Hidden Traffic Hack Review

Welcome to my Hidden Traffic Hack review. Today we’re going to be looking at a product that was released a couple of days ago by someone who I haven’t reviewed for a while.

The first product of theirs I reviewed wasn’t too bad, but the second one was very disappointing.

The trouble is these 2 guys have a really bad name in the Internet Marketing space, you only have to mention their name and people roll their eyes and steer well clear of anything they’re related with.

Luckily for them I don’t like to listen to other people, I like to make up my own mind and just because a lot of people don’t like what they do doesn’t mean anything to me.

That being said they won’t get any favors from me either. If it’s a crap product I’ll tell you, but if it’s something that I think will benefit you I’ll tell you that as well.

This review will cover exactly what this is, any sales page hype, the product itself and the oto’s and I’ll wrap things up with my final thoughts.

With that being said let’s get this show on the road.

NAME: Hidden Traffic Hackhidden traffic hack review

OWNERS: James Renoulf & Jeremy Kennedy

PRICE: $18.00

WEBSITE: https://hiddentraffichack.com/go

number one way to make money online

What Is Hidden Traffic Hack About?

Before we go over what the sales page reckons this is let me give a quick explanation. This is about using Google Groups.

The object of this is to turn that group into emails that you can access anytime. You do can do this 3 ways which we’ll discuss in a later section.

When you have a group with enough members you can then promote to them via email with apparently 100% delivery rate.

The Sales Page

Now we actually know what this is about let’s take a look at what they are saying on the sales page. I like to do this because this is what you’re going to base your buying decision on and believe you me i’ve lost count of the amount of times a sales page turns out to have very little relevance to the actual product you get.

This one on the other hand does a pretty good job to be fair. There are a few things that I’d like to bring attention to, like the “Do you like having a billion dollar company work for you?” phrase. As we now know the company they are referring to is Google and they’re not really going to work for you.

The main problem I see with the claims of getting in front of millions of people is the fact that so many of the groups are inactive and have been for a good number of years.

They do like to make it all sound so easy, but from what I gathered from the training PDF is that you need to actually create a group and offer them content of value for free, something that would want them to become a member, then for the offers you need to build a landing page, etc, etc.

What I am happy to see on the sales page is the lack of any outrageous claims of how much money you’re going to make with this method.

What Did I Like?

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Straightforward, easy to understand

What Didn’t I Like?

  • Only PDF, no videos
  • Over simplified the process on the sales page
  • Outdated Google Groups
  • Needing to keep your group engaged

What Do You Get?

All you get for your $18 is a 68 page PDF that goes over the process with examples of a group they have set up. Unfortunately there is no content menu so if you want a particular area of the training you need to scroll through the whole thing until you find it.

Let me tell you now that is extremely annoying and frustrating scrolling up and down, scanning the document hoping to find the section you want.

To be fair they actually do a decent job of going through the set up process, but for me a video here and there would have been nice, just to see how they do it.

The Oto’s

This product has 2 upsells associated with it and you’ll see these before you get access to your purchase. I always tell people not to buy simply because of the possibility of losing out on a lot more money than if they only bought the main product.

Take a look at Matthews comment here to see exactly what I mean. Besides, these upsells are available at the end of the training anyway so you don’t need to feel you’ll miss out if you don’t buy them straight away.

  • OTO #1 – Hidden Traffic Hack Upsell – $29
  • OTO #2 – Hidden Traffic Hack Final Upsell – $47

I don’t really like upsells, but I will say that having just 2 of them is pleasant surprise seeing as most vendors insist on cramming in as many upsells with their offers as possible.

Sometimes you’ll find as many as SIX of them which is just ridiculous and just a way to squeeze as much money out of you as they can.

Final Thoughts

My honest opinion of this one is it’s one of those shiny objects that draw you in, but have very little chance of making you any meaningful income.

I tried to look through as many niches as I could in the course of this review and I drew a blank on each and every one. By that I mean there was no real activity in them.

Most were had the last interaction in 2014, that’s 5 years ago.

Even if you did approach that group how many do you think would be responsive? It’s a very hit and miss process that you’ll find yourself spending way too much time trying to find anything of value.

This is a product that has been put together to create something that doesn’t really exist.

They bill this as something that offers the ability to tap into thousands of email lists and I suppose that could be true, but the real question here should be how responsive are those emails?

I would suggest not very, if the degree of activity is anything to go by.

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What Now?

Rather than scour endless groups looking for that one that could make you a bit of money your time would be better spent building your own website.

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Having been there for the amount of time I have I know how they work so I have a great review here that you can read over or if you like you can click the banner below for instant access.

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