you don’t even need to pay anything to see if it’s for you.

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I hope this review of the Sweatcoin has helped you out in some way or you may have already used it and want to let everyone know how you got on with it.

Drop a comment below.

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18 thoughts on “Is Sweatcoin A Scam?”

  1. I installed Sweatcoin app in my mobile before one year and I thankfull to Sweatcoin team.
    Now and after I collect above 4000 coins you stopped my account (disable).
    I think you can make it enable in short time.
    I didn’t do anything to block my account, and I say to you my account was hacked.
    I using this app for more than a year now you just tell me start from beginning and you will eat my efforts (more than 4000 coins) ..! Is this fair???
    I will not install Sweatcoin app again.
    I think Sweatcoin app so bad app and there are a lot of apps that are proving more services and has high security for theirs users not like Sweatcoin team.
    You eating my efforts more than 4000 coins and 16 months of work.
    Just my account was hacked and I told you that but you chose delete all my efforts.
    So if you can’t make my account reactive in 24 hours – so that insure you don’t have a control over the app- I will make people awake (by take screen shots of all chats and let them decide who is wrong ) when they trust in Sweatcoin.

  2. In the marathon offer they have trips you can take as long as you film your trip and they get to use all the footage from your trip. Has anyone ever done it? I’d like to know because if they have and its legit then that’s what I’ll be using my coins for.

  3. I got to know about Sweatcoin while I was on a trip to the US. It was a good app to use if you want to be rewarded for exercising. I was earning a bit due to the frequency of traveling and then when I left the country, the app was disabled. Turns out, it will not work outside of the US. That’s a shame because I think a lot of people will benefit from it – whether you just want to lose weight or make money from apps.  

    • That’s interesting that you say it won’t work outside the US. Do you think that is because you downloaded it there?

      I say that because I’m going to be going to the US in September and will be doing a lot of walking (Disneyworld with the family).

      It will be interesting to see if the app which I downloaded in the UK will work in America 🤔🤔

  4. I was asked to see if the Sweatcoin App was a legitimate platform as there is always some caution required for these type apps and some of my friends have had some problems in the past with apps on their phone. The two issues that they speak of is having too many ads pop up after installing an app and the battery drain that you mention that comes with some apps.

    It was good to hear that you are actually using this app and have found it to not be a scammy app that will cause problems with your phone. The idea of earning some benefits for the walking that you are already doing through the days is attractive, and although it sounds like cash in the hand is not possible, you can use the credits earned for items that you may need and get a discount, also okay. 

    As you say it is a legitimate app, I will recommend to my friends that they can download and use it, but will explain also that this is not a way to earn a living online rather it is a way to add another stream of earnings that you can tap into in addition to something else that will provide you cash in the hand benefits.

    I am always surprised at the new ways to earn money or discounts that are always being introduced to the internet and smartphones. The Sweatcoin App is yet another one that makes you go “Why didn’t I think of that?” It taps into something that people are doing anyway every day and helps motivate them to do more walking in this case, a good thing for health…  

    • You’re absolutely right it isn’t a way to earn a living, but you generally walk anyway so why not get paid for doing it.

  5. Hi Sharon, thanks for reviewing Sweatcoin. I just downloaded it because I’m interested to be both healthy and wealthy. Too bad the income potential is quite low, but I think this is enough for some additional bucks and free offers. I would love to do other productive things that have more income potential. Do you have any recommendation for other income generator apps? I also use SurveyMonkey and Swagbuck, but I’m not sure all of the monthly accumulated income is enough for day to day living 🙂

    • That’s the way with these apps unfortunately, they’re never going to pay the bills. These apps shouldn’t be looked at as a way to earn a day to day living and I believe they shouldn’t interfere with real money making opportunities, but if it’s something you do anyway like walking then why not earn a little bit.

      The other app I’ve had some success with is Foap which is where you upload photos and hopefully people will buy them.

  6. Hi Sharon

    This app seems like a win-win for everyone, it costs nothing to join, you’re probably going to walk around in your day to day activities anyway and even if it takes you 3 years to earn a reward this is still like getting paid just to live your life normally. If you do want to get fitter through walking then this just means you’re getting paid to exercise.

    The only downside appears to be that it will deplete your battery a bit quicker but if that’s not an issue you’re laughing all the way to the bank. It’s not going to make me a fortune but still no ones paying me just to walk around now so I think I’ll be trying this out.


  7. Without any confusion, your review is a wonderful post. I really feel enjoy to read your post. I did not know about sweatcoin before reading your review. It’s an amazing app from which we can get money. When at first I started to read your post, I thought that the app maybe fraud app. But whenever I was walking on the deep of your review I realized that sweatcoin is not a scam. O will download the app and will make money. I will also share your post with my friends. Thanks a lot, dude 🤗 

  8. I’ve heard about an app that does pay you if you do some running or walking. I didn’t know that it wasSweatcoin. I don’t mind the complains of other users. The mere fact that you can monitor your daily steps as an exercise and getting a reward for it is something to be appreciated. I’m going to download this because of the motivation it gives to the user. Not all fitness app can give you this. After months of 1000 steps, you can finally exchange smart coins and buy a gift to to yourself. Thank you for sharing this app. I’m sure gonna spread the word. Have a nice day!

  9. Hi there Sharon!
    I used to use sweartcoin and i hated it because it took so long.
    However you did you change my mind and i think that i am going to re-install the app.
    Thank you for this article,


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