Is Profit Genesis 2.0 A Scam? – Find Out The Truth

Profit Genesis 2.0 is getting a lot of attention lately, but it seems that attention is all based around this being a scam product. You only have to do a quick Google search to see what I mean.

Unfortunately the reviews that are calling this a scam don’t show any evidence that they’ve even taken the time to look at the product, they don’t even tell you what it’s about.

I’ve seen a lot of “If it’s this” or “If it’s that” but nothing that will tell exactly what you’d be getting for your money I’ve even seen some say there’s no real substance inside, but don’t show or tell you what it is.

Well that all changes today, you see I’m going to go through the training, I’m not just going to be judging a book by its cover. I will show exactly what Profit Genesis 2.0 is.

If it’s a scam like so many people are saying then I’ll tell you it’s a scam, but if the training is decent and I think you would get something out of it then I’ll tell you that as well.

As much as I hate scam products that fail to deliver, I also hate it if a product isn’t given the chance to show what it actually is.

NAME: Profit Genesis 2.0Is profit genesis 2.0 a scam

OWNER: David Miller

PRICE: $37


#1 recommendation for making money at home

is it all hype?

After looking at the other reviews and checking out their claims for myself I have to conclude that the sales video is just full of actors and doesn’t tell you anything about the product.

The sales video states that he will explain how you can start making $1000, $2000 or even $5000 starting this week, but never gets to tell you anything, believe me I’ve watched it, all 23 minutes of it.

This review isn’t going to go into whether or not this is a scam based solely on the sales page and video though, I think everyone else has done a thorough enough job of exposing the actors that you can hire on Fiverr to make testimonials.

After you’ve gone through this review and seen for yourself HOW this system works then I’ll let you decide if the claims are all hype.

what is profit genesis 2.0 all about

This is the part where all the other reviews fall short, in fact the whole sales pitch falls short. After watching that video do you know what this is about? I know I didn’t.

But that’s all about to change.

First off this programme is intended to run over the course of 30 days being split up into 23 videos. Each video covers a different aspect of the training.

OK OK, but what is it? I hear you ask.

Profit Genesis 2.0 is all about showing you how to build out an eCommerce business with a Shopify store. Now I have no idea why the product creator wouldn’t want you knowing that.

Why not just tell you that on the sales page and let everyone know what the hell it is they’d be buying, for one thing the people who did buy it would be qualified buyers and far less likely to request a refund unless the training is complete rubbish obviously.

This course covers things like niche selection, research tools, setting up a Shopify store from how it should look to connecting an existing domain if you have one, how to source products, shopify store examples, checking a suppliers’ reputation, and so on.

what on the inside

So now you know what this is all about I thought it was about time I gave you a run down of what you can expect in the training.

One other point I’d like to pick up on before we do that is the question of who is David Miller, if anyone. Well as a direct result of going through the training I may be able to shed some light on that.

The training is all done by one guy, now although you never see his face you can tell it’s the same person. When it comes to the Facebook advertising videos you can clearly see his profile picture in the corner with the name David and in the other corner his business name ‘Baer On Marketing’ which is run by David Baer.

David Miller?

David Baer

OK so that’s who I think David Miller is, he’s just using a Pseudonym on this product. So hopefully that’s cleared that little matter up for everyone.

Once you’ve negotiated your way past the upsells and there are 3 of them with a fairly high prices attached to them, I’ll be going them after the main training to let you know if you really need them or not.

This is what it looks like in the members area of the main product

profit genesis members areaSorry for the watermarks, but I’ve had some of my images copied recently so decided to try and safeguard against it, most of my images are from the actual products anyway so people can easily do their own they just have to buy the product in the first place.

What I will say at this point is there are quite a few offers inside the members area that could distract you from the main training like training with John Crestani. Don’t get distracted, focus on what you just bought.

DAY 1 – 10

  • Video 1– welcome and overview of the system – 5.57
  • Video 2 – Niche selection showing how to pick the best niche along with product and audience research – 9.48
  • Video 3 – Guidelines for success outlining 7 steps to determine how well your niche is going to perform – 9.09
  • Video 4 – Research tools you can use to identify audiences as well as products – 17.38
  • Video 5 – Get started with Shopify and how to choose a shop name – 10.04
  • Video 6 – A run through of setting up your shopify account – 16.09
  • Video 7 – How to set up shipping – 7.05
  • Video 8 – How to set up the look of your actual store – 18.07
  • Video 9 – Changing your store theme and changing the existing Shopify domain name – 11.55

So there you have your first 9 videos to get you started and set up the right way.

DAY 10 – 20

  • Video 10 – Discussing the different types of Shopify apps that you need – 7.31
  • Video 11 – Detailed look at an App to get people who come to your store but don’t buy to actually return to your site -9.20
  • Video 12 – How to create and integrate a discount code for people who have left the website without buying – 2.29
  • Video 13 – Looking at how to actually source the products that you’re going to be selling in your store – 2.00
  • Video 14 – Examples of existing Shopify stores so you can get a good idea of what others are doing – 7.37
  • Video 15 – A look at very niche specific stores like a light bulb site that focuses on lighting – 5.04
  • Video 16 – A detailed look at product research for the short term and long term – 20.26
  • Video 17 – Carrying on with product research ideas and how to validate those ideas – 22.56

By now you’ve got products in mind and know where to get them.

DAY 21 – 30

  • Video 18 – The process of actually adding a product to your store including the description and images – 15.20
  • Video 19 – So you’ve got your products in your store now its time to look at Facebook advertising – 10.34
  • Video 20 – How to structure your Facebook advertising campaign – 7.45
  • Video 21 – Wrapping up the Facebook advertising process by building out your first ad – 17.35
  • Video 22 – This video covers different options on how to fulfill the orders that come through your site – 3.53
  • Video 23 – Conclusion, expectations and next steps – 3.46

Having not been involved in eCommerce before I didn’t really know a lot about it, but having gone through this training for this review I can say that if I was going to get started with Shopify then I would now know how to do that, I would know where to source the products and what types of products I should be looking for.

I mentioned earlier that this product has upsells so that’s what we’ll have a look at now.


There are 3 upsells that you are presented with before you get to the main training, they are:

  • OTO #1 Profit Genesis Turbo – $47oto #1 Profit Genesis Turbo

This is another course that is carried out over 30 days

DAY 1-10

  • Video 1 – Overview of the course outlining why to use email marketing – 4.07
  • Video 2 – How to structure the email – 17.16
  • Video 3 – Discussing the 3 different types of email you’ll be using -11.03

DAY 11-20

  • Video 4 – With email lists come autoresponders. What choices you have – 7.52
  • Video 5 – Segmenting buyers and non-buyers and email marketing to them – 5.57
  • Video 6 – The body of the email, audience research – 8.20

DAY 21-30

  • Video 7 – A more in depth look at the different components of a great email – 5.23
  • Video 8 – Examples of emails that are being sent out from successful stores – 5.47
  • Video 9 – Conclusion and additional material – 1.13

OTO #2 Multiple Passive Income Activator – $197oto #2 Multiple Income Activator

This is a 4 step programme

  • STEP 1 – Affiliate Activator – A 58 page PDF covering subjects like mindset
  • STEP 2 – Domain Cash Activator – A 42 page PDF covering domain flipping
  • STEP 3 – YouTube Activator – A 35 page PDF covering using YouTube for marketing
  • STEP 4 – Product Creation Activator – A 46 page PDF covering how to create your own product

OTO #3 Good Club – $97oto #3 Good Club

This is more of a motivational package than anything else. with

  • Daily ritual – 2 videos to watch every morning and evening.
  • Success Triggers – A collection of 3 motivational programs available in either ebook, video or both
  • Facebook Groups – 3 FB groups to join like Think and grow rich

And there you have the upsells that you’re going to see once you buy this product.

final thoughts

Is Profit Genesis 2.0 a scam? Absolutely ……… Not.

I really don’t know why this has gotten such a bad rap, OK the sales page leaves a lot to be desired, but for it to be called a scam by so many just doesn’t make any sense to me.

The actual training is very good, I’ve seen a lot of training videos that don’t go half as far into the nuts and bolts of whatever product they’re doing the training on and if you feel like it’s something you’d like to do and you want to buy it you can click the button below.

buy profit genesis here

Like i said as someone not having any experience with eCommerce I would feel comfortable enough to give it go and feel that it is a very viable way to make a living online

That being said you need to realise that regardless of what the sales page says you’re not going to be making bundles of cash straight away.

Has it got the potential to make money? ……. Absolutely.

But you’re going to have to spend money in the first place, now Shopify does have a free trial period of 2 weeks, but after that you’re going to have to pay £29 a month, some of the apps you’ll be using will cost you after you reach certain numbers and of course you’re going to have to pay for Facebook advertising.

It all boils down to whether or not you buckle down and work your ass off as to whether you’ll make money with this. In fact that’s the same for any business you’re thinking of getting into.

As for the upsells, forget about them, you don’t need them. Concentrate on one thing at a time, get good at one thing at a time, keep moving forward.


what now

Running an online store via dropshipping is a lot like being an affiliate marketer in that you never touch any of the products, you simply promote them, but with affiliate marketing your links take the customer straight to the seller and the customer does the transaction there and you get the commission without having to do stuff like fulfill the orders.

But either way the lifeblood of any marketer is traffic and that’s something that perhaps this course could have gone into a bit more, but I understand why they didn’t because to learn how to get organic traffic (traffic you don’t have to pay for) takes time.

Learning all about which keywords to target and on/off page SEO is something that I can help you with. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform that taught me how to do everything needed to put together successful websites.

If you click the banner below you’ll get access to 10 FREE lessons and 1 FREE website. All it takes is an email and name and you’re good to go.

wealthy affiliate free sign upI’ll see you on the inside 🙂


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