Infinitii Review By Jason Fulton – Just Another Scam?

Welcome to my Infinitii review. Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are constantly coming up with so-called new ways to make money online, unfortunately the only people who seem to be making the money are those two.

A lot of the stuff they release you wouldn’t give to your worst enemy it’s that bad. Their refund policy leaves a lot to be desired and you can read what I mean by that in the comment section here. and also here.

Out of 9 reviews of products involving these two I’ve only ever approved one of them and that was borderline. So I think it’s fair to say I’m expecting a great deal from this one, but you never know and I always give an honest opinion of the product that is in front of me regardless.

NAME: Infinitiiinfinitii review by jason fulton

OWNERS: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

PRICE: $12.95


#1 recommendation for making money from home

what is infinitii about

Infinitii sales page headlineThat’s a very tempting headline isn’t it, but it doesn’t say what it is does it so let’s take a look at the rest of the sales page to find out what this is all about.

The sales video goes on about infinite income potential for marketers and an infinite number of people buying infinite products. What does infinite mean? Well it’s quite a complicated explanation, but basically it means there is no ending and as we all know there isn’t an infinite number of people on this planet, there is around 7.7 billion, but that’s not infinite.

Anyway back to finding out what this isSales page hype

Nope, I can’t find anything there that tells me what this is, but can you really start making consistent cash in under 24 hours? That’s an incredibly tall order and one I highly doubt is even true.


I REALLY don’t like the way they play on peoples desire to make a living online and try to make out how EASY it is

It’s NOT easy, it can be done and is being done, but it’s NOT easy, I repeat, it’s NOT EASY!

Moving down the sales page the only hint I got was this is about eCommerce, but that’s about all I could find. No idea what you’d be doing or anything.

It’s apparently a quick 3 step system that’s going to give you 4 figure weeks. I don’t know if they know how ridiculous that sounds or if they actually believe that rubbish, i just don’t know.

3 easy steps

Oh and not forgetting the 4th step LOL.

When I see the words “plugin the included software to automatically drive sales and profits” I just know that we’re on to a loser. There is no such thing.

People come up with this type of software all the time and it never ever works like they say it will, so I wouldn’t take too much notice of that.

So we still don’t know what infinitii is all about do we.

Well let’s tell you what the sales page wouldn’t shall we, Infinitii is about using Shopify with Facebook ads to promote print on demand products, namely tee-shirts.

what did I like

  • Using Shopify is a proven system (takes time, but does work)
  • ?????

what I didn’t like

  • The training is cobbled together from other products
  • Doesn’t show you the best ways to use Print on demand services or even give you any idea how to do it.
  • Promoting their own fulfillment service instead
  • Training makes little sense and just skims over subjects with no real explanation
  • The plugin which is meant to “drive sales and profit” is just a store builder
  • These people have a team working for them to get the results which Mosh admits to.
  • Outsourcing design element
  • Past refund problems
  • NEVER going to make consistent cash in under 24 hours

inside the training

Once you get into the members area you have a few modules showing you how this works, supposedly!

  • Welcome To “Infinitii” – 4.23
  • Infinitii Case Study – 2.48

Infinitii Step By Step

  • Introduction to Infinitii System – 2.18
  • Infinitii Process – 2.40
  • Tools Required – 3.40
  • Product Display – 7.22
  • Passionate Buyers – 9.45
  • Creative or Graphics Work – 0.39 no that’s not a mistake that video really is 39 seconds long
  • Testing and Guarantee Winners – 9.07
  • Fulfillment (Product Delivery to The Customers) 2.48 I’m sure they said on the sales page you don’t need to deal with shippingsales page
  • Software access

And that’s pretty much it for Infinitii apart from a section that is on almost all their other products and it’s a section that literally bored me to tears and is the most cringe worthy videos I’ve watched in a long time.

His fast action bonuses don’t seem to be working or perhaps they are, the fast implementation checklist takes you to Velocitii checklist and the community and coaching group takes you to a sales page for another of his products.

the oto’s

I really don’t like upsells and one thing to bear in mind is a reader of this very blog got in touch with me to let everyone know that when he purchased Veloctii and the upsells with that product he didn’t get refunded for the oto’s, only the main product.

This product comes with 5 upsells and will cost you $455 if you bought them all.

I’m going to let you know which ones you can save a bit of money on if you really want to buy them, but my advice is to stay well away from them.

  • OTO #1 – Done For You Infinitii Campaigns ($37) This can be purchased for $17 if you click ‘NO THANKS’ at the bottom of the sales page.
  • OTO #2 – Infinitii Complete Business In A Box ($197) This one doesn’t have a downsell on it.
  • OTO #3 – Advanced Infinitii Tactics ($47) this does have a downsell so again if you click ‘NO THANKS’ at the bottom of the sales page you’ll get for $27
  • OTO #4 – Set This Up On Autopilot ($77) Again click ‘NO THANKS’ and you’ll get it for $47
  • OTO #5 – License rights ($97) click ‘NO THANKS’ and you’ll get a $50 discount

So like I say I’d stay away from these especially to begin with. If you are going to buy this product then you’ll have the chance again once inside the members area and you’ve set up a campaign and hopefully making money, which i have to say I highly doubt will happen with this ‘training’

final thoughts

I said at the beginning that I wasn’t expecting a great deal from this and I’m disappointed to say I was right and they really made a product that doesn’t give any real substance, in fact some of the training is from another product.

How do I know that? Well in the 5th video of module 3 the video has the words “Module 1 – Passionate Buyers” spoken by Mosh and shown on the slide, also you can clearly hear the difference in the recording from the other videos.

This is never going to be as easy as they say on the sales page, never. And to say you’ll be making consistent cash in under 24 hours must be a joke of some kind.

Unfortunately I don’t find it the slightest bit funny, this is peoples dreams their messing with and that isn’t right.

The training is sub-standard and will just leave you feeling bewildered and wondering if it’s you that can’t understand it. Let me tell you now it ISN’T you.

If I were you I’d take the time to have a look at their other products I’ve reviewed and i’m sure you’ll see a theme running through their stuff.

not approved

what now

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